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Learn all about bird anatomy, behaviors, adaptations, habitats, and more. We will spend time observing birds, listening to calls, looking at nests, plus making crafts, watching videos, and reading books! Instructor: Kristin Roach. Mornings, July 10 – 14.

Chaotic Cartooning

Students will engage in a variety of guided cartooning activities. Learn to make your drawings as expressive and inventive as possible. Channel your creative energy and humor into your work. It will be fun, but please be aware that it will be three hours of drawing. Instructor: John Gurney. Mornings, July 31 – August 4.

Code Camp JR (FULL - Please call 358-2290 to be added to the waitlist)

Learn the concepts needed in programming by utilizing various online tools as well as hands-on unplugged activities. Use code to guide a character through mazes, and work up to creating video games, original animation, and more. If time allows, we we’ll get into web programming with Javascript and HTML to create websites and interactive apps. Instructor: Ryan Pymm. Mornings, July 24 – 28.

D.A.R.E. to Make a Difference – FREE (grade 5)

The road of life is filled with decisions, choices, and challenges. In this class, we’ll teach kids how to navigate a safe, healthy journey. We’ll deal with a variety of situations, including peer pressure, bullying, communication, service to others, and responsible decision making. We’ll use the core D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) curriculum, as well as activities, games, discussions, and creative projects to make this a fun, informative class. Instructor: Leonard Crossman. Afternoons, July 10 – 14.

Dogs: Kids’ Best Friend

Get to know "Man’s best friend". Learn about the first dogs, domestication, behaviors, breeds, training, and more. We will read books, make crafts, watch videos, and have plenty of time for imaginative play! Instructor: Kristin Roach. Afternoons, July 10 – 14.

Engineering and Design Camp for Juniors (FULL - Please call 358-2290 to be added to the waitlist)

Build contraptions that protect an egg from falling to the ground. Create a catapult and launch candy pumpkins. Construct a building from toothpicks that can withstand weight and shaking. Instructor: Delta Pymm. Mornings, July 31 – August 4.

Exploring Different Asian Cultures

What are the differences between Chinese, Japanese, and Korean people? Each day, we will explore differences and similarities. Do they all look alike? Does each culture eat the same foods? Come and find out! Instructor: Rotina Gong. Afternoons July 31-Aug 4.

Forces of Nature

Do you ever wonder what makes a hurricane or tornado occur? Come learn about all these forces of nature, along with others such as volcanos, tsunamis and earthquakes. Learn how to be more prepared while having fun making your own volcano that you can erupt over and over again. Instructor: Tina Thayer. Afternoons, July 24 – 28.

It’s a Snap! Digital Photography

Selfies, pets, sunsets—Everyone loves taking pictures! We’ll learn about how a camera works, how to spot an interesting subject, and the steps to properly compose and expose a quality photograph. Bring a digital camera or any device with one built in, and by the end of the week you’ll be ready to put your own photo gallery on exhibit! Instructor: JJ Prior. Afternoons, July 31 – August 4.

Journey to the Land Down Under

Good day mate, are you curious about the “land down under”? Come join us and learn about the people, animals, and the outback of Australia. We will create items to help and share what we learn. If you love to paint and do crafts this is the class for you. Instructor: Tina Thayer. Afternoons, July 10 – 14.

Lego Adventures - Team A (Grades 2 - 4)

Have fun building with Legos while learning basic engineering skills including reading diagrams, designing, teamwork, testing, and measuring results. Build and motorize simple machines and create vehicles using steering, gears, axles, and more. Instructor: Lori Stevens. Mornings, July 10 – 14 OR Justin Parrott. Afternoons, July 24 – 28.

Lego Adventures - Team B (Grades 2 - 4)

Like Lego Adventures Team A, children will have fun building with Legos while learning basic engineering skills. Machines and vehicles built will be different than in Team A, making this class ideal for children who took Legos last year, or would like to take more than one Lego class this summer. Instructor: Michelle Buonomano. Afternoons, July 10 -14 OR Justin Parrott. Mornings, July 31 – August 4.

