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Faculty & Staff Business Travel

  1. Overview
  2. General Guidelines
    1. Purchasing Air/Rail Tickets
    2. Vehicle Rental
    3. Ground/Transfer
    4. Lodging
    5. Mileage Reimbursement (Personal Vehicle)
    6. Purchasing Card (Pcard)
    7. Travel Advances
    8. Expense Reporting
    9. Travel Deviations and Exceptions
    10. Forms


KSC Policy is to reimburse reasonable and necessary travel expenses incurred for authorized Keene State College travel.

This policy applies to employees and non-employees who travel on authorized KSC business, regardless of the funding source. If travel is being charged to a sponsored project whose terms are more restrictive than those of KSC, the term of the grant or contract apply.

Special rules apply for foreign individuals who are not KSC employees, who travel on behalf of KSC either to or from the U.S. and who receive travel reimbursement.

Travel policies and procedures are subject to change at any time. Please contact the Purchasing Office if you have any questions regarding a travel policy or procedure.

General Guidelines

Purchasing Air/Rail Tickets

Please reference the USNH travel policy at the following link: Air Travel, Domestic and Foreign

Vehicle Rental

Keene State College strongly recommends renting vehicles for short term local travel. According to KSC and USNH policy, travelers are responsible for insuring their own personal vehicles. Travelers will not be reimbursed by KSC for any accidents or injuries that occur during business use of a personal vehicle.

Our contracted local vendor is USave Car and Truck Rental. They can be reached at (603)352-7900 or Current rental rates are as follows:

Vehicle class Daily Rate Daily Rate
Economy $44.00 $195.00
Midsize/Full-size $54.00 $240.00
Mini Van $65.00 $340.00
Suv/4wd $65.00 $340.00
10 passenger Van Daily Rate Daily Rate
Mon-Thursday (Daily) $130.00 $590.00
Mon-Thursday (1/2 day) $90.00
Weekend (1 Day) $170.00
  • Daily/weekly Rates may be customized based on mileage and/or Destination.
  • Rentals outside of NE/NY area will require faculty/staff/student drivers to be over 21.
  • Reservations not Cancelled within 72 hrs. notice will be charged 1 day fee at
    quoted rate.
  • U-Save reserves the Right to adjust rates based on owner’s discretion.

Please note: If payment is made via Pcard do not take CDW insurance. Card offers protection.

If traveling outside the local area, the KSC contracted travel vendors (Accent or Milne) can arrange vehicle rental or traveler can elect to reserve their own vehicle. Reimbursement for charges cannot be done until after the trip is completed.


Travelers requiring transportation from home to the airport or from the airport to home can make arrangements through Thomas Transportation - 352-5550 ( or Adventure Limousine & Transportation - 357-2933 ( We strongly encourage you to call regarding their rates BEFORE booking your trip as they may change without notification.


KSC approved travel agencies, Accent or Milne Travel, can assist in making lodging reservations or traveler is free to make his/her own arrangements. KSC will reimburse for lodging, taxes and Wi-Fi providing the site in secure. Personal expenses, such as room service and in room movies are not considered reimbursable expenses. Payment can be made with a KSC Pcard or personal credit card. Reimbursement is done at completion of trip. Note: Do not fax a copy of the front/back of you KSC Pcard to hotel.

Mileage Reimbursement (Personal Vehicle)

Mileage rates are set in accordance with IRS and KSC regulations. Current reimbursement rate for KSC is $0.62.5 cents per mile for personal vehicles being used for college business. This mileage rate is in lieu of all actual operating expenses such as fuel, oil and insurance, etc. Tolls and parking expenses may be claimed as an additional expense. Personal use, parking tickets, accidents and theft losses are not reimbursable.
Note: According to KSC and USNH policy, travelers are responsible for insuring their own personal vehicles. Travelers will not be reimbursed by KSC for any accidents or injuries that occur during business use of a personal vehicle.

Purchasing Card (Pcard)

The purpose of the Purchasing Card program is to establish a more efficient, cost-effective method of making small dollar and travel related purchases, with the exception of air/rail expense. Under this program, the cardholder has direct contact with the vendors. Whenever possible, a card holder should make every effort to purchase from KSC/USNH vendors or preferred suppliers where a contractual KSC/USNH relationship exists on behalf of the university. If a particular product or service is not available through the university or a contracted vendor, the card holder may choose a qualified supplier. More information can be found at

Travel Advances

Cash advances are processed through the Business Office:

Expense Reporting

Travel Expense reporting is processed through the Business Office, All travel related expense questions should be directed to the Business Office.

Reimbursable Expenses generally include but are not limited to:

  • Personal Vehicle Mileage
  • Business Meals, including tips of 15% - 20% (Please see details)
  • Lodging expenses, with Folio receipt
  • Air/rail charges from personal funds
  • Other miscellaneous travel expenses

Non reimbursable expenses include but are not limited to:

  • Alcohol
  • Parking tickets/fines or traffic violations
  • Personal expenses
  • Expenses incurred by non KSC employee traveling with employee

Travel Deviations and Exceptions

  • This policy includes incoming candidates, lecturers and new recruits.
  • Research associates/graduate students on KSC payroll come under the same travel rules as full time employees.
  • Any itineraries that include personal expenses must be reimbursed to KSC by the traveler. Contact the Purchasing Office to discuss.
  • Grants contracts and research agreements have restrictions imposed by agencies (e.g. NSF, USDA). All travel and other such expenses charged to these funds should be cleared through the Office of Sponsored Research (OSPR) or Accounts Payable office.
  • Should a full time faculty or staff member wish to have a significant other accompany them on their business trip, it is the responsibility of the traveler to pay the difference. No deduction is allowed for expenses paid or incurred with respect to a spouse, dependent or individual accompanying a person on a business trip.


Purchasing Forms

Business Office Forms

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