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Confidential Material Destruction

The ROCKS program provides departments with centrally located locked confidential recycling bins. These bins are serviced directly by our certified vendor, DocuShred, on a rotating schedule based on usage. Offices and departments wishing to utilize this service may be charged a fee to cover the cost of maintaining the containers.

Work Orders for Confidential Bins

Submit a work order if you:

  • Need an additional confidential bin temporarily (for a clean-out)
  • Have a bin that needs to be removed from your area
  • Want to request a permanent bin for your department/area
  • Filled your permanent bin well before your scheduled pick-up
  • Are doing a clean-out and have a large amount of confidential materials in boxes (we will schedule a pick-up at your location)

Types of Confidential Bins

23 Gallon Slim Jim Recycling Bin
23 Gallon Slim Jim Recycling Bin
30-45 Gallon Console Recycling Bin
30-45 Gallon Console Recycling Bin
64 Gallon Toter Recycling Bin
64 Gallon Toter Recycling Bin

What Should be Shredded on Campus?

  • Records with student ID numbers, social security numbers, etc.
  • Personnel records
  • Confidential letters and memos
  • Medical information
  • Test/exam material(s)
  • Campus financial information (P-Card statements, payroll information, tax information, etc.)

What Does Not Get Shredded on Campus?

  • Documents, mail or any other paper from your home and not associated with Keene State College
  • File folders and hanging file folders (bring these to the Reuse Room instead!)
  • Blank letterhead
  • Junk mail
  • Catalogues, magazines, flyers or newspapers
  • Scrap paper, notes, post-its or any other campus paper product not containing secure information about students, staff or faculty