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Accounts Payable

From the USNH policy “…Persons authorized to expend USNH funds are responsible to exercise discretion and good judgment in the use of USNH funds, regardless of their source. All expenditures must be reasonable and necessary for carrying out the programs and activities of USNH within the approved budget allocations. All expenditures must be documented in a way that clearly substantiates such reasonableness and necessity. All expenditures must be charged to the proper Fund, Area, Org, and Object Code.” Email expenditure questions to Accounts Payable

  1. Checks
  2. Invoices
    1. Direct Pay Invoices
    2. Invoices with PO’s
  3. Reimbursements
    1. Authorized Signatures
    2. Travel Reimbursements
    3. Non-Travel Reimbursements
    4. Professional Enhancement and Faculty Development Reimbursements
  4. How to process a credit refund


Checks are generated every Monday (sometimes Tuesday, if Monday is a holiday) at the central USNH office. Completed, approved documents that are received in Accounts Payable by Friday afternoon are eligible for inclusion in the weekly check run. Vendor checks are normally distributed on our campus on Thursday. Reimbursement options include ACH Deposit in the A/P check run.


Direct Pay Invoices

  • Entered for one-time payments, such as memberships, registrations, etc.

Services payments must be paid via requisition/ PO services payments

Payments to Foreign (Non-Resident) Vendors

The KSC Business and Purchasing Offices work with the USNH Controller’s Office to process payments to vendors from foreign countries that come to campus to provide services. (The vendor could be a musician, lecturers, or performers, etc.) Whether represented by an agency based in the United States or not - they perform services on the KSC campus. Payment to such a vendor requires the campus department to work with us for several months in advance to complete the transaction.

Policy for: Awards, Gifts and Prizes

Invoices with PO’s

If an invoice will not meet the above criteria for Direct Pay, or you’re not sure, please contact the Purchasing Office for clarification before incurring the expense.

Accounts Payable staff pays invoices that have PO#’s. If an original vendor invoice with a PO# is received, please immediately forward it to Accounts Payable staff, via email to Accounts Payable, in person to Fiske Annex, or campus mail (MS 1603).


Reimbursement vouchers may be used to reimburse authorized expenditures for retail purchases, meeting expenses, business meals, (section 1 of Meals and Entertainment Policy ), local travel expenses, books, subscriptions, postage, and similar expenses. Departments should use reimbursements vouchers to save time, paperwork, and administrative expenses for minor business expenditures.

When submitted to Accounts Payable, Reimbursement Vouchers should clearly list:

  • Nine digit USNH ID# of person being reimbursed
  • FOAPAL (Fund-Org-Acct code)
  • authorizing signatures, including payee’s
  • total dollar amount requested
  • name of person being reimbursed and home address if not on direct deposit
  • goods or services purchased
  • location of activity
  • business purpose

Authorized Signatures

  • To protect against a conflict of interest, members of the faculty and staff may not authorize funds to be reimbursed to their supervisors or directors.
  • Provided that they are approved to do so, administrative assistants may sign all requests for reimbursement to faculty and staff within the department.
  • Department chairs and directors may have a peer, of equal standing or above, in or out of their department, or from the Principal Administrator’s Office in their area (either the PA or the PA’s administrative assistant) sign all requests for reimbursement.
  • The Principal Administrators or the President may have their requests for reimbursement signed by another Principal Administrator or the President or one of their administrative assistants.

Travel Reimbursements

USNH policy is to reimburse reasonable and necessary travel expenses incurred for authorized USNH travel. KSC requires ALL receipts to be itemized. Travel Expense Reimbursement Form. Please Note: Per diem is only allowed for overnight travel. For overnight travel only, you can use the GSA M&IE rate (upper right corner of GSA page) if you are not using your actual receipts. For partial days, please use the form and check the boxes per the instructions on the form and include a conference overview schedule as supporting documentation for which meals have been provided as part of your registration fee. For business lunches, please see Meals and Entertainment Policy. For questions regarding non-reimbursable travel expenses click here: Please note: USNH will only reimburse a traveler for items paid personally (conference fees, plane and train tickets, etc.) after the travel has taken place.

In addition to the regular reimbursement info, travel reimbursement vouchers should also include:

  • Purpose of Trip
  • Traveler must certify expenses submitted
  • Itemized receipts for backup (for example, meals receipts must include who and what items purchased and lodging receipts should include the folio receipt)

Non-Travel Reimbursements

All expenditure must be reasonable and necessary for carrying out the programs and activities of USNH within the approved budget allocations. All expenditures must be documented in a way that clearly substantiates the reasonableness and necessity. Use this Reimbursement voucher form Excel. Non travel reimbursement vouchers should also include:

  • Itemized receipts for backup

Professional Enhancement and Faculty Development Reimbursements

How to process a credit refund

If you receive a check payable to KSC, to refund an item previously paid by a USNH check:

  • please submit the check and any supporting documentation directly to Accounts Payable with a brief explanation as to the nature of the refund - e.g., credit balance on our account, items returned, refund for damaged items, overpayment, cancellation of conference, etc.
  • Please indicate the original USNH check number and the Banner document number, if possible.
  • Accounts Payable will take the necessary steps to allocate the credit to the designated department on the original purchasing document.

Contact the Business Office

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