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PCard Program

The Purchasing Card program provides departments with a way to make allowable, smaller dollar, purchases for Campus business.

To Obtain a Purchasing Card

The first step is to become familiar with the USNH PCard guidelines and USNH PCard policies. Then complete a PCard application. Your Account Manager will usually be your supervisor; however, exceptions may apply in some cases.
Please note: With the new bank, we are also able to temporarily suspend a card should that be necessary. For example, in an effort to eliminate vulnerability for cards only used occasionally we can suspend the card and reactivate it when needed. This is a good option for those who use their card only when traveling.

Contracted Vendors and Allowable Purchases

Purchase from contracted vendors where possible and reasonable. Find Keene State College contracted vendors and USNH contracted vendors

More info on Allowable, Authorized, and Restricted Purchases: Allowable, Authorized, and Restricted purchases info

Limits and Unauthorized Purchases

  • Purchases made cannot exceed the approved limits associated with each card.
  • Limits are set by Account Managers and Purchasing Department and are based on usage needs and spending history.
  • Limits can be temporarily raised/lowered by request providing the expense is within Keene State and USNH Policy.
  • Limits will be adjusted periodically based on usage history and need.

Unauthorized Purchases may include:

  • Advertising (some exceptions granted as needed)
  • Air/Rail (travel booked through Milne or Accent Travel & paid by Purchasing)
  • Alcohol
  • Awards/Gifts/Prizes (IRS/USNH/KSC regulations)
  • Donations
  • Flowers (some exceptions granted as needed)
  • Hazardous Materials (some exceptions granted as needed)
  • KSC Bookstore, Dining Commons, Mail Services
  • Personal Items (Room Service, Hotel movies, etc.)
  • Professional Services (ICA or Performance/Artist Agreement)
  • Purchases from University employees, their spouses, parents, children or from any other individual where a conflict of interest exists.

Pcard Use – Things to remember:

  • Keep card safe ~ never loan it to anyone.
  • Contact the bank immediately if your card is lost, stolen or has fraudulent charges.
  • Stay within approved guidelines for purchases.
  • Always get itemized receipts and provide proper explanation for each charge.
  • Change FOAPAL’s before sweep date (if necessary)
  • Reconciliation is due by the 10th business day of each month.
  • Monthly reconciliations must be kept for seven (7) fiscal years.
  • Payments cannot be split to accommodate an over daily limit purchase
  • Always contact the Purchasing Office with any questions or concerns

Monitor and Reconcile

You will receive email notification of each purchase, generally within 2-3 days after purchase. These notifications, as well as your monthly statement, come from “Banner Pcard.”

  1. Review and verify that each transaction is valid daily.

  2. Determine correct FOAPAL. Please notify if a FOAPAL needs to be changed from your card default code.

  3. Submit the documentation for all transactions to your Account Manager in a timely manner:

    • Include who, where, what, when, how many and how much.
    • Itemized receipts (even for restaurants) are required. Small receipts can be taped to an 8.5x11 sheet of paper to reduce chances of losing them.
    • Substantiate the clear business purpose (short explanation for each charge).
    • Sign and date the documented statement.
  4. When the statement with receipts is returned to you, keep them for seven years after the fiscal year end.

Account Managers review (can use FAAINVT in Banner to facilitate), sign, and forward the statement with attached supporting documentation to purchasing.

Statements are due in the Keene State College Purchasing Office on the 10th of each month.

In the event of violations

Please be aware the following violations may result in warning letter sent to cardholder and account manager; additional training and/or repayment may be required. Repeated violations could result in revocation:

  • Personal Purchases
  • Card Sharing
  • Inappropriate Purchases
  • Lack of Documentation

Suspected fraud will be investigated by Account Manager and Purchasing Office. First violation, if substantiated then appropriate deans/Directors, the USNH Controllers office and Human Resources will be copied on violation letter. Could result in revocation. Second violation, if substantiated will result in card revocation. Card may only be reinstated with approval of USNH Controller’s office.

Contact Purchasing

Fiske Annex, M-1601
Keene State College
229 Main St, Keene NH 03435
☎ 603-358-2494 (pcard, vendor, and general questions) (travel related items) (printer questions and copy codes)