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Kids on Campus Grades 6 – 8

FULL - Adventurer’s Guide to Dungeons and Dragons (please email to be added to the waitlist)

Whether you are a new adventurer or an experienced traveler of the forgotten realms, this week will be one filled with creativity, exploration, and fun. Through character creation, world-building, map-making, and other-worldly exploration, students will collaborate to create adventures and memories. Throughout the week, students will be introduced to the game, participate in collaborative creative workshops, and develop strong team-building skills as their characters work to defeat enemies, escape treacherous puzzle-traps, and save the land the heroes call home. No previous dungeon experience is required - adventure awaits! July 17 – 21. Instructor: Ian Kaplan.

FULL - Forensic Files: Intro to CSI (please email to be added to the waitlist)

Have you ever been curious about how detectives use science to help them find evidence? Through this class you will learn various techniques that real forensic scientists use to solve crimes such as analyzing fingerprint, footprint, handwriting, DNA, and blood samples. We will also take part in crime-solving games to hone our powers of deduction and become a better detective. Can you crack the next big case using science? Join Intro to CSI and find out! July 17 – 21. Instructor: Julian Murphy.

FULL - Forces and Motion: Project Blast-Off (Please email to be added to the waitlist.

Have you ever wanted to build your own rocket? In this introductory rocketry class, we will explore the Newtonian forces of motion through hands-on activities, games, and experimentation. You will also have the chance to compete in a final project to see which student can build and launch a rocket that reaches the highest altitude! Can you be the ultimate rocket scientist? Join Project Blast-Off and find out! July 24 – 28. Instructor: Julian Murphy.

Lights, Camera, Acting!

Calling all aspiring actors and writers: Join us for a week of theatrical fun, games, and creation! Lights, Camera, Acting gives students the opportunity to perform laugh-out-loud reader’s theater scripts and write their own personal short plays. Students will learn writing techniques through our reader’s theater and apply those skills in their own pieces. By the end of the week, each student will have their own short play to take home and perform for their friends and family. Take center stage and join us for a week of learning, creativity, and fun. July 10 – 14. Instructor: Jacob Carroll.

FULL - Poetry in Motion Dance Camp (Offered in Collaboration with NHDI, Grades 4 -8)

The New Hampshire Dance Institute is in residency again at Keene State College-Kids on Campus this summer. The artistic imagery that poetry provides is beautifully transformed into movement as we explore and create dances to celebrate inspiring words. Join us as we dance to the poetry of Maya Angelou, Robert Frost, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and perhaps, the dancers’ very own poetic work. June 26 - 30. Instructor: Kristen Leach and NHDI staff

Pride in Motion

Queer kids don’t always feel included when it comes to fitness and sports. Physical activity is important for everyone’s health and sense of belonging. Pride in Motion is focused on creating a safe space for LGBTQ+ youth to explore movement and build confidence. Physical activities are combined with artistic pursuits and mindfulness practices. Activities include aerobic drumming, TRX training, nature walks, dancing, yard games, crafts, and so much more! July 31 – August 4. Instructors: Mel Adams, Hunter Kirschner, and KSC students.

Science Explorers - Into the Microworld (Grades 6 - 9)

Curious about living things, especially the ones that can’t be seen with the naked eye? This class is for you! We’ll be working in the KSC microbiology labs with test tubes, Bunsen burners, and other lab equipment to explore the Microworld, the (almost) invisible world of microbes that are on you, in you, and all around you. Bring your curiosity and get ready to earn your lab coat credentials – young scientists, we need YOU. July 10 – 14. Instructor: Loren Launen.

FULL - Wizardry Week (please email to be added to the waitlist)

Jump into the magical world of Harry Potter and participate in potions class, cast spells, complete challenges, and experience the magical wizarding world. Participants will make their own wand, conduct science experiments, go on quests around campus, make crafts, and play games inspired by the series. July 24 – 28. Instructor: Ian Kaplan.

Writing Adventures!

Join us for a week of creation, exploration, and fun! The best inspiration for writing and art comes from what we see around us. In “Writing Adventures!”, students will write and illustrate their own short stories inspired by explorations of Keene State College’s beautiful campus and Downtown Keene. Writing and illustrating as they explore, students will have the opportunity to master their craft while enjoying all of the beauty that summer has to offer. If you enjoy writing, nature, exploration, and art, please join us in “Writing Adventures!”. July 31 – August 4. Instructor: Jacob Carroll.


Registration for these Kids on Campus classes is now open! You may wish to have the registration directions handy if this is the first time your child is joining us.


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