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Frequently Asked Questions

We recognize that understanding business can be a challenge and we want you to be able to be focused on your own area of expertise here at Keene State College; so we’ve put together a comprehensive index of FAQ’s.

Payroll Questions

Have questions related to payroll?

Please refer to the Payroll SharePoint Site.

Invoices and Reimbursements

How do I claim per diem meals?

The Per diem method is not allowed for business meals. However, if you need to use per diem for travel meals here’s how to calculate the amount: USNH per diem policy.

How much do I have for Professional Enhancement? How do I submit expenses?

This Professional Enhancement info document will provide more details. The Personal Reimbursement Form, as well as the PE Computer and Equipment Form may also be useful.

How can I find out what vendor invoice(s) are in Banner and if they are paid?

In Banner Finance, if you know the invoice number, date or total amount, use FAIVINV - Vendor Invoice Query Form and FOIDOCH for payment details.

How can I find if a check has been processed for an invoice? What is the check number?

For check numbers and if a check has been processed, use FAIVNDH - Vendor Detail History Form.

How can I verify an address for an invoice processed in Banner?

Banner Finance FAIINVE - Invoice/Credit Memo Query Form.

How can I find an open invoice by my FOAPAL in Banner?

FAIOINF is the Open Invoices by FOAPAL Form.

Why are my travel expenses so high? How do I check in WebI Finance?

External Transactions

I don’t have access to Banner or WebI. How do I find out if an invoice has been paid?

If you are eligible to have a Banner/WebI account you may submit a request: WebI or Banner Finance. If you are not eligible, please contact the Business Office with questions about your particular invoice.

How do I get reimbursed for travel and/or expenses I paid out of pocket?

Here’s the place to start for reimbursements.

As an outside vendor, where do I send my invoice? What is the turnaround time?

The Supplier section of the Purchasing website will provide more information about submitting invoices and the turnaround time.

What is an Honorarium and how does that differ from a Stipend?


What is my budget availability?

You can find your budget availability using FGIBAVL in Banner or use WebI Reports for End Users Quick Reference Card.

How much is in my gift account?

The Trial Balance Summary Form is FGITBSR in Banner or use WebI Finance Quick Reference Card.

How do I see the budget detail by account code?

In Banner, FGIBDST - Organization Budget Status Form.

How is my budget looking this year compared to last year in WebI Finance?

When are the end of fiscal year deadlines?

Deadlines will be communicated by Finance. If you have any specific questions, contact your Finance Analyst or email the Finance Division.

Document Approvals Questions

How do I know if I have documents waiting for my approval in Banner?

In Banner, FOIAINP - Approvals notification form.

How do I review documents awaiting approval in Banner? How do I apply an approval?

In Banner, FOAUAPP - User Approval Form.

How can I tell who else can approve the document in Banner? How can I tell if they can fully satisfy their required approvals for this document?

Look at Banner Finance’s FOAAINP Document Approval form.

How can I tell if the document has been fully approved in Banner?

Banner Finance FOIDOCH is the Document History Form.

How can I tell who has applied approvals on a document in Banner?

FOIAPPH in Banner Finance will show you who has applied document approvals.

How can I tell if my manager has documents stuck in his/her approval queue?

FOAUAPP in Banner Finance is the screen to use.

Grants and Sponsored Research Questions

How do I access my Faculty Development Funds?

Miscellaneous Business Office Questions

How can I tell if a JV document type has posted in Banner?

Use FGIDOCR - Document Retrieval Inquiry Form.

How best to see transaction detail in WebI Finance?

I need to have people register/pay online for a KSC event. Where do I start?

The process is simple, but the final product can be fairly complex to meet the needs of the event sponsor. Begin by filling out the DestinyOne Event Request Form.

Where do I get a W-9 for Keene State College?

Campus Requesters should utilize PaymentWorks to send invitations to suppliers. In PaymentWorks suppliers will be able to submit W-9 & W-8BEN/W-8BEN-E forms.

Where do I send a Certificate of Insurance?

Certificate of Insurance should be uploaded to PaymentWorks.

P-Card Queries

Have questions related to PCards?

Requisition, PO’s, Encumbrances Questions.

How do I find my purchase order number in Banner?

FOIDOCH - Document History Form.

How do I find out how much money is available on my purchase order in Banner?

FGIENCD - Detail Encumbrance Activity Form.

How can I find open purchase orders by my FOAPAL in Banner?

FPIOPOF - Open Purchase Orders by FOAPAL Form.

How do I close a PO?

Submit a request at TeamDynamix.

How can I see Modified Purchase Order information in Banner?

FPIPURR - Purchase/Blanket Order Inquiry Form.

How can I find a purchase order number by the vendor code in Banner?

FPIOPOV - Purchase Orders by Vendor Form.

How can I find open requisitