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Kids on Campus

Grades 6 – 8

Advanced LEGO® with Pneumatics/Renewable Energy
Use your engineering, physics, science, and math skills while having fun building and customizing motorized machines. Combine renewable energy sources such as solar and wind with pneumatic components that harness the power of air pressure. Instructor: Sean Malone. Afternoons, July 30 – August 3.

Code Camp
This code is no secret! We’ll learn the concepts needed in programming by utilizing online tools and hands-on unplugged activities. We’ll use code to guide a character through mazes, and work up to creating video games, original animation, and more. If time allows, we’ll get into web programming with JavaScript and HTML to create websites and interactive apps. (This is a repeat of last summer’s class. Students who took Junior Code Camp last summer are encouraged to attend.) Instructor: Ryan Pymm. Mornings, July 16 – 20.

Creating Children’s Books
Children’s books aren’t just for little kids at bedtime. They can be re-read and newly understood at all ages. Let’s search for deeper meaning in our favorite childhood books and use our creative energy to author and illustrate our own children’s books! Instructor: Alexis Sebillian. Afternoons, July 16 – 20.

Dough Workshop
Discover the many different delicious doughs of the world to create breads, entrees, and desserts. Instructor: Linda Stavely. Mornings, July 9 – 13.

Engineering Level 1 (Grades 4 – 8) Join us to build contraptions that protect eggs from falling to the ground, catapults that launch candy pumpkins, and construct a building from toothpicks that can withstand weight and shaking. Instructor: Delta Pymm. Mornings, July 16 – 20.

Engineering & Design Level 2
Did you enjoy Engineering & Design camp last summer? Get ready to continue problem solving by building new and different structures, contraptions, catapults, and construction creations. Instructor: Delta Pymm. Afternoons, July 16 – 20.

Escape Room
Work with your teammates to find clues and decipher puzzles. Learn how to crack secret codes and solve classroom mysteries. Have fun while developing lifelong skills in problem solving, communication, and cooperation. You’ll have the opportunity to experience an escape room scenario then participate in creating an escape room with fellow campers. Instructor: Sean Malone. Mornings, July 30 – August 3.

French and Italian Soups and Dessert
Each day we will make soups and desserts of the Italian and French traditions which reflect summer fare of these two culinary giants. Instructor: Linda Stavely. Mornings, July 23 – 27.

Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead! (Grades 4 – 8, Full days)
Please note: Before and after care are not available for this camp. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are critical to our world. These disciplines analyze, innovate, invent, and problem solve. But when you add the Arts, S.T.E.M. becomes S.T.E.A.M. The left brain connects with the right brain. Logic and intellect unite with creativity and culture. Then BAM! Ideas explode. Join NHDI for a week-long electrifying dance theatre experience. We’ll learn how the Arts propel us forward, powering us to infinite possibilities. At the end of the week, we’ll perform an original S.T.E.A.M. dance production for family and friends! Instructor: Kristen Leach. Full days, June 25 – 29.

This program, designed for girls, sparks curiosity about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Using critical thinking and project-based learning, students will use creative solutions to solve problems. Projects will reflect socially responsible, sustainable, and renewable technologies. Women from industry will share their career experiences regarding education, empowerment, and the development of leadership skills. Instructors: Susan Silk, Lisa Hix, Julia Imbarrato, Phyllis Marinoff. Full days, July 23 - 27.

Google and Geocaching Mash Up
Explore the world of Google: travel the world via Google Maps/ Google Earth, collaborate with others on creative projects, digitally collect data, and more! You’ll also learn about geocaching and how to locate hidden treasures using GPS handheld devices. Students should have some computer experience: typing, utilizing a mouse, etc. Instructor: Hillary Robinson. Afternoons, July 23 - 27.

Harry Potter Camp Wizardry school is coming to Kids on Campus! Jump into the magical world of Harry Potter and participate in potions class, cast spells, complete challenges, and perhaps even play a game of quidditch. Participants will make their own wand, conduct science experiments, go on quests around campus, make crafts, and play games inspired by the series. Instructor: Emilia Whippie Prior. Afternoons, July 23 – 27.

Imagination to Reality: Mastering 3D Printing
Students will create advanced 3D printed objects using our MakerBot 3D printer. We’ll learn how to program, design, and print 3D art in various shapes and sizes to create a unique design. This course will utilize the advanced core elements of STEM to develop art and practical objects while exploring STEM activities. If you love science and art, this course is for you! Due to the space constraints, this course is limited to eight students. Instructor: Shari Osborn. Mornings, July 16 – 20.

Explore the edges of innovation and imagine the possibilities through dreaming, designing, engineering, and making. Young inventors are challenged to create new, original inventions and to improve older designs. Instructor: John Naso. Afternoons, July 9 – 13.

Nature Journaling
Drawing inspiration from such classics as Lewis and Clark, Thoreau, and Whitman, students will create their own nature journal and fill it with sketches, diagrams, vivid descriptions, poetry, and artifacts from our travels around wooded Keene. Instructor: Alexis Sebillian. Afternoons, July 9 – 13.

Professional Puppet Building
Puppets have a unique place in the performing arts, and people have used them to entertain and tell stories throughout history. Learn the secrets to building your own foam patterned hand puppet and about the materials, elements, and skills that go into making puppets so lifelike. We’ll also learn how to create a character through the use of color, texture, materials, and movement to bring your character to life. Instructor: Eric Weiss. Afternoons, July 30 – August 3.

Rocketry Camp
Discover the world of rocketry and take your first step to the stars! We’ll study stable rocket flight designs, design our own rockets, then build and launch different types of rockets. Model rocketry is a safe and widespread hobby that’s been credited as a significant source of inspiration for children who eventually become scientists and engineers. Instructor: John Naso. Mornings, July 9 – 13.

Vegetarian Asian Cooking
Tour and taste the flavorful cuisines of China and Thailand. Meatless appetizers, soups, entrees, and desserts will be on our menu. Instructor: Linda Stavely. Mornings, July 30 – August 3.

Writer’s Workshop
Like artists collect drawings in their sketchbooks, writers collect inspirational ideas in their notebooks. This class will focus on enhancing students’ creative writing skills in a fun atmosphere. Students will develop their organization, collect interesting words, create unique characters, write strong leads and detailed descriptions, and learn writing tricks and tips. Writing silly stories, poetry, and other activities will also be woven into the week. Instructor: Emilia Whippie Prior. Mornings, July 23 – 27.