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Kids on Campus Grades 6 – 8

Advanced LEGO® with Pneumatics/Renewable Energy

Use your engineering, physics, science, and math skills while having fun building and customizing motorized machines. Combine renewable energy sources such as solar and wind with pneumatic components that harness the power of air pressure. Instructor: Sean Malone. Mornings, July 6 – 10.

Advanced Magic Workshop

In this hands-on magical learning experience, you’ll amaze your friends with easy to master, fun magic tricks using everyday objects. Repeat attendees from last year will enjoy new tricks, polish techniques, and share some favorite magic tricks with the rest of the class. Stage presence, presentation skills, and the importance of practice are emphasized. Students will be videoed, and together we’ll make and edit a movie of our performances! Includes participation in an optional “Magic Show” on the last day. No previous magic experience is required. Instructor: BJ Hickman. Afternoons, July 27 – 31.

Astronomy: Expanding Your World

Want to explore what exists beyond our world? We will spend time learning about the planets, space exploration, and missions to view our cosmic neighbors, rockets, rovers, and telescopes. Instructor: Kristal Lorette. Mornings, July 13 - 17.


Join me for a week all about YOU! This week we will work together to learn about self-advocacy, calming techniques, and creative strategies that we can use to succeed both in and out of school. We will work together to build our self-confidence through movement, games, and social interaction. Instructor: Lauren McClure, Afternoons, July 13 – 17.

Chemistry: Ooey Gooey Building Blocks

Learn about what makes up the world around us. Spend some time watching chemical reactions happen before your eyes. We will make and play with some of the interesting things you can create with chemical reactions. Instructor: Kristal Lorette. Afternoons, July 13 – 17.

DanceCode: Coding Our Steps (offered in collaboration with NHDI for Grades 4 - 8)

Dance can be challenging. There are all kinds of obstacles to overcome; learning the steps, remembering the steps. We often fail many times before we get it right; it takes practice. Computer coding offers the same challenges! Students must first learn how to code, then put the steps together and work to get it right. It also takes practice. Join NHDI at Keene State College’s Kids on Campus Summer Camp as we learn about dance and computer coding. We will work to create computer code that will then create our choreography! We may fail many times before we get it right, but we will try, try again and have a spectacular show on Friday that celebrates all we’ve learned and created! Instructor: Kristen Leach. Full days, June 29 - July 3.

Disco Balls of Doom

Rock and Roll your way to your next party!! Create your own DISCO BALL to hang from the ceiling and light the night. Learn how ancient paper folding techniques, and even more ancient thinkers “discovered the disco ball”, then go home with your own working lamp, and the know-how to make many more interesting 3D objects. Instructor: Margaret Vescio. Mornings, July 27 – 31.

Escape Room

Work with your teammates to find clues and decipher puzzles, crack secret codes, and solve mysteries. Developing lifelong skills in problem solving, communication, and cooperation. You’ll have the opportunity to experience an escape room scenario then participate in creating an escape room with fellow campers. Instructor: Sean Malone. Afternoons, July 6 – 10.


This program, designed for girls, sparks curiosity about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Using critical thinking and project-based learning, students will design creative solutions to solve problems. Projects will reflect socially responsible, sustainable, renewable, and optical technologies. Women from industry will share their career experiences regarding education, empowerment, and the development of leadership skills. Instructors: Susan Silk, Lisa Hix, Susan Romano, Phyllis Marinoff, and Sarah McGregor. Full days, July 13 – 17.

GPS, Geocaching & Google Earth

Venture out into the wilds of Keene (within walking distance of KSC) using GPS handhelds and smartphone apps to zero in on geocaches–both old favorites and new finds. Put together your own geocache, find its exact coordinates, and hide it for others to find. This week of discovery teaches you about handheld GPS units, new geolocation technologies, and coordinate systems of the world. Instructor: Andy MacDonald. Afternoons, July 20 – 24.

Draw Like the Great Artist You Are

What do Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, and Leonardo DaVinci have in common? They all developed their own unique style of portrait art. In this introductory drawing course, you will learn the basics of drawing facial features in proportion, practice drawing yourself and others, and see the vast possibilities of portrait art in the world today. Create your own style like one of the greats! Leave this course with improved drawing skills and a portfolio to prove it. Instructor: Molly Hoekman. Mornings, July 13 – 17.

Mastering Optical Illusions

Explore the magic of art through various optical illusion techniques. Learn about the Op Art movement, receive step-by-step instructions of challenging illusions, and understand what it truly takes to become an “Op Art”-ist. By the end of the week, you will have a portfolio of work that tricks the eye. Instructor: Molly Hoekman. Mornings, July 20 – 24.


Do you like stimulating your artistic and engineering mind? Spend a week learning about the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, known as Origami. Along the way, you will learn the basic folds that can be combined to create intricate and artistic sculptures out of paper. Instructor: Sarah Doubleday. Mornings, July 6 – 10.

Be a Superhero!

Become part of a heroic team, dedicated to stopping evil. In the world of Masks! all players will get a chance to role play being a superhero. Build a character and choose your superpowers. Once you’ve developed a character, practice skills such as teamwork, decision making, critical thinking, and problem solving to save the world from villains and their dastardly plans. Instructor: Jarred Landry. Mornings, July 20 – 24.

The Puzzling Magic of MC Escher

Do you enjoy doodling, creating imaginary worlds and fantastical designs? Do you fill notebooks with drawings of fantabulous machines, buildings, and creatures? Harness that creative genius to create a brilliantly colored print, a jigsaw puzzle, an optical illusion and some art-in-the-round, and techniques you can use to become the next MC Escher. Instructor: Margaret Vescio. Afternoons, July 6 – 10.

Upcycling Magazines

Transform old magazines into bowls, trinket boxes, and other fun items! We will learn the coil-building method with magazine pages to create beautiful, recycled items from start to finish. You are guaranteed to go home with treasures. Magazines NOT required, but certainly welcomed! Instructor: Molly Hoekman. Afternoons, July 20 – 24.

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