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Graduate Training

  1. Training Program
  2. Practicum/Internship Program

Training Program

The training of emerging mental health professionals is highly valued by the Wellness Center staff, and a great deal of time, energy, and enthusiasm is invested in that endeavor. Residents/Interns will receive rigorous training that is tempered by abundant personal support, camaraderie, and fun! The Wellness Center offers five to six Master’s Level Internship/Practicum positions for students currently enrolled in a graduate program for Clinical or Counseling Psychology, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, or Social Work.

The Wellness Center serves the Keene State College community, an undergraduate and graduate population of around 2900 enrolled students each year. We provide counseling services to students, consult with college faculty and staff, and deliver outreach wellness and prevention programing in the context of an integrated mental and physical health clinic. Our clients present with a diverse range of developmental and mental health issues. Intern carry caseloads of individual clients, co-lead groups, and deliver outreach programs. They may also participate in shared appointments with medical staff, conduct triage appointments, and provide couples therapy. We are quite busy, especially during the fall semester, and while interns are provided a great deal of autonomy and responsibility, they also have extensive supervision in a supportive, team-oriented environment that values balancing our strong work ethic with excitement and fun!

The Wellness Center’s mission at Keene State College is to support the emotional well-being of students by providing the highest quality clinical services. Additionally, The Wellness Center designs and implements appropriate mental and physical health policies and procedures for the college community. We place emphasis on creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and comfortable for all individuals, supporting them in embracing all aspects of their intersecting identities: race, gender, ethnic background, age, sexual orientation, religion, citizenship, and ability status. We strive to foster and promote awareness, empathy, and cultural competence within a multicultural environment. Interns have the opportunity to learn and apply a range of evidence-based practices in their work with our students.

If you are interested in potentially joining our professional family for a year, or for more information about our training opportunities, please feel welcome to contact us:

Training Director
603-358-2444 (fax)
The Wellness Center
Keene State College
229 Main Street
Keene, NH 03435-2803

Practicum/Internship Program

The Wellness Center will begin receiving applications for the 2024-2025 academic year in November, 2023.

The primary focus of the internship/practicum program at the KSC Wellness Center is to train ethical, multiculturally-competent, and therapeutically-skilled mental health graduate students. Interns are expected to acquire and improve the skills and knowledge that will help them succeed as emerging mental health professionals within a college/university or other counseling facility. The Wellness Center staff believes that interns should develop confidence and excellence in the provision of counseling and outreach services, which will involve their recognizing and adhering to evidence-based best practices. Trainees will develop skills in diagnosis, clinical goal-setting, therapeutic-relationship building, evidence-based treatment delivery, professional case documentation, and effective outreach program design and delivery. Practical “real-life” experience is emphasized. This occurs under the monitoring of close, tailored and empathically-delivered supervision, which our staff views as essential for effectiveness and professional development.

Interns play a vital role in service provision at the Wellness Center and are valued as key service providers. A key emphasis is placed on development of professional identity. This is accomplished through varied and intensive supervision, as well as concerted efforts by all staff members to nurture the interns’ developing initiative, autonomy, and self-confidence in making clinical and professional decisions. Clinical interests are taken into account in assigning cases and groups. Our staff believes that personal growth is central to professional development, and we attend to this by encouraging introspection, self-reflection, and appropriate risk-taking within supervision and other collegial activities.

Some practicum students may choose to participate in a training experience that is focused specifically on integrated care. If you are interested in this option, please make that preference clear in application materials by letting us know whether you are exclusively interested in this option or are interested in both integrated care model and traditional counseling model training.


The Wellness Center typically trains 5 - 6 internship/practicum students per academic year, with the potential for 1 additional practicum student engaged in the integrated care practicum. Applicants must be currently enrolled in a Masters or Doctoral level program in Clinical or Counseling Psychology, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, or Social Work, and have completed some academic coursework prior to internship, including counseling skills/techniques and psychopathology. Clinical experience is preferred, though not required, and applicants must be highly motivated and eager to learn. An interest or experience with multi-cultural and diversity issues is essential. We are looking for self-starters who can work independently yet enjoy the interaction and cohesion of a staff that works hard as a team and relies on and supports one another.


Interns are expected to participate in staff meetings and case consultations, provide individual, and frequently group, counseling, and develop and deliver outreach programming. Interns carry 12-15 weekly clinical hours, and total internship hours equal 22-25 per week, depending on home program needs. Specific daily schedules are determined in consultation with the Assistant Director and other interns. All interns are required to be scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday mornings on a weekly basis to attend required training activities.

It is the intern’s responsibility to accrue and track the needed direct service hours. Hours to meet these requirements will be scheduled in collaboration with their supervisor and Wellness Center Administrative staff. Scheduled hours occur between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. and 4:30 on Friday. Outreach programs sometimes occur after hours, and interns are expected to be actively involved in these programs.

The Internship begins on August 12th, 2024 and ends on May 16th, 2025. A mandatory, full-time, two-week (Aug 12th - Aug 23th) orientation is provided at the beginning of the internship to help interns adjust to The Wellness Center by getting to know the staff and becoming familiar with relevant systems and procedures. Interns will be off during the Winter Break, December 20th, 2024 through January 10th, 2025.

All interns are required to carry professional liability insurance.

Supervision and Training

Interns receive 1 hour per week of individual supervision with a senior staff member who is a Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, or Licensed Clinical Social Worker (determined by home program requirements), 1 hour per week of group supervision in case consultation (with all staff) and one hour of peer-supervision. Interns co-leading groups also receive at least 30 minutes per week of individual supervision for the group. Interns participate in weekly staff meetings and in weekly didactic training seminars that cover a variety of professional topics. Senior staff members are always available for consultation on an as-needed or crisis basis. Students may also choose a focus on integrated care, participating in shared visits and outreach with medical staff and receiving additional supervision from our medical staff.


Interns are evaluated according to Wellness Center Counseling criteria and in accordance with their program requirements. Formal evaluations occur the ends of semesters, however, evaluation is always an on-going, collaborative process throughout the internship. Additional formal evaluations may be conducted based on home program requirements. Criteria for professional development objectives are established collaboratively between the intern and the supervisor at the beginning of the internship training period and at the end of each evaluation. Trainee clinical work is recorded on video to assist with supervision, and trainees also receive periodic live supervision of work with clients.

APPLICATION: Candidate applications should be emailed or delivered to the Training Director (contact information above) and should include:

  1. A cover letter.
  2. A vita/resume.
  3. Three reference letters, with at least one from a current faculty member.

Applications will be accepted throughout the year. There are two phases to our selection process: students who need to be supervised by a psychologist should apply by January 8, 2024. Interviews and notifications for this phase of the process will be held in mid to late January 2024. Students in masters programs may also submit materials and be considered during this round. If, after the initial round, there remain unfilled openings, an additional round of applications will be reviewed after a February 15 deadline, with interviews and notifications conducted in late February. Doctoral students may apply at this time, however, it is very unlikely that positions for supervision by psychologists will remain available at this point.

All offers of internship positions are contingent on receipt of a satisfactory background check. KSC reserves the right to consider the findings relative to a particular position of hire, though the University System Policy has set a standard that no one should be employed in the University System of New Hampshire (of which KSC is a member) who has been convicted of a felony or violent misdemeanor in the last five (5) years. The Background Review will be conducted only as a post-internship offer review.

EEO Statement

The University System of New Hampshire is an Equal Opportunity/Equal Access/Affirmative Action employer. The University System is committed to creating an environment that values and supports diversity and inclusiveness across our campus communities and encourages applications from qualified individuals who will help us achieve this mission. The University System prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, veteran status, or marital status. Application by members of all underrepresented groups is encouraged. Hiring is contingent upon eligibility to work in the U.S.

Institution Information

Keene State College is located in the scenic Monadnock region of Southwest New Hampshire, and is an affiliate of the University System of New Hampshire. We are located approximately 2 hours from Boston or Hartford CT, and 4 hours from New York City. The region contains many opportunities to enjoy outdoor recreation, cultural events, and a strong sense of community. To learn more about Keene State College, the University System of New Hampshire, and the Keene community, please visit:, or

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