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Frequently Asked Questions

Counseling FAQ

Does It Cost Anything To Come For Counseling

No, the Center is supported by student enrollment fees, so there are no additional charges for counseling.

How Long Are Appointments

Initial, first-time appointments are 30 minutes long and they are designed to begin the process of developing an understanding of a student’s needs and for planning the next steps. Individual therapy appointments are approximately 45 minutes long.

Who Should I Contact If I Need To Change My Appointment

You can either call the front office (603-358-2437) or call the counselor directly.

Do You Do Court-Mandated Services (for example Diversion Programs)

We do not provide these. We recommend you contact the court or legal staff/attorneys for an alternative referral.

Do You Have A Licensed Alcohol Drug Abuse Counselor (LADAC)

We do not have one on our staff.

Can I get psychiatric medication and/or can I get refills for my medication

We have a Psychiatric Consultant in the office once a week who may be able to assess your needs. You may make an appointment with the Psychiatric Consultant either through the Center for Health and Wellness or through the Counseling Center. If you are currently on medication, the Center for Health and Wellness may be able to refill them for you.

Does something have to be really “wrong” to come to counseling

Students come to counseling for different reasons. It doesn’t mean that something is really “wrong.” It may mean that you are struggling and need to talk to someone. This could be for one meeting or it may be for a few.

Do you offer couples counseling

Yes, we offer couples counseling, however,both parties need to be currently enrolled at Keene State College.

Are you open on weekends

We do not schedule appointments on the weekends. If you have an urgent need to speak with a counselor outside of business hours, you can call our crisis hot-line 603-358-2436 to speak with a counselor-on-call.

Does anyone at the college have access to my records

No. Your records are secure and confidential unless you sign a release. Records kept in the Counseling Center are not connected to your records as a student at KSC; there is no indication of your contact with the Counseling Center on your academic record.

What happens if I can’t come to my appointment

If you are unable to come to your scheduled appointment, please let us know either by phone, email or stopping in prior to your appointment. The Center is very busy and, with advanced notice, missed appointments can be given to other students waiting to see a counselor.

How long can I expect to be in counseling

There is no set time. It depends on the person’s unique needs.

Do you have Group sessions

We run a variety of groups each semester, depending on the needs of our students. Some examples of groups that we have run include a Self-Growth Group, Managing Emotions Group, Relationships Group, Transitions for Freshman Group, Transitions for Seniors Group, and Women’s Issues Group.

What are the benefits of being in a group

  • Receiving open, honest, and constructive feedback from others
  • Learning from others through shared experiences
  • Connecting with others who feel similarly to you
  • Feeling less alone in your challenges
  • Working together in a climate of trust
  • Having others care about you and your success
  • Supporting others with their challenges

What are the benefits of counseling

  • Have someone listen to your concerns with care, confidentiality, and respect
  • Learn new ways to deal with your concerns.
  • Achieve greater satisfaction in life
  • Improve your relationships with others
  • Understand how unhelpful patterns and cycles are negatively affecting your life
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Identify your abilities, qualities, hopes, and expectations and how to act on them
  • Gain greater control over your emotions
  • Improve your academic performance
  • Enhance your physical health
  • Have a safe place to “vent”

If I call the crisis hot-line, who will I be speaking too

You will speak with a trained, professional counselor who is contracted to provide urgent services for the Counseling Center at KSC.

Contact The Wellness Center

3rd Floor, Elliot Center

24/7 Crisis Counselor: 603-358-2436
Emergency? Call Campus Safety 603-358-2228 or 911
Fax: 603-358-2444


Regular Hours: M–F: 8:00a.m. - 4:30 p.m.