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Travel Policy

Please Note: What Are These Pages?

These pages are intended to define types of travel and to describe the requirements that protect all parties to make sure that all KSC travelers enjoy a safe and cost effective trip.

Four Types of Travel

The procedures outlined in the following four travel policies are required if any, or all, of these circumstances apply:

  • The event is funded in any part by Keene State College
  • The activity or event is sponsored by a recognized student organization
  • The travel is undertaken under the scope, direction or election of a department, class, college office, study away program, faculty member, recognized student organization, or their representatives.

1. Academic Group Travel: Faculty/Staff Led/Sponsored

  • Travel for class field trips
  • Travel for class assignments
  • Honors Program travel
  • Students Presenting or Attending Academic Conferences/Workshops

2. KSC Student Organization Travel

  • All recognized student organization travel

3. Faculty & Staff – Business Travel

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Workshops

4. International Travel

  • Recognized student organization travel
  • Faculty Led

General Guidelines for Travel Approval Process

Specific Travel Requirements by Travel Types Listed Above

The following are general guidelines to be considered when proposing a trip (definition above). No travel will be considered approved or connected to Keene State College and no college funds may be used or reimbursed without going through the appropriate approval process.

Designated Trip Approvers

1. Academic Group Travel: Faculty/Staff Led/Sponsored

For course-based or faculty-sponsored travel: Dean of the School through which the course is offered or where the faculty member is located. *

* Any Honors course with the prefix HNRS (only) will have its approval handled by the Associate Provost.

2. KSC Student Organization Travel

For recognized student organization and Student Center sponsored travel: Student Center, Director of Student Involvement or designee

3. Faculty/Staff – Business Travel

For conferences, seminars, workshops – Divisional Dean/Director/Budget Unit Manager

4. International Travel

Please refer to the information found on the Faculty International Travel page. The approval policy and process document is found at the bottom of the page.

Responsibility for Divisional Approval

Responsibility for divisional approval rests with the following individuals.

  • Academic Affairs (not course-based or faculty-sponsored) – Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Finance and Planning – Director of Purchasing
  • Student Affairs – Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Advancement – Director of Alumni and Parent Relations
  • Executive – Special Assistant to the President


If the trip proposer is also the trip approver for an activity/event, the trip proposer’s supervisor shall serve as the trip approver. These procedures have been put in place to protect trip leaders, trip participants and KSC.

Please note that greater travel distances and lengths of trips will take longer to flow through the approval process. Those planning a trip will need to build enough time into their planning to ensure sufficient processing time.

  • No later than 5 days prior to departure for travel in-state
  • No later than 10 days prior to departure for out of state
  • No later than 3 months prior to departure for international trips

Persons with disabilities are entitled to participate in the most integrated settings possible. If a trip or special program is conducted, accommodations must be offered. If the trip includes transportation for students going on a field trip, accessible transportation for students with disabilities must be offered.

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