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Kids on Campus Grades 3 – 5

Amazing Africa

Africa is an amazing continent filled with so much to learn about. Journey with us to learn about the great pyramids, the people and traditions, animals, and so much more. We’ll paint what we learn using crayon and watercolor paints. In the end you will have a book that you can share. Instructor: Tina Thayer. Mornings, July 20 – 24.

Ancient Egypt

Travel back in time to Ancient Egypt. Learn how pyramids were constructed, and how to write your name in another language. Engage in STEM activities, study hieroglyphics, gods and goddesses, read stories, play games, make Egyptian jewelry, and end with a museum exhibition for families! Instructor: Melissa Crotto-Young, Afternoons, July 6 – 10.

Arcades and More!

In this class, we’ll learn all about the design process as we engineer arcade games and other amazing creations. We’ll transform ordinary household materials like bottle caps, wire, cardboard, and paper towel tubes into fun games we can all play. Students should be prepared to work together and collect materials from home. Instructor: Sam Sintros. Afternoons, July 27 – 31.

Art That Tells a Story

Do you imagine thought bubbles over every photo you see? Do you have an army of imaginary friends that live as doodles? Let’s learn how illustrators gather those ideas and use them to bring characters to life. Finish with a handmade journal for capturing your creative genius as well as cartoons, illustrations, and the tools of the trade. Instructor: Margaret Vescio. Mornings, July 13 – 17.

Around the World

Travel the world in a week! Visit five different countries and learn about the culture, landmarks, and animals that call them home. As we travel we will play games, make and eat food, do crafts, and replicate landmarks with STEM activities! Get your passport ready and join us! Instructor: Melissa Crotto-Young, Mornings, July 6 – 10.

Bears, Bears, and More Bears!

Black bears, brown bears, grizzly bears, sun bears, panda bears, and more bears! Take a trip into the life of wonderful bears around the globe. Through videos, songs, crafts, and games, we’ll learn about habitats, diets, lifestyles, and bear defenses. Instructor: Kristin Roach. Afternoons, July 27 – 31.

DanceCode: Coding Our Steps (offered in collaboration with NHDI for Grades 4 - 8)

Dance can be challenging. There are all kinds of obstacles to overcome; learning the steps, remembering the steps. We often fail many times before we get it right; it takes practice. Computer coding offers the same challenges! Students must first learn how to code, then put the steps together and work to get it right. It also takes practice. Join NHDI at Keene State College’s Kids on Campus Summer Camp as we learn about dance and computer coding. We will work to create computer code that will then create our choreography! We may fail many times before we get it right, but we will try, try again and have a spectacular show on Friday that celebrates all we’ve learned and created! Instructor: Kristen Leach. Full days, June 29 - July 3.

Desert Discoveries

Uncover the mysteries found underneath the desert sand. Become intrigued by the fascinating desert ecosystems through a series of fun filled learning activities including games, experiments, and crafts. Instructor: Becky Fisk. Afternoons, July 6 – 10.

Engineering and Design Camp for Juniors

This camp is all about hands-on building and experimenting! Craft contraptions that make propellers fly. Create a catapult and launch candy. Design a circuit board to light up and make noise. Instructor: Andy MacDonald. Mornings, July 20 – 24.

Illuminated Puppets

Everyone is mystified and mesmerized by things that light up or glow. In this class, we’ll learn about foam puppets and how to build them. We’ll also how to sew with conductive thread, making electrical circuits in our puppets so they light up. Fluorescent skins on our creations will make them glow in ultraviolet light. This will be a very unique puppetry experience! Instructor: Eric Weiss. Afternoons, July 27 – 31.

Lego® Fun!

Have fun building with LEGOs® while learning teamwork and basic engineering skills. Build and motorize simple machines and create vehicles with steering, gears, and axles. Instructor: Sam Sintros, Mornings, July 27 – 31.

LEGO® Writing

Come spend four days building, photographing, and writing about your LEGO® creations. On the last day, compile your words and images in a unique photo book to share with others. Instructor: Tina Thayer. Afternoons, July 20 – 24.

Magic for Beginners

Participants in this popular hands-on class learn easy to master, fun magic tricks using everyday objects found around the house. Learn about the history of magic, the styles of magic, and most critically, the importance of practice. Repeat attendees from last year will enjoy some new tricks, polish their techniques, and share some favorite magic tricks with the rest of the class. Class members participate in an optional “Magic Show” using their new skills on the last day. Instructor: BJ Hickman. Mornings, July 27 – 31.

Puppetry Smorgasbord

Build shadow puppets, deluxe sock puppets, stuffed animal puppets, and foam & rod puppets, then take home your set of creations at the end of the week. Learn about the use of light, darkness, and color, and how to create character through movement and shapes. We will also learn about all the elements that go into how to create and develop a character. Have fun in this class letting your inspiration and creativity run wild. Instructor: Eric Weiss. Mornings, July 27 – 31.

Spectacular Switzerland

Join us for a week of painting and simple crafts as we learn about Switzerland together. We will try cheese fondue, which originated in the Alps, and make a no-bake Swiss Roll that you can teach your family and friends. In the end you will have created a book of all you have learned. Instructor: Tina Thayer. Afternoons, July 13 – 17.

Super Science STEM Activities

Spend your week studying physical, life, and earth science through a variety of STEM activities. Students will be encouraged to ask questions, develop models and plans, carry out investigations, analyze and interpret data along with many other real-life skills. Be ready to engage your mind in science! Instructor: Becky Fisk. Mornings, July 6 – 10.

The DaVinci Dilemma

Explore the most famous painting that doesn’t exist! Even a genius can have a bad day, and Leonardo DaVinci was no exception. Get REALLY MESSY as we re-create the art world’s most famous flop, learn a little science and leave with your own masterpiece. Allergy warning- raw eggs are used in this class, we don’t eat ‘em, but we all touch ‘em!! Instructor: Margaret Vescio. Afternoons, July 20 – 24.

The Walldogs and Me!

Let’s take some walking field trips to enjoy the Walldog murals located in downtown Keene. Learn about the history of Keene while focusing on the life and work of famous Keene muralist, Barry Faulkner. Together, we will create a mural of our own. Get ready for history and art to collide! Instructor: Jennifer Alexander. Afternoons, July 13 – 17.

Wicked Weather

Discover what happens when nature mixes with a simple ingredient of wind, water, or temperature. The transformation is spectacular and powerful. Instructor: Becky Fisk. Mornings, July 13 – 17.

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