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Request to Conduct an Electronic Survey of Keene State College Students

Researchers who survey Keene State students are expected to:

  • Seek and receive IRB approval, as appropriate;
  • Ensure that surveys are accessible to students with disabilities;
  • Use samples rather than surveying the entire student population whenever possible;
  • Avoid repeating surveys annually;
  • Follow the basic principles of informed consent; and
  • Otherwise use best practices in survey construction, administration, and reporting

Contact Institutional Research & Assessment

Most institutional research data is available through our publications and reports. If you need other information that is not available there, please contact our staff.

Vicki Warzecha - Associate Director for Institutional Research, 603-358-2125
Colleen Pascu - Institutional Research Analyst, 603-358-2129
Tracy Kaletsky - Assessment Systems Administrator, 603-358-2186
Kimberly Schmidl-Gagne - Accreditation and Assessment Officer, 603-358-2768