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Sustainability College-Wide Learning Outcome

As one of six identified College-Wide Learning Outcomes, sustainability is thoughtfully woven into the educational experience at Keene State College. While studying at KSC “students will explore their place in interconnected natural and human systems; evaluate the personal, social, and environmental impacts of their choices; and apply their knowledge and skills for building a just, resilient, and thriving world.”

Sustainability and The Integrative Studies Program

The Integrative Studies Program (ISP) at Keene State College aims to provide students with a well-rounded, liberal arts education. All students are required to complete a total of 40 ISP credits. ISP classes range in subject and level but the program as a whole aims to “inspire students to conduct research, think critically, reason quantitatively, write effectively, and imagine innovative connections across disciplinary boundaries.” Check out the sustainability related courses in the Integrative Studies Program here.

Study Sustainability at Keene State College

While most majors have some connection to sustainability, these majors are specifically focused on sustainability:

Contact the Sustainability Office

Kate Witte
Sustainability Coordinator