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Strategic Planning Council

A well-designed and implemented strategic planning process empowers an institution to establish priorities in alignment with its mission and develop strategies for advancing that mission. More important, effective strategic planning provides a campus community the opportunity to reach consensus on the institution’s future direction through campus-wide conversations.

This website is intended to provide transparency to the strategic planning process and a common space for participation by the members of the Keene State College community. We encourage you to visit this page often and to actively engage in a dialog that advances the process.

Keene State College Mission

Keene State College prepares promising students to think critically and creatively, to engage in active citizenship, and to pursue meaningful work. As the public liberal arts college of New Hampshire, we offer an enriching campus community and achieve academic excellence through the integration of teaching, learning, scholarship, and service.

Planning Stage

Strategic Plan

Among the values of Keene State College, the following six provide a strong foundation and framework for the strategic plan:

  • Excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarship
  • Educational challenge and support for a wide range of learners
  • Commitment to learning and cultural enrichment
  • Diversity, civility, and respect
  • Social justice and equity in our community and curriculum
  • Civic engagement and service to the community

Human Capital Inventory

Keene State College (the College) launched an initiative in the fall of 2014 to conduct a human capital inventory to ensure its workforce is effectively aligned to its vision for the future and evolving strategic plan. MORE

Implementation Stage

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