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Payroll FAQs

Whether your question is "WISE" Web Information System for Employees, or approver and proxy questions, or a Web Time Entry issue, we’ve got your answer.

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Payroll - All Employees

How do I sign up for direct deposit?
Can I split my direct deposit between two accounts? Yes. To set up Direct Deposit, bring a photo ID and an official bank document (voided check is acceptable) to the Payroll Office. You will also need one of the following forms filled out: For pay that is sent to a single bank account: Direct Deposit Net Amount Authorization For pay that is going to multiple bank accounts: Direct Deposit Fixed Amount Authorization

What is "WISE"? How do I get assigned a "WISE" account?
USNH WISE (Web Information System for Employees) Introductory information sheet:

I forgot my "WISE" user name/ password.
If you have not previously activated your WISE account, or if you’ve forgotten your password, please call the CIS help-desk at 862-4242 to activate your account.

When is payday? Where can I find a Campus Holiday Schedule?
B1 Hourly Pay-Cycle (January – December) – (Generally, Salaried Employees)

B2 Hourly Pay-Cycle (January – December) – (Generally, Operating Staff, Complementary Hourly, and Student Employees)

Can I re-submit a W-4 in the middle of the year?
What should I do if I need to make changes to my W-4?

When should I expect my W-2?
See page 6 of this government publication

How do I find out what address my W-2 will be mailed to?
Log in to WISE, click on "Personal Information" and choose "View Address(es) and Phone(s)"

Can I work through lunch if I’m very busy?
info on RSA 276:30

What is an "approver" and a "proxy"? An approver is someone who has been assigned the responsibility of placing electronic approval on designated timesheets that have been submitted and are in pending status. A proxy is a person who has been given the authority to act on the approvers behalf during previously agreed upon circumstances. For more info, refer to the Approvers and Proxies WTE Quick Reference

What does "Non-Status" mean? What is a "Complementary" employee? What is a "CHASE" employee? Generally, a "non-status" employee refers to an employee who is not eligible to participate in benefits such as a medical plan, paid time off, etc. "Complementary employee" is a term that has been used to refer to an adjunct hourly staff person. "CHASE" is an acronym that includes "Complementary."

What times/days is the Payroll Office open and where is it located? Normal business hours for payroll are Monday-Friday, 8:00AM to 4:30PM. The primary person responsible for overseeing Payroll is the payroll coordinator who is located near the entrance to Fiske Annex, and can generally be reached at 603-358-2482. What number do I call if I believe there’s an error on my paycheck? The primary person responsible for overseeing Payroll is the payroll coordinator who is located in Fiske Annex near the entrance, and can generally be reached at 603-358-2482.


Payroll - Approvers and Proxies

What is Non Status Labor Report I receive monthly?
It’s a report budget managers can use monthly to help manage labor cost.

How do you pay a student worker? You can find appointment request forms here

What are the WTE approver deadlines? What happens if I miss a WTE deadline? deadline info

What do I do if I have problems with timesheet approving? Please call the Payroll Office 603-358-2482 or send an email to the Payroll Coordinator.

What times/days is the Payroll Office open and where is it located? The primary person responsible for overseeing Payroll is the payroll coordinator located near the entrance to Fiske Annex, who can be reached at 358-2482. Normal business hours in Fiske Annex are Monday-Friday, 8:00AM to 4:30PM.

How do I change a proxy? How do we change approvers? Please call the Payroll Coordinator 603-358-2482

I need a reference sheet for Approvers and Proxies Web Time Entry.
Approvers and Proxies WTE Quick Reference


Payroll - Web Time Entry

Where can I go for an explanation of the different "Earn Codes"?
Click here: Earn Codes

How do I record Holiday hours? How do I record Curtailed Operations?
Recording Holiday and Curtailed Operations Hours

What are the timesheet deadlines?
See the Submission Deadlines section of this page.

What if my timesheet doesn’t get submitted in time/ approved in time?
Please contact the Payroll Coordinator in Fiske Annex during normal business hours at 603-358-2482

What are retro hours and when are they used?
Retro Hours from a Prior Pay Period in WTE

I need a reference sheet for Adjunct Hourly Staff/Students Web Time Entry.
Adjunct Hourly Staff/Students WTE

There is an EARLY TIME ENTRY Deadline for 12/2-12/15 on Friday 12/15 (pay date 12/22).

Student Employees: If you want the last paycheck of the semester mailed home, please provide the Payroll Office with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Write the date of the last day that you worked on the inside flap of the envelope along with your campus mailbox number or the words "off-campus." The Payroll Office in Fiske Annex must receive your envelope by Dec 19 for check distribution on Dec 22.

Nov 23, 2017 Thanksgiving Day Nov 24, 2017 Campus Holiday

Dec 25, 2017 Christmas Day Dec 26, 2017 Campus Holiday Dec 29, 2017 Campus Holiday

For future pay period holidays please refer to the Pay-Cycle calendar under the "Pay Dates Information" section to the left.

Sign up for direct deposit by bringing to the Payroll Office in Fiske Annex:

  • a completed direct deposit form
  • a photo ID
  • a voided check or other official bank document

Questions? Contact Payroll at 603-358-2482 or

Access Instructions and Frequently used Account Codes for Non-Status Labor Reports