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Ineligible PLUS Borrowers

Parents who are not approved to participate in the PLUS program will be notified upon the submission of their application. If Keene State College (KSC) has appropriately been listed as the student’s institution, Keene will also receive notification of your denial and the option you select automatically within 24–48 hours of the submission of your application.

Upon notice of your denial you will be offered the options to indicate:

  • You will be appealing the credit decision or you will be pursuing an endorser to seek approval for the loan. If you choose either of these options, you will be required to complete Special Loan Counseling. KSC will not take any action until we receive notification that your endorser or appeal has been approved.
  • You would like your student to receive an additional unsubsidized loan—KSC will award additional unsubsidized loan.
  • You don’t know or are undecided about how to proceed—KSC will award additional unsubsidized loan.

Additional Unsubsidized Student Loan

Students whose denied parent indicates they’d like the student to receive an additional unsubsidized loan or are unsure about how to proceed will receive a revised award letter reflecting the additional unsubsidized loan they are now eligible to receive. Please allow 5-10 business days for processing.

No additional action is required if the student wishes to accept the additional unsubsidized student loan; acceptance is assumed. A reduction or cancellation of the loan can be requested in writing, by the student, with either a signed copy of the Financial Aid Change Form indicating the requested changes, or an email from the student’s MyKSC email account.


  • If the denied parent applicant chooses to pursue an Endorser or Appeal the credit decision, KSC will receive notice of this choice and will not take any action on the denied loan application until we receive notification of appeal or endorser approval.
  • You may complete the appeal or endorser process by following the prompts within to “Document Extenuating Circumstances” or to “Endorse Direct PLUS Loan.” Note: Endorsers will need to apply for an FSA ID online and will need the denied PLUS Loan reference number to complete the Process.
  • Parents who are approved for the PLUS following an appeal or endorsed approval can expect a process that follows the Approved Borrower Process with the exception of Loan Amount Adjustments. Endorsed loans cannot be automatically increased. A new application, Endorser Addendum, and Master Promissory Note must be completed for any increases.
  • If you originally indicated that you would pursue an Endorser or Appeal the credit decision, but have since decided that you would rather have your student receive the additional unsubsidized student loan, the parent borrower must contact the Financial Aid Office in writing to indicate they have chosen the additional student loan over pursuing the other options.

Questions? Contact the Direct Loan Applicant Services Center at 800-557-7394

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