Lego Challenge!

Are you up to the challenge? If you’ve taken Lego classes in the past, or you’re an advanced Lego builder, this class will challenge you with a different project each day. “Think outside the box” and build a Lego creation which meets that day’s goal. Instructor: Kristin Roach. Afternoons, July 17 – 21.

Lego Goes Green (grades 4 to 8) (FULL - Please call 358-2290 to be added to the waitlist)
Advanced Lego fun! Learn engineering, physics, science, and math while you have fun building and customizing motorized machines. Use renewable energy sources, and learn about energy transfer, storage, and conversion. Use engineering principles to test your machines against other teams in high speed car races. Instructor: Sean Malone. Mornings. July 10 – 14.


Do you like puppets and being creative? In this class we will explore various different styles and types of puppets and create your very own. We will build shadow, sock, inventive upcycled, and foam & rod puppets, to name a few. Students will learn about the use of light, darkness, and color, and how to create character through movement and shapes. We will also learn about all the elements that go into how to create and develop a character through the design, choice of materials, and manipulation of your puppet. Have fun in this class letting your inspiration and creativity run wild. Instructor: Eric Weiss. Afternoons. July 31 - August 4.

Real Art Fun Facts – Things You Never Knew about Your Favorite Art and Artists (Sorry, this class is now closed)

Are you interested in discovering and reporting on the REAL facts about art? Experience the Thorne Art Gallery from behind the scenes! Each day will begin with the group creating a piece of art together (no prior art instruction is needed) and then we will move into that day’s topic. Topics range from 19th Century to Pop Art to Post Modern and anything in-between. Instructor: Shari Osborn. Afternoons, July 24 – 28.

Rube Goldberg Mania

In this class, we’ll review the Six Simple Machines and then put our knowledge to the test to independently create chain reactions. Build a ramp that knocks over a glass of water with a ball. Set up dominoes so that they turn off a light. We’ll work through challenges like these during our time together. The last two days of class will be devoted to creating a team Rube Goldberg Machine! Instructor: EJ Albin. Mornings, July 10 – 14.

Secret Agent Training Camp (FULL - Please call 358-2290 to be added to the waitlist)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to have fun this summer! Campers will learn the skills every secret agent needs to know. We’ll learn about fingerprinting, cracking codes, invisible ink, and more! Join us for a week full of Secret Agent Training! Instructor: Jillian Leclaire. Mornings, July 17 – 21.

The Great Green Show — 4th-8th grades Please note: no before and after care available this week.

Recycling is important to the Earth, and it’s also important in dance. Join New Hampshire Dance Institute (NHDI) for a week-long energetic dance theatre experience that will keep everyone on their feet — creating, moving and recycling all day. We’ll go behind the scenes at Redfern Arts Center and learn how recycling is essential to the College and to all theatrical productions. At the end of the week, we’ll share what we’ve learned with a special performance in the Main Theatre at Redfern. Instructor: Kristen Leach. Full days, June 26-30.

Travel Through Time with your Doll

Come on a journey with American Girl dolls Felicity (1774), Josefina (1824), Kirsten (1854), Kit (1934), and Julie (1974) as we explore what life would be like as an American girl living in their time periods. Each day we will visit a doll’s world through history, crafts, and games. There will also be time to share with your classmates the fun and creative worlds you can create with your own dolls (extra dolls will be available each day for students to borrow). Instructor: Mandi Slate. Mornings, July 17 – 21.

Vegetarian Fun!

Learn how to cook! Each day you’ll learn to make dishes from around the world - appetizers, soups, entrees, and desserts. Surprise! Each one of these delicious recipes is healthy and meat-free. Instructor: Linda Stavely. Afternoons, July 17 – 21.

Wild About Animals (FULL - Please call 358-2290 to be added to the waitlist)

Do you love to draw and paint? If you do, this is the class for you! Come and learn about the animals of this world as we travel to each of the continents. At the end of the week you will have a book to share all that you have learned. Instructor: Tina Thayer. Mornings, July 24 – 28.