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Kids on Campus

Nature Adventurers’ Camp

Preschoolers will explore nature through singing, arts and crafts, science, literature, and games with instructor Brittiny Walker, who developed this program for Kids on Campus in 2014.

Woodland Creatures
Explore the creatures that live in our surrounding woods. Listen and look for squirrels, chipmunks, bears, deer, and much more. Enjoy fun animal games, track finding, and scent identifying while taking in the great outdoors. Full days, July 9 – 13.

FULL - Underground Explorers - Please call our office at 603-358-2290 to be added to the waitlist
Let’s get down and dirty with our underground friends; searching for bugs, spiders, ground hogs, and snakes! We’ll explore in mud, soil, and grass to see what hidden life is underneath our feet. Full days, July 16 – 20.

FULL Nature’s Playground - Please call our office at 603-358-2290 to be added to the waitlist
Put on your adventure hats and grab your magnifiers! We’re on a mission to explore the natural world around us. From mud puddles, birds, and trees, to leaves and bugs, we’ll explore it all! Come along and play in nature’s playground. Full days, July 23 – 27.

Land, Water, Sky
Come explore the creatures that inhabit the land, water, and sky. We’ll go bird watching, frog searching, and ant following and investigate why these creatures live in these habitats. We’ll even tend to The Early Sprouts garden and feast on our harvest! Full days, July 30 – August 3.