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Kids on Campus Grades 1 -2


Blowing bubbles is a classic outdoor activity that can be enjoyed just about anywhere! Not only is it fun to do, but there are lots of ways that exploring bubbles can be related to math and science. Did you know that something as simple as making and blowing bubbles can also be a powerful science experience for young children? Come join the fun with BUBBLES!! Instructor: Lynette Soucia. Afternoons, July 29 – August 2.


Use recycled materials and your imagination to create a boat for our end of class boat race. Each child will use a straw to power their boat and see if it can make it to the finish line! Instructor: Jessica Griffin. Mornings, August 5 – 9.

Circuit Circus

Do you enjoy figuring out how things work? Are you a scientist, engineer, thinker? We know you are! Come join us for a fun week of science experiments using circuits! We can’t wait to build our confidence together as scientific thinkers and doers! Instructor: EJ Albin. Mornings, July 15 – 19.

Community Service

Do you love to help people? Have you been looking for ways to be more involved with our community? Come join me for a week full of community service. Together, we will learn about our community and the different people who assist us. We will work together to create projects each day to give back to our community as a whole and the individuals who help us! Instructor: Lauren McClure. Afternoons, July 15 – 19.


Are you curious about dinosaurs? Why are dinosaurs extinct? What did dinosaurs really look like? Do you know the difference between plant eaters and meat eaters? Do you enjoy creating things? Learn all about dinosaurs, create your own dinosaur out of recycled materials or paper-mâché, make your own dinosaur egg and nest. Experience what is like to be a paleontologist and assemble a dinosaur skeleton. Instructor: Heidi Nystrom. Mornings, August 5 – 9.

DIY: Hands-on Activities

Do you love arts and crafts? Do you ever wish you had a book full of ideas to spark creativity on a rainy day? If so, this is the class for you! Come join me for a week full of hands-on do-it-yourself crafts and activities. Each day of the week will be filled with a fun new craft we make ourselves. We will work together to create a “how to” book that will list instructions and materials needed to complete the craft at home! This class will be hands-on as we create our own book and craft that will leave you excited to come back for more each day! Instructor: Lauren McClure. Afternoons, August 5 – 9.

Fantastic Fairies - FULL - Please call our office at 603-358-2290 to be added to the waitlist.

Do you love fairies? Do you also love to write your own stories? What about water color painting and crafts? If you said ‘yes’ to all of these things, you will love this class! Come and join us on a week-long magical adventure reading stories about fairies. We will write our own story and do the illustrations with crayon resist and water color paintings. You will have your own book to share with family and friends. We will be doing several crafts including paper-mâché fairy houses, crowns, fairy flip flops, and much more! Instructor: Tina Thayer. Afternoons, July 22-26.

Make your own Musical Instruments

Use recycled materials and your imagination to create a musical instrument of your choice. Decorate your instrument with finishing touches and perform in our end of class parade! Instructor: Jessica Griffin. Mornings, July 29 – August 2.

Mini-Maker Art Explorers

The sky is the limit! Your creative language will emerge as you explore all types of materials such as- wood, fabric, paint, drawing mediums, and recycled materials in a nurturing environment with an emphasis on self-expression. Learn about the elements of art while exploring a variety of techniques including: printmaking, painting, drawing, and assemblage. Instructor: Forrest Bencivenga. Mornings, July 15 – 19.

Miniature House Design

Create an uncommon house with common materials. Design and create a house using recycled materials and all things miniature! Dollhouse, Hero House, Critter House? Using a variety of media and art techniques students will create a house and all of its details. From furniture building, to weaving rugs, and miniature art to hang on the walls; students will create a home full of possibility. Instructor: Forrest Bencivenga. Afternoons, July 15 – 19.

Nature Explorers

Experience the wonder of fins, fur, feathers, fungi, and flora. We’ll set out on a campus trek to visit different habitats and learn how plants and animals survive. Last year’s explorers are welcome back to explore new sites. Instructor: JJ Prior. Mornings, July 22 – 26.

Ocean Adventure

Have fun in this art and literature-based approach to writing! Read books about whales, dolphins, sharks, and other ocean life and learn interesting facts. Write your own stories about oceans and illustrate them using crayon-resist and watercolor paints. At the end of the week you have a book to keep–you’ll be amazed at all you have learned. If you love to paint, this is the class for you! Join us for a "whale of a time" learning about oceans! Instructor: Tina Thayer. Mornings, July 22 – 26.

Scavenger Hunt Creations

Use your detective skills to complete a variety of scavenger hunts on campus, then use what you gathered to create a person or animal. Make your own scavenger hunt, and go on a “museum walk” at the end of class to check out everyone’s creations. Instructor: Jessica Griffin. Afternoons, August 5 – 9.

Science Challenge

Prepare to get your hands a little dirty in this fun-filled week of science activities. Help measure, mix, and roll to create your own bouncy ball, and see how high we can get them to bounce! There’s plenty of hands-on experimentation in this class! Instructor: Jessica Griffin. Afternoons, July 29 – August 2.

Slime Time

The BEST slime making experience starts with the BEST homemade slime recipes. We will learn simple slime recipes for saline solution slime, fluffy slime, liquid starch slime, and classic borax slime right here! Also we will look into the science of slime. Join us on our journey to discover just how cool science can be with slime!! Instructor: Lynette Soucia. Mornings, July 29 – August 2.

You Can Be a Maker (grades 2 – 3)

Are you up for adventure? Do you like to build things using easy to find and even recycled material? Then you are going to love learning how to create fantastic flyers, exciting electronics, remarkable robots, and marvelous movers. Instructor: Becky Fisk. Afternoons, July 22 – 26.

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