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Faculty Enrichment

Faculty Engagement

Welcome to Faculty Enrichment

Faculty Enrichment Staff

What do we do?

We support faculty as teachers, scholars, and active members of the Keene State College community throughout the various stages of their careers. More about Welcome to Faculty Enrichment

Where development implies progress toward an end product, conceptualizing faculty learning as enrichment emphasizes that such efforts represent institutional investment in faculty, and faculty’s investment in themselves, to learn.
–Faculty Development Committee, 2016; Stabile & Ritchie, 2013

Faculty Learning Communities


Faculty learn best from each other. Join a group of colleagues as you explore new pedagogy, engage in interdisciplinary conversations, or support one another at a similar step in your career. More about Faculty Learning Communities

Campus-Wide Faculty Enrichment

Meet the Team

Faculty enrichment is a campus-wide effort. Check out programs across the college that support faculty with academic technology, service-learning courses, external grant proposals, undergraduate research, and much more! More about Campus-Wide Faculty Enrichment

New Faculty Orientation

New Faculty Orientation

Are you new to Keene State College and want to start the semester off right? We have an orientation just for you, whether you’re an incoming tenure-track, clinical, artist-in-residence, contract, post-doc, or adjunct faculty. More about New Faculty Orientation

One-on-One Consultations


Meet with our Instructional Consultant Chris Odato for one-on-one assistance in course design, to propose or partner on a faculty learning community, or ask other questions about pedagogy. More about One-on-One Consultations

Faculty Enrichment Events

More Professional Development for Faculty

No training scheduled, check back soon.
March 30, 2018 (Friday)
April 02, 2018 (Monday)
New Faculty Learning Community
- • Huntress 12
April 04, 2018 (Wednesday)
Open Pedagogy Learning Community
- • Huntress 12
April 05, 2018 (Thursday)
Teaching & Learning Book Club
April 06, 2018 (Friday)
Humanities Faculty Research Group
- • Media Arts Center 155
April 12, 2018 (Thursday)
Department Chair Roundtable
- • Huntress 12
April 18, 2018 (Wednesday)
Open Pedagogy Learning Community
- • Huntress 12

Full listing of events

Internal Grants and Faculty Fellows

Professor Darrell Hucks

Internal funding sources can enrich pedagogy, embolden your career goals, and improve the intellectual culture of Keene State College. We offer grants for various employee groups of faculty and the criteria for projects are diverse. More about Internal Grants and Faculty Fellows


Archived here are key reports from Keene State College about faculty enrichment along with related research citations and handouts, especially on the topics of new faculty, mentoring, and teaching. Or, check out the list of colleagues who won the college’s Distinguished Teacher and Scholar of the Year awards! More about Resources

Contact Faculty Enrichment

Linda Farina
Program Support Coordinator
Office: Hale Building 104
Phone: 603-358-2900
Mailstop: 3535

We want your feedback: To help us improve programming, click on the link below to answer brief questions on this anonymous Faculty Enrichment Feedback Form.