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Office of Sponsored Projects & Research

Putnam Science Center

Indirect Cost Reinvestment Grants


The Keene State College Strategic Plan calls for increased support of research/scholarship and states an aspiration for increased growth in external grants over time. To that end, Keene State College reinvests a portion of the indirect costs recovered from external grants back into the research and scholarly enterprise of our campus in order to spur future success.

In spring 2016 the Research Advisory Council recommended, and the Provost approved, a revised set of program guidelines. The intent of the revision is to ensure the dollars contained in this fund will be strategically used to advance our institutional goals around research, and to clarify when faculty should apply to this fund versus the Faculty Development Grant (FDG) program. Please read the eligibility criteria carefully.

  1. Eligibility
  2. Key Evaluation Criteria
  3. Limitations
  4. Application Process


Eligible Applicants: Members of the full time tenure-track faculty are eligible to apply.

Eligible Activities: To be eligible for funding under the Indirect Cost Reinvestment Grant program, a request must strategically advance the capacity of Keene State College to carryout research/scholarly activities, enhance its institutional research/scholarly infrastructure, or show promise for significantly advancing our institutional research culture over time. Requests that impact only a single individual’s research program, in the absence of this institutional strategic focus, are not eligible under this program, and should instead be directed to the Faculty Development Grant Program.

Past examples of strategic activities funded through this program, which demonstrate this institutional strategic focus, include:

  • Sending team of A&H faculty to a CUR institute, which then came back and continued the work within their school to create an annual summer institute. Those efforts then were used as a foundation for the creation of the Center for Creative Inquiry (a College-wide effort) and its summer institute on our campus.
  • Support for one of the first KSC faculty research/writing groups, intended to serve as a model for peer-to-peer support of faculty scholarship on our campus.
  • Pilot program for faculty summer research stipend in the Biology Department. This effort informed later College-Wide efforts to create the Early Career Summer Seed Grant program through the Provost’s office.
  • Creating events/institutes that directly build networks of stakeholders (either internal or external) which will be important for the research conducted on our campus, positioning our campus and its researchers for success with external grant applications.
  • Purchase of research-grade equipment in the Physical Education Department to jumpstart research endeavors by providing faculty with the tools necessary for research in their discipline.

The above examples are illustrative only, and we welcome requests that share similar strategic promise.

Please note that all requests must be made in advance. Requests to fund activities that have already taken place will not be considered.

Key Evaluation Criteria

The Director of OSPR will make awards with the advice and consent of the Research Advisory Council representatives, who will evaluate the request in terms of the degree to which it represents a strategic investment that will move the institution forward on its goals around research/scholarly activity, and advance the research enterprise of the College.


There is no specific dollar limit. However, please note that this fund may not be able to pay all expenses related to a specific request. For this reason, applicants should provide information in their request detailing other funds that are or might be available to co-fund the activity. We highly encourage applicants to discuss potential requests with your dean ahead of time. He or she may be able to assist you in crafting a request that is as strategic as possible.

Application Process

Because this fund is intentionally designed to be flexible, there is no set deadline and applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Applicants should complete the application and submit it as instructed. OSPR will work with the Research Advisory Council to evaluate all requests.

For Additional Information Contact Internal Grants.

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