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Keene State and City of Keene Form New Commission

Keene Central Square
Keene Central Square

Keene State College and Keene Mayor Kendall Lane Launch Community Commission to Address Opportunities for Further Collaboration

Keene State College President Dr. Anne E. Huot and Keene Mayor Kendall Lane together are forming a new community commission that will address how the College and City of Keene collaborates for the benefit of Keene, and the Keene State College community. Commission members will represent a range of perspectives, and will be appointed by Mayor Lane and President Huot. Commission members will be announced in December. A public session will be held in January, which will provide residents and community members with the chance to offer input into the charge of the commission.

“The future vitality of the College depends on a successful and strong relationship with our City. We greatly value that relationship. We are all part of the same community and it is time for us to take a fresh look at the impact of our students on the City as well as the impact of the City on the College and move forward together,” said Dr. Huot. “I believe this commission needs to take on a wide range of issues, from city and campus planning, to community events. I am looking forward to feedback on the charge of the commission. Finally, I am very pleased to be working with Mayor Lane as we expand our efforts together.”

“The City of Keene and Keene State College have long had a close relationship. Keene State brings thousands of people to our city for the purpose of teaching and learning, and our city provides the quality environment needed to sustain these important pursuits. The success of one depends on the other,” said Mayor Lane. “This new community commission provides Keene residents with a platform to offer perspective on the many opportunities and issues we face. It will help continue to grow and improve our relationship with Keene State College. I look forward to beginning my work with Dr. Huot.”

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