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Institutional Research and Assessment

Who We Are and What We Do – The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment provides evidence to inform decision-making and leads the college’s efforts to assess student learning.

We are the source for official Keene State College data through

  • reports to government agencies, trustees, accreditors, and other regulators;
  • publications such as the Factbook;
  • response to external surveys such as those from college ranking publications;
  • research reports about important campus issues; and
  • response to internal and external requests for information about the College.

We gather data about student experiences and student learning both inside and outside the classroom, through

Publications and Reports

Looking for historical information?
Browse our publication archive. You’ll find links to reports, surveys and publications dating back 10 years, as well as brief descriptions of our recurring publications.

Policy and Resources for Electronic Student Surveys

Planning to conduct an electronic survey of KSC students? Here’s the information you need.

Important Links

You’ll find links to online resources here, including regional and national research associations, census data, and more. More about Important Links

Contact Institutional Research and Assessment

Most institutional research data is available through our publications and reports. If you need other information that is not available there, please contact our staff.

George Smeaton - Interim Director of Institutional Research and Assessment, 603-358-2625
Vicki Warzecha - Associate Director for Institutional Research, 603-358-2125
Colleen Pascu - Institutional Research Analyst, 603-358-2129
Tracy Kaletsky - Assessment Systems Administrator, 603-358-2186

Did you know?
KSC’s four-year graduation rate is 53%, compared to the national average of 25% for public four-year institutions
KSC students have significantly more interaction with faculty than students at other similar colleges
44% of KSC students work with faculty members on a research project, compared to only 32% at other public liberal arts colleges