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Baking 101 (FULL - Please call 358-2290 to be added to the waitlist)

This class is your introduction to the world of baking. Enjoy making breads, crackers, desserts, and more! Gluten free recipes will be included. Instructor: Linda Stavely. Mornings, July 10 – 14.

The Science, Art, and Natural History of Caterpillars and Insects. (Sorry, this class is no longer offered)

Learn about our most abundant native organisms - the insects! Local naturalist and director of The Caterpillar Lab will work with students to explore insect biology, behavior, growth, and habitat, as well as approach the topic from other perspectives including photography, drawing, teaching and storytelling. Working closely with many live caterpillars, this course will help students begin to build a foundation for later high-school and even college-level life-science courses.This course is recommended for anyone with an interest in natural history, animals, and the outdoors. Instructor: Monica Foley. Afternoons, July 10 – 14.

Code Camp - (FULL - Please call 358-2290 to be added to the waitlist)

In Code Camp kids will be learning the concepts needed in programming by utilizing various online tools as well as hands-on unplugged activities. Kids will begin to use code to guide a character through mazes, and work their way up to creating video games, original animation, and more. If time allows, we’ll get into web programming with Javascript and HTML to create websites and interactive apps. Instructor: Ryan Pymm. Mornings, July 10 – 14.

Engineering and Design Camp

Build contraptions that protect an egg from falling to the ground. Create a catapult and launch candy pumpkins. Construct a building from toothpicks that can withstand weight and shaking. Instructor: Delta Pymm. Mornings, July 17 – 21.


This program designed for girls will involve learning about cutting edge technologies. Spark your curiosity for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related fields with an emphasis on team building, critical thinking, hands-on activities, and real life problem solving! Hear about STEM careers from women working in the fields. Instructors: Susan Silk, Lisa Hix, and Julia Imbarrato. Full days, July 24 -28.

Graphic Novels and Illustration

Students will focus on using their drawing skills to communicate a story. Students can choose to create sequential art in a graphic novel style, or traditional book illustration. We will focus on sketch composition, and black and white technique. The class is fun and creative, but it will largely consist of three hours of drawing and writing. Instructor: John Gurney. Afternoons, July 31 – August 4.

GPS, Geocaching & Google Earth

Venture out into the wilds of Keene (within walking distance of KSC) using GPS handhelds and smartphone apps to zero in on geocaches—both old favorites and new finds. Put together your own geocache, find its exact coordinates, and hide it for others to find. This week of discovery teaches you about handheld GPS units, new geolocation technologies, and coordinate systems of the world. Instructor: Sean Malone. Afternoons, July 10 – 14.

Lego Goes Green (grades 4 to 8) (FULL - Please call 358-2290 to be added to the waitlist) Advanced Lego fun! Learn engineering, physics, science, and math while you have fun building and customizing motorized machines. Use renewable energy sources, and learn about energy transfer, storage, and conversion. Use engineering principles to test your machines against other teams in high speed car races. Instructor: Sean Malone. Mornings. July 10 – 14.

Lego Robotics Programming

Explore writing programs for Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 and Lego Mindstorms EV3 robots. Focus on both programming NXT robots and the mechanical aspects of building them.. No previous programming experience is required because NXT-G is a great first programming language. Instructor: Ling Xiu. Afternoons, July 17 – 21.

Museum Hacks…How DOES a Museum Actually Work? (Sorry, this class is no longer offered)

Students will explore the Thorne Art Gallery on the Keene State campus. Designed for art enthusiasts, but no prior art instruction or skills are necessary. Each day, we’ll visit an art collection on campus, engage in conversation and active viewing, partake in a “hands-on activity”, and synthesize it all with a wrap-up. Directly experience the processes of art selection, curating, framing, hanging and final exhibition. Ultimately, we’ll create a YouTube video of our museum hacks. Instructor: Shari Osborn. Afternoons, July 31 – August 4.

Nursing! (Sorry, this class is no longer offered)

Have you thought about becoming a nurse? This program will expose middle school students to the role of the nurse in healthcare. Work on team building, critical thinking, and real life problem solving. Practice your nursing skills using simulation mannequins and watch the birth of a baby using the mannequin! This experience will provide tools and motivation to remain calm in a medical situation. Hear from nurses in different specialties of nursing practice. Instructor: Allison Davidson. Full days, July 17-21.

Professional Foam Patterned Hand Puppets (Sorry, this class is no longer offered)

Have you ever wondered how all those puppets that you have seen on television and in movies look so real and professional? Puppets have a unique place in the Arts, in that they fall somewhere in-between a piece of stationary art and living performer; they are not alive and yet through our design and manipulation we can learn how to bring those characters to life. In my class I am going to teach you the secrets to building your very own foam patterned hand puppet and all the materials and skills that go into making them look so real. We will also learn fundamentals to creating a character through the use of color, texture, and movement, as well as manipulating anthropomorphic features to bring our characters to life. By the end of the class you will be the proud owner of your very own foam patterned hand & rod puppet. Instructor: Eric Weiss. Mornings, July 31 – August 4.

Summer Fruits and Berries

Is there anything better than fresh berries on a hot summer day? Use local and in season berries and fruits to make soups, entrees, salads and desserts. Instructor: Linda Stavely. Mornings, July 31 – August 4.

The Great Green Show — 4th-8th grades Please note: no before and after care available this week.

Recycling is important to the Earth, and it’s also important in dance. Join New Hampshire Dance Institute (NHDI) for a week-long energetic dance theatre experience that will keep everyone on their feet — creating, moving and recycling all day. We’ll go behind the scenes at Redfern Arts Center and learn how recycling is essential to the College and to all theatrical productions. At the end of the week, we’ll share what we’ve learned with a special performance in the Main Theatre at Redfern. Instructor: Kristen Leach. Full days, June 26-30.

Time Travel Theatre

Imagine you could go back in time. Where would you go? Who would you meet? In this class we will use acting as a way to learn about and travel into the past. Students will get to play improvisational games, learn theater terminology, act out short plays, and even write their own short scenes. No previous acting experience is necessary. Costumes, silly accents, and role-playing are welcome. Hhelp make history come alive! Instructor: Emilia Whippie. Afternoons, July 24 – 28.

Vegetarian Pasta and Grains (Sorry, this class is no longer offered)

Almost all areas of the world have a pasta or grain dish unique to their culture. Join us as we explore different pastas and grains in appetizers, soups, entrees and desserts. All recipes are vegetarian, good for you, and very delicious! Instructor: Linda Stavely. Mornings, July 24 – 28.

Youth Fitness Conditioning

Gain basic knowledge about exercise and fitness training, including components of physical fitness, styles of cardiovascular training, target heart rate, muscular strength versus muscular endurance, and types of muscle contractions. A variety of body weight and light resistance training exercises will be taught along with proper warm up and cool down activities. Current KSC Exercise Science majors will work with students as they exercise vigorously each day. Good athletic shoes and comfortable clothing are necessary. This course teaches good exercise form and conditioning principles and is not intended to train students for sports performance. Instructor: Melanie Adams. Mornings, July 31- Aug 4.