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Community Outreach & Engagement

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The Department of Campus Safety believes that students are what makes the college, without them, we would not be here. As such, the department strives to engage with the community in a positive setting before meeting during an incident.

Our Outreach & Engagement programs foster community involvement, cooperation, and communication with the department and the campus community. These programs, in a college setting, aim to decrease potential crimes by increasing the community’s trust in the department, awareness of potential criminal activity indicators, personal safety, and overall cooperation within the community.

One of the key parts to the success in the reduction of crime, or potential crime, is the recognition of what our communities’ needs are. In order to accomplish this, the department has assigned an officer to fill the duties of the Community Liaison Officer, providing services directly to the community, coordinating our Outreach & Engagement efforts, and using various modern methods to prevent crime and potential crime.


To ensure all students, regardless of whom they are, have a safe environment to learn, work and have fun. While facilitating a paradigm shift within campus safety towards the community to become less reaction-based and more proactive in their initiatives to ensure we meet this goal.

Our program focuses on various key areas:

  • Foster positive relations between the community and the Campus Safety Department by collaborating with various offices, departments and campus groups to build relationships and trust
  • Ensure that department employees receive diversity and sensitivity training so that they can effectively respond to related crimes and support victims of crime.
  • Conduct community outreach and education to promote awareness of the liaison position, and ensure that all officers work towards the liaison’s mission.
  • Lead the department’s Problem-Oriented Response efforts by developing and implementing strategies to address crime and environmental issues affecting the campus, and coordinate department, city, and community resources.
    • Use the SARA model to facilitate POR efforts
    • Focus POR efforts on areas with sustained problems
    • Work closely with community stakeholders to identify and address the underlying problems

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Ian Matheson (He/Him/His)
Office: 603-358-8194
24/7 Dispatch: 603-358-2228

Contact Campus Safety

603-358-2228 24/7, 365 days a year, not monitored 24/7

Parking Services
603-358-2227, not monitored 24/7, if in urgent need contact Campus Safety, monitored Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Christopher Buckley
Director of Campus Safety & Compliance

Keddy House
Open 24 hours/day year round
Administrative Office
Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.