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Kids on Campus Grades 6 – 8

Advanced LEGO® with Pneumatics/Renewable Energy

Use your engineering, physics, science, and math skills while having fun building and customizing motorized machines. Combine renewable energy sources such as solar and wind with pneumatic components that harness the power of air pressure. Instructor: Sean Malone. Afternoons, July 15 – 19.

Advanced Magic Workshop

No previous magic instruction is required. This is a hands-on magical learning experience. Participants learn easy to master, fun magic tricks using everyday objects found around the house (cards, coins, etc.). Some magic trick props are included. Sequential learning skills, stage presence, presentation skills, and the importance of practice are emphasized. There is also some discussion about the history of magic, magicians and the styles of magic. Class members determine the direction of the class with respect to the "applications" for their new skills (such as performing, teaching, sales, sharing, science, psychology, communications, etc.); and participate in an optional "Magic Show" on the last day. Instructor: BJ Hickman. Afternoons, August 5 – 9.

Appian Way (Offered in collaboration with the New Hampshire Dance Institute for grades 4 - 8) THIS CLASS IS NOW FULL

Running is a great way to stay healthy, fit, and energized, and it’s also important to the Keene community through the annual DeMar Marathon. But who was Clarence DeMar? What and where is Appian Way? Join New Hampshire Dance Institute for a fun week of dance in the Main Theatre of Redfern Arts Center as we learn all about the history of DeMar. We’ll do a little bit of running outdoors to check out the KSC campus, and end the week with a full theatrical production on stage! Instructor: Kristen Leach. Full days, June 24 – 28.

Aquatic Wonders

Are you a nature loving girl? Become a Harris Center Lab Girl, exploring the life supported by Brickyard Pond and the Ashuelot River on the KSC campus. Do these bodies of water seem healthy? We will catch, observe and identify invertebrates living under the surface, using them, as well as chemical tests to see if we’re correct. Then we’ll broaden our view to encompass the plants, mammals and birds dependent on this resource, using our own observations, study mounts, bones and skulls to increase our understanding of this ecosystem. Instructor: Emily Wrubel. Afternoons, August 5 – 9.


Look to the sky – what can you see? Even without a telescope, our eyes can tell us a lot more than you might think. In this camp learn about telescopes, rockets, rovers, and lunar landings. Instructor: John Naso. Afternoons, July 22 – 26.

Destination Microworld (grades 6 – 9)

Are you curious about living things? Did you know that most of the life on our planet is too tiny to actually see without help? Spend a week visiting the Microworld and discover nature’s tiniest, most ancient, and most powerful creatures. We’ll hunt for and capture wild microbes that lurk all around us, grow them in the lab, look at them with microscopes and study the secrets within their DNA. Along the way, you’ll learn some skills that are part of the science of biotechnology, forensics and more. By the end of the week you’ll have a project that you could enter for the Keene State College STEM Fair (optional). Who knows where your explorations could take you? Instructors: Loren Launen and Monica Foley. Afternoons, July 29 – August 2.

Exotic & Archaic Puppetry This class is no longer taking registrations.

Some old and forgotten puppetry styles are making a revival, and have started to become very popular in the world of puppetry. In this class students will learn to make a Crankie with shadow puppets and learn to puppeteer a Bunraku-style puppet. A Crankie is a storytelling box with a moving screen that truly comes to life with the addition of shadow puppets. Students will then learn about Bunraku puppets, an archaic form of traditional puppetry originating in 16th and 17th century Japan. Using a very non-traditional form of the Bunraku-style, we will design and create our masterpieces! Instructor: Eric Weiss. Mornings, July 29 – August 2.

Getting a "Sense" for Drawing

Explore ways to draw the eye, ear, nose, mouth, and hand in this beginner’s drawing workshop. We will take multiple approaches to draw each feature and build skills to better understand how to represent the five senses. Instructor: Molly Hoekman. Afternoons, July 15 – 19.

GoSTEM! This class is now full. Please contact our office at 603-358-2290 to be added to the waitlist.

This program, designed for girls, sparks curiosity about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Using critical thinking and project-based learning, students will use creative solutions to solve problems. Projects will reflect socially responsible, sustainable, and renewable technologies. Women from industry will share their career experiences regarding education, empowerment, and the development of leadership skills. Instructors: Susan Silk, Lisa Hix, Julia Imbarrato, Phyllis Marinoff. Full days, July 22 - 26.

Harry Potter Camp

Jump into the magical world of Harry Potter and participate in potions class, cast spells, complete challenges, and perhaps even play a game of quidditch. Participants will make their own wand, conduct science experiments, go on quests around campus, make crafts, and play games inspired by the series. Instructor: Emilia Whippie Prior. Mornings, July 29 – August 2.

Meditative Arts Workshop

Reduce stress and increase self-awareness in this introductory workshop of meditative art practices. We will work with mandala-making, zentangling, and other visual art approaches to slow down and relax. ALL are welcome. Instructor: Molly Hoekman. Mornings, July 15 – 19.

Memoir Scrapbook This class is no longer taking registrations.

Using arts and crafts, photos of families and friends, writing prompts, and Pinterest for inspiration, students will create beautiful scrapbooks that tell the story of their life so far by capturing and reflecting on important moments in in their life. Come and share your favorite arts and craft methods and inspire other students to create with you as you build a memoir scrapbook to cherish forever! All levels of artistic ability and crafters welcome! Instructor: Alexis Sebilian. Mornings, July 22 – 26.

Model Rocketry 101

Get ready to engage in the world of model rocketry! Join us for an exploration of the history of rocketry, an introduction to the physics of flight and daily building and launching. The week will fly as we progress from projectiles to solid fuel model rockets. Safely immerse your twenty-first century self in the world of aerospace engineering, increase your understanding of the physics underlying rocket flight, and fuel your creativity, communication, and problem-solving skills. Every day will be a blast! Instructor: Susan Romano. Mornings, August 5 – 9.

Rubic’s Cube and Cup Stacking Challenge! Challenge your mind by learning to master the Rubik’s Cube and Cup Stacking. Learn the code behind the Rubik’s Cube, while exploring geometric concepts. Cup Stacking is a competitive Junior Olympic sport that requires agility, concentration, and quickness. Test your ability to learn patterns and enjoy challenging yourself each day. Instructor: Delta Pymm. Mornings, July 15 – 19.

Science is Awesome!

Have fun while experimenting with Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Earth and Space Science. Instructor: John Naso. Mornings, July 22 – 26.

Short Stories

Students will explore different short stories, discuss traits of a good writers, and write their own short story using various brainstorming and writing techniques. At the end of the week, we will bind our stories together so each student has a book of short stories to take home! Instructor: Alexis Sebilian. Afternoons, July 22 – 26.


Do you love the outdoors, art, and writing? Then look no further! Inspired by Keri Smith’s (author of Wreck This Journal) exploration guide The Wander Society, students will spend classes exploring, and documenting local wildlife (urban and otherwise), plants and flowers, and use gathered material for inspiration to create art pieces and write narratives, short stories, and poetry while creating their own "Wander Guide." Instructor: Alexis Sebilian. Mornings, August 5 – 9.

Writer’s Workshop

Enhancing students’ creative writing skills in a fun atmosphere, we’ll develop organization skills, collect interesting words, create characters, write strong leads and detailed descriptions, and learn writing tips. Instructor: Emilia Whippie Prior. Afternoons, July 29 - August 2.

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