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Kids on Campus Grades 3 – 5

American Girl Dolls

A Visit Through History- Over the years, the American Girl company has nearly 20 featured historical (“Be Forever”) dolls spanning from Kaya, representing 1764, to Isabel and Nicki, representing 1999! During this week, we will explore over 230 years of American history through crafts, games, activities, a local museum tour, video clips, and read aloud story time. July 22 – 26. Instructor: Mandi Slate.

Environmental Heroes

Do you care about our environment and want to find out how to help it in a fun way? This camp is for you! Join us to create your own EHA (environment hero avatar) who will star in a play at the end of the week. Take a field trip and listen to a guest speaker give tips about recycling, then make posters to spread the word. Make art with recycled items, do science experiments, and more! July 29 – August 2. Instructor: Melissa Crotto-Young.

History Detectives (FULL - Please add your child to the waitlist online or email to be added to the waitlist)

Seeking junior history detectives in grades 3-5 who love a good mystery! Detectives will be trained in the techniques used by professionals to solve mysteries at museums. They will then use their skills to assist chief detectives with their investigation into a mysterious case involving a buried fortune somewhere in Keene. Adding to the fun will be plenty of walking field trips to explore the Wyman Tavern, the Historical Society of Cheshire County, and our wonderful Walldogs murals. July 15 – 19. Instructor: Sam Sintros.


Who loves to play board games? Are you ready for an adventure? During this camp we will be watching clips from both the original and new Jumanji movies. Then we will be creating our own board game with math, reading, science, and social studies questions. Also, we will take a walk around Keene to view all of the amazing murals including the ones in the original movie! July 15 – 19. Instructor- Tina Thayer.

Lego Challenges (FULL - Please add your child to the waitlist online or email to be added to the waitlist)

Become a Lego engineer and have fun building with Legos while learning teamwork and critical thinking skills. Create simple motorized machines and then challenge ourselves to improve upon them. Design vehicles with steering, gears, and axles, then race them. July 22 – 26. Instructor: Anna McGuiness.


1 dimension, 2 dimension, 3 dimension, MORE? Yes, polyhedrons, let’s discover them! What is 3 dimensional and colored all over? Absolutely, a RUBIK’s CUBE! Let’s have some fun with the cube. We’ll predict, take apart, draw, discover, and CODE, code, CoDe to solve the unsolvable. A week of problem solving the cube and playing with polyhedrons is what you will be in for if you choose to MATH with me! July 8 – 12. Instructor: Molly Linn.

Parade Puppets

Puppets have a way of capturing the imagination, especially Parade Puppets, which can be 2, 3, or even 4 times the size of a human! Welcome to puppet making like no other! Cooperating with other student puppet makers, we’ll construct a masterpiece few will forget. Puppets in parades have a long history, from the Dragon puppet used to celebrate the Chinese New Year to the upside-down Marionettes in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. In this class we are going to sculpt a large puppet head and then mount the head onto a wooden frame which we will load into a backpack, build some hands-on rods and connect them together with fabric arms, creating marching giants sure to fascinate and delight their audience. Students will get to bring home their masterpiece, so if a parade opportunity arises they will be ready! July 29 – August 2. Instructor: Eric Weiss.


Do you love superheroes? Do you love to paint? Come spend a week learning all the out of this world things about DC and Marvel superheroes. We will be painting and creating a book about all we learn. This is a class where we will paint and do crafts. If this sounds like fun to you, I hope to see you there! July 8 – 12. Instructor: Tina Thayer.


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