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Kids on Campus Grades 1 -2

FULL - All Things Disney

Do you love all things Disney? Do you love to paint? Learn about the different parks and many of the characters too. Spend the week painting and doing crafts all about Disney. The best part is you will have a book and some crafts to share after the week is over. Instructor: Tina Thayer. July 25 – 29.

Be Your Own Superhero

Wonder Woman, SpiderMan, Batman, and you! In this class, we’ll make our own superhero, complete with mask and cape. We’ll learn about Superhero jobs and what makes a “superhero.” We’ll create your own superhero powers while discovering our own strengths. Expect plenty of stories, games, crafts, and singing and dancing – being a superhero is lots of fun! Instructor: Amber Sanderson. August 1 – 5.

CLOSED - Fantastic Fairy Tales

Take a step back into the enchanting world of fairy tales. Read, create projects, and be challenged with STEM activities based on well-known fairy tales. Instructor: Melissa Scott. July 11 – 15.

FULL - Magnificent Monsters

This week is all about monsters! We’ll enjoy games and books about monsters, sing and dance to monster songs, and even make our own monsters and tell stories about them. There will be plenty of time to play outside, and to talk about some of the “monsters” we all experience, like worry monsters and feelings monsters. Instructor: Amber Sanderson. July 11 – 15.

FULL - Trip to the Zoo

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! If you love animals, this is the class for you. Each day you’ll learn about a different zoo as well as the animals that live there. We’ll have fun observing the animals in their zoo habitat, reading books, making art, and playing games. Instructor: Becky Fisk. July 18 - 22

CLOSED - Under the Sea

I am excited to investigate the animals of the sea with you. Through hands-on activities, projects and STEM challenges we will explore the deep blue sea. Instructor: Melissa Scott. August 1 – 5.

FULL - Wonderful World of Science

Study the sciences!! Spend your time studying physical, life, and earth science through various reading and STEM activities. Students will be encouraged to ask questions, develop models and plans, carry out investigations, and analyze and interpret data along with many other real-life skills. Be ready to engage your mind in science! Instructor: Becky Fisk. July 25 – 29.


All about you, because you are important and special! Let’s learn about ourselves and our special skills and talents. Cooperative projects will help us learn how our special skills and talents work together with others. We’ll play plenty of games, sing and dance, tell stories, read books, and have lots of active play time. We can’t wait to meet YOU! Instructor: Amber Sanderson. July 18 – 22.

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