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Application Process

We begin processing PLUS applications for the upcoming academic year in early June. Applications submitted earlier than June may expire before we are able to process them. Please note that a valid FAFSA must be completed for participation in this program and a new PLUS application must be completed every academic year.

  • The intended parent borrower must apply for an FSA ID online. The borrower must apply for the FSA ID at least 72 hours before completing a PLUS application.
  • Visit and log in with the parent borrower’s social security number and FSA ID to access the PLUS application online. Note: Please be sure that the parent has logged in here—applications completed by a student cannot be accepted.
  • Find the link “Request Direct PLUS Loan” either in the menu on the left-hand side of the page, or in blue in the middle of the page.
  • Complete the PLUS application (which includes a credit check), making sure to enter parent information and student information where appropriate. Note: This application will ask for information such as student social security number and birth date. This information must be accurate for your application to be processed at KSC and linked up to the correct student.
  • Indicate amount desired; you will be offered the options to:
    • indicate a specific amount (please remember to allow for the 4.264% origination fee)
    • indicate that you’d like the school to decide, in which case KSC will award a maximum loan amount
    • indicate you’d like a maximum loan amount
    • indicate you do not know the amount, in which case KSC will award a maximum loan amount. Note: You will have the opportunity to make adjustments to this loan amount by contacting KSC at a later time if so desired.
  • Be sure to list Keene State College as the institution your son or daughter is attending—we otherwise will not receive notice of your application for this loan program and cannot process it.
  • Submit the application —credit decisions are typically returned instantaneously.

Contact Financial Aid

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