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Kids on Campus Grades 6 – 8

Adventurer’s Guide to Dungeons and Dragons

Whether you are a new adventurer or an experienced traveler of the forgotten realms, this week will be one filled with creativity, exploration, and fun. Through character creation, world-building, map-making, and other-worldly exploration, students will collaborate to create adventures and memories. Throughout the week, students will be introduced to the game, participate in collaborative creative-workshops, and develop strong team-building skills as their characters work to defeat enemies, escape treacherous puzzle-traps, and save the land the heroes call home. No previous dungeon experience is required - adventure awaits! Instructor Ian Kaplan, August 2- 6.

Can You Dig It? With the New Hampshire Dance Institute

When construction for Keene Middle School began in 2010, huge discoveries were unearthed! Questions about how people lived and worked thousands of years ago had answers, all because of… archaeology! Join NHDI this summer for Keene State College’s Kids on Campus as we “dig deep” to make discoveries about ourselves and how our lives might be similar to our region’s Abenaki ancestors. Additionally, what will we want people, thousands of years from now, to know about us? What clues will we leave for our future friends? Together, we will create a theatrical dance performance that celebrates our sense of place as well as our past, present and future! Instructor: Kristen Leach and NHDI staff, June 28 – July 2.

Fun with Forensics

If you interested in the board game “Clue” or “who done it” shows and movies then “Fun with Forensics” is for you. Throughout the week there will be crimes that students will investigate in order to find out who or what has committed a crime. We will practice with fingerprinting, extracting DNA, and so much more. Instructor: Mary Swain, August 2 - 6.

Fun with Physical Science

Learn about what makes up the world around us. Spend some time watching chemical reactions happen before your eyes. We will make and play with some of the interesting things you can create with chemical reactions. Instructor: Kristal Lorette, July 12 – 16.

GoSTEM Grades 6 - 12

It’s time to reconnect…safely! The GoSTEM program this year will focus on communication technology - how do radios, fiber optics and cell phones actually work? This camp is designed to empower girls and young women to strengthen curiosity about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We’ll explore concepts of wave transmission and the evolution of optical communication through hands-on activities. Women professionals with experience in these technologies will Zoom in to share their careers. Student projects will integrate new and old technologies and further explore how people communicate. While both high school and middle school girls will be combined this year, most instruction will be separate so everyone remains challenged! Learn more about GoSTEM by watching this video Instructors: Susan Silk, Lisa Hix, Phyllis Marinoff, Sarah McGregor, and Susan Romano. July 26 – 30.

Healthy You!

This camp is all about becoming the best version of “you.” We will collaborate as a group to discover the best ways to enjoy what life is all about and have a fun summer! Together we will cook amazing recipes, bring to light the joy of teamwork in outdoor activities and games, discover the science of our bodies, and find the bliss in learning to be mindful. Instructor: Maria Orsatti, July 26 – 30.

Microscopic to Telescopic

We will spend part of the week exploring tiny things of our planet so small you need a microscope to see them. Then we will spend the rest of the week exploring things beyond our planet. Instructor: Kristal Lorette, July 19 – 23.

CLOSED - Poetry in Motion; Dance Theater

Actors engage in exciting activities that carefully introduce storytelling elements and the power of creative play. With the help of poems illustrated for children by such authors as Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson, campers create, act out, dance, laugh, and sing stories of inspiration, embodying and becoming poetry in motion. Instructor: Jeannie-Marie Brown, July 26 - 30

Save a Life

Imagine having the skills you can use to save someone’s life! This week-long class will cover basic first aid as well as CPR and use of an AED. At the end of the week you will have achieved a certification from the American Heart Association. Instructor: Sharon Breidt, July 19-23.

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