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Mixed Paper, Bottles/Cans, Cardboard

Mixed Paper, Bottles/Cans, and Cardboard are the 3 primary waste streams that we accept at all campus locations.

Please note: Off-campus students, faculty and staff are not permitted to bring their recycling from home to campus! Instead, you can bring recycling to your local recycling center for free. See the City of Keene website for more information.

Mixed Paper

  • Notebook Paper
  • Copy Paper
  • Junk Mail and Flyers
  • Letterhead/Envelopes
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Cereal Boxes (without the plastic bag)
  • Paperback Books that are outdated or unusable

Paper plates, napkins and other items used for food cannot be recycled in the paper bin!

Bottles & Cans

  • Beverage Containers (plastic, glass, aluminum)
  • Steel or Aluminum Cans (like soup cans)
  • Any #1 or #2 Plastic Container (like clamshell to go containers from the Co-Op)
  • Laundry Detergent Bottles

Containers should always be empty and rinsed if possible!


  • Cardboard is different from cardstock; cardboard is corrugated (meaning it has a wavy layer sandwiched between two flat layers)
  • Empty and flatten cardboard boxes before placing in the recycling
  • Pizza boxes can only be recycled if they are free of cheese and grease!