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KSC Student Organization Travel

  1. Definition of a Trip
  2. Travel Approval Process and Risk Assessment
  3. Designated Trip Approvers
  4. Student Travel Pre-Approval Form
  5. Required Forms

Definition of a Trip

Keene State College student organization travel procedures apply to travel sponsored by the college for student recognized organizations. Specifically, these procedures are required when the intended travel to an activity or event is located outside a five (5) miles radius of Keene State College, located at 229 Main Street, Keene, NH, and/or is deemed a high risk activity and any of the following circumstances apply:

  • The event is funded in any part by Keene State College, or
  • The activity or event is sponsored by a recognized student organization, or
  • The travel is undertaken under the scope, direction or election of a recognized student organization, or their representatives.
  • NOTE: Travel involving the use of personal motor vehicles requires the completion of personal vehicle use forms for the students and/or faculty/staff members driving.

Travel Approval Process and Risk Assessment

The following are general guidelines to be considered when proposing a trip (definition above) .No student travel will be considered approved or connected to Keene State College and no college funds may be used or reimbursed without going through the appropriate approval process.

Trip leaders who do not follow this approval process will expose themselves to personal legal liability for any harm that may result. Furthermore, failure to follow this process will render the trip proposer or leader ineligible for the institutional defense and indemnification against personal legal liability available to employees under USNH Board of Trustees policy (BOT III.E).

Please note that higher levels of risk and greater travel distances will take longer to flow through the approval process. Those planning a trip will need to build enough time into their planning to ensure sufficient processing time.

  • No later than 10 days prior to departure for low or medium risk travel in-state.
  • No later than 15 days prior to departure for low or medium risk travel out of state or high risk in-state.
  • No later than 3 months prior to departure for foreign travel.

Prior to trip approval, the trip proposer will be required to complete a risk assessment as part of the submission of the on-line student travel pre-approval form. Any travel or related activities deemed extremely high risk will not be approved. Trip proposers should work with the trip approver for their area to develop strategies for lowering and mitigating those risks. Any travel or related activities deemed high risk can be approved, but participation in the trip/activity is limited to students with documented health insurance. If the travel/activity is required for a course, the trip proposer should work with the trip approver for their area to develop strategies for lowering and mitigating those risks so that all students are able to participate. The Student Center/Director of Student Involvement can help to provide training for those who are new to reviewing and approving student travel.

Designated Trip Approvers

For recognized student organization and Student Center sponsored travel: Student Center, Director of Student Involvement or designee.

Student Travel Pre-Approval Form

For information about the student travel planning process, please review this information.

To officially begin the process of proposing a trip/student travel, the trip proposer or his/her designee must complete the appropriate Travel Funding and Pre-Approval form found below. The completion of the on-line form results in an email containing the submitted information being sent to the trip approver with a copy sent to the trip proposer. The information requested within the form is designed to make the trip approver aware of the upcoming trip by providing some specifics about the event. Additional information is required before final approval can be given. This information is gathered with the forms listed below.

Required Forms

Below are forms that are frequently required for student travel. Please read the description of each form (shown in the parentheses). Please download and complete all forms you believe are required for your trip and submit them to the trip approver for your area. If forms are missing or incomplete, final approval for the trip cannot be given.

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