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Interview Skills

Interview Guide

The purpose of an interview is to build a favorable impression and clearly communicate to an employer the value you will bring to the company. It is an exchange of information: namely yours (how your education, experience, related skills can help them) and theirs (job details, corporate culture). Successful interviewing is a skill that is developed through preparation and practice.

Sample Interview Questions

Interviewers ask open-ended questions and do not want yes or no answers, but rather answers that are concise, factual, and descriptive. Practice, but do not memorize, your responses. The following are examples of questions asked during an interview.

Interview Practice

Keene State College is pleased to offer StandOut, a mock video interviewing platform, to help improve your interviewing skills. Visit to log in. Then, follow the steps to create your StandOut account.


Career Conversations

Career conversations, also known as informational interviews, are a great opportunity to gather information, advice, and insight on career fields or job search strategies through one-on-one conversations with professionals working in a particular field.

Dress for an Interview

First impressions are important in an interview. Dressing professionally and comfortably will increase your confidence. Read the Dress for Success guide for tips on dressing professionally to ensure you make a positive first impression.

Thank You Notes

Thank you notes can make a difference in the hiring process. You can make an outstanding impression by following up in a timely manner with Thank-You notes, both electronically and through the mail.

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