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Kids on Campus

Grades 1 -2

Blast Off to Space
Curious about planets and outer space? Come on an adventure to learn about our universe. We’ll create a book painting that includes each planet and launch into crafts that teach us about what’s beyond our planet. If you love painting and crafts this class is for you! Instructor: Tina Thayer. Mornings, July 9 – 13.

Bubbles are a blast! Join us as we learn about the science, math, and art of making bubbles. Instructor: Becky Fisk. Afternoons, July 23 – 27.

Color Explosion
Do you love designing, creating, experimenting with color? Explore how colors mix, how to express your ideas and thoughts with color, and experiment with ways to use color. We’ll use marble painting, watercolor with black line, tempura paints, tie-dye, even make our own sidewalk chalk. Instructor: Melanie Mattscheck. Afternoons, July 30 – August 3.

LEGO® Adventures – Team A (Grades 2-4)
Have fun building with LEGO® while learning teamwork and basic engineering skills, including reading diagrams, designing, testing, and measuring results. Build and motorize simple machines and create vehicles with steering, gears, and axles. Instructor: Sam Sintros. Afternoons, July 16 – 20.

LEGO® Adventures – Team B (Grades 2-4)
Like LEGO® Adventures Team A, we’ll have fun building with LEGO® while learning basic engineering skills, but our projects will be different. This is an ideal class for children who took LEGO® last year or would like to take more than one LEGO® class this summer. Instructor: Justin Parrott. Afternoons, July 23 – 27 and July 30 – August 3.

Nature Explorers
You don’t have to travel far to experience the wonder of fins, fur, feathers, fungi, and flora. Explorers will set out on a campus trek to visit different habitats and learn how plants and animals survive. Last year’s explorers are welcome back to explore new sites. Instructor: JJ Prior. Mornings, July 23 – 27.

No-Cook Cooking Let’s sink our teeth into the five food groups and create breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and desserts without cooking a single ingredient. We’ll venture off to a local food market to pick out foods needed to create a delicious no-cook meal. Become a culinary whiz in the kitchen! Instructor: Becky Fisk. Mornings, July 16 – 20.

Pirate Camp
Ahoy mateys! Sign on for a week of pirate-filled fun… if you dare. Learn about pirate history and lore through stories, crafts, research, songs, and games. Discover your inner pirate name, see if you can walk the plank, search for pirate treasure, and much more! Instructor: Melissa Crotto-Young. Afternoons, July 9 – 13.

Recycled Materials
Engineers, scientists, and creators wanted! In this class we’ll use the design process to transform ordinary materials into extraordinary creations. Follow your imagination to see how your ideas turn bottle caps, tiles, wire, and paper towel tubes into creative new inventions. Students should be prepared to work together and collect materials from home. Instructor: EJ Albin. Mornings, July 9 – 13.

Slime Lab Here’s your excuse to make a mess! Popping, oozing, and squishing are part of the fun in this experiment-based class. Students will become chemists by combining common substances and observing the reactions. This is the perfect atmosphere for curious and creative child chemists who want to mix it up and see what happens! Instructor: Melanie Mattscheck. Mornings, July 30 – August 3.

Superhero Yoga
Calling all yogi superheroes to explore your power, strength, and bravery through yoga. With mighty poses, cooperative games, songs, and inspiring stories that ignite our inner heroes, we’ll learn ways to care for ourselves, others, and shared space. Each yogi will create a superhero cape to express their uniqueness and courage! Instructor: Jessica Melfa. Mornings, July 30 – August 3.

Want to become a superhero? Together we’ll learn about popular superheroes and their amazing super powers. We’ll create costumes and complete challenges that might even save the world someday! Instructor: Becky Fisk. Afternoons, July 16 – 20.

Visit the Hispanic World Do you know what ¡Hola!, ¡Buenos días!, or ¡Adiós! mean? In this class we’ll learn basic Spanish words and expressions through games, songs, and crafts. Discover the Hispanic world and its interesting culture through music and stories. Instructor: Carmela Lucich Villarreal. Mornings, July 16 – 20.

Wild About Zoo Animals
Do you love to draw and paint? If you do, this is the class for you! Come learn about the animals of the world as we go on a visit to the zoo. Each day we’ll focus on a different animal kingdom while creating a special book for you to share and treasure forever. Instructor: Tina Thayer. Afternoons, July 9 – 13.