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Kids on Campus Grades 3 – 5

Can You Dig It? With the New Hampshire Dance Institute

When construction for Keene Middle School began in 2010, huge discoveries were unearthed! Questions about how people lived and worked thousands of years ago had answers, all because of… archaeology! Join NHDI this summer for Keene State College’s Kids on Campus as we “dig deep” to make discoveries about ourselves and how our lives might be similar to our region’s Abenaki ancestors. Additionally, what will we want people, thousands of years from now, to know about us? What clues will we leave for our future friends? Together, we will create a theatrical dance performance that celebrates our sense of place as well as our past, present and future! Instructor: Kristen Leach and NHDI staff, June 28 – July 2.

GPS, Geocaching & Google Earth - FULL - Please add your name to the waitlist

Venture out into the wilds of Keene (within walking distance of KSC) using GPS handhelds and smartphone apps to zero in on geocaches–both old favorites and new finds. Put together your own geocache, find its exact coordinates, and hide it for others to find. This week of discovery teaches you about handheld GPS units, new geolocation technologies, and coordinate systems of the world. Instructor: Andy MacDonald, July 26 – 30.

Hands-On STEAM

Spend the week learning about the world around you in new and exciting ways. Throughout the week we will learn about science through experiments, design challenges, and sometimes even crafts! Topics will include biology, earth science, and physical science. Instructor: Mary Swain, July 12 – 16.

Lego Days

Wear your creative hat and tackle new challenging builds that will enhance students’ understanding of simple and powered machines, structures and mechanisms. Students will work on daily challenges and their hands-on learning will provide a way to build ideas and models while practicing communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Instructors: Samantha Sintros and Ian Kaplan, July 19 – 23.

Magic - FULL - Please add your name to the waitlist

Magic is hot! No previous magic instruction is required. This is a hands-on magical learning experience, with socially distancing and other safety guidelines taken seriously. Participants learn easy to master, fun magic tricks using everyday objects found around the house (cards, coins, etc.). Some magic trick props, and the instructor’s book, Magic Speaks Louder Than Words (pdf) are included. Repeat attendees from previous years will enjoy some new tricks, polish their techniques, and can share some favorite magic tricks with the rest of the class. Sequential learning skills, stage presence, presentation skills, and the importance of practice are emphasized. There is also some discussion about the history of magic, magicians, and the styles of magic. Class members determine the direction of the class with respect to the “applications” for their new skills (such as performing, teaching, sales, sharing, science, psychology, communications, etc.). Includes some big screen video review; and participation in an optional “Magic Show” on the last day. Instructor: BJ Hickman. August 2- 6.

Ocean Life

Have you ever wondered what animals call the ocean home? Let’s explore together! Through hands-on activities and crafts, we will investigate the deep blue sea and all that can be found in the ocean! Instructor: Sophie Bushey, July 26 – 30.

Space and STEM

5,4,3,2,1 Blast off! Join me on an adventure to space to learn about our planets and stars. Get ready to make a 3D model of space while learning new facts! We will incorporate science, technology, engineering and mechanics into all of our learning while putting our minds to the test! Each day there will be a new challenge for you to work hard and achieve! Instructor: Lauren McClure, August 2 – 6.

Super Science Stem Activities (grades 2 – 3)

Study the sciences!! Spend your time studying physical, life, and earth science through a variety of STEM activities. Students will be encouraged to ask questions, develop models and plans, carry out investigations, analyze and interpret data along with many other real-life skills. Be ready to engage your mind in science! Instructor: Becky Fisk, July 26 – 30.

CLOSED - Superheroes

Up, up, and away! Do you love super heroes? Which is your favorite? Whether you love DC or Marvel you will think this camp is super! We will listen to and watch different “characters” to inspire us to write our own stories and illustrate them with watercolor paintings. In the end you will have a book to share. In the afternoon we will either play some math games, do some crafts, or do simple science experiments. Instructor Tina Thayer, July 12 – 16.

Travel the World

All aboard- it is time to travel the world together! We will learn about the many different cultures that make up our world! Each day, by traveling to different countries, we will discover unique ways of life that people enjoy all over the world. We will explore different cultures and discuss how these contribute to the diversity of our world. Instructor: Sophie Bushey, July 19 – 23.

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