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Approved Borrowers

Parents approved to participate in the PLUS program will be notified upon the submission of their application. If Keene has appropriately been listed as the student’s institution, Keene will receive notification of your approval automatically within 24–48 hours of the submission of your application. Please allow 5–10 business days for processing of this application.

You will be directed to complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) for the PLUS program online at The approved parent borrower must complete an MPN for the loan to be credited to a student’s account.

Loan Origination

5–10 business days following our receipt of your approved application, the PLUS will be originated and added to the student’s total financial aid award.

Finalizing your PLUS

A PLUS Master Promissory Note must be completed for the Parent Borrower online at

After the PLUS has been originated and applied to the student’s account in a pending status, a Financial Aid Award Letter will be generated and emailed to the student reflecting either a maximum loan amount or the specific amount the borrower indicated on the application.

Adjusting your PLUS

The parent borrower can indicate in writing any adjustments he/she would like made to the PLUS disbursements by completing the Financial Aid Change Form. Requests for changes to disbursements can also be made via email correspondence to Requests received via email will only be accepted if they are sent from the email address the parent listed on the PLUS application. Students cannot request adjustments to PLUS disbursements. Increases cannot be processed for endorsed loans or after any portion of the PLUS has disbursed. A new application must be submitted and processed for increases in these cases.

Contact Financial Aid

Student Financial Services
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800-572-1909 • 603-358-2280
Fax: 603-358-2794

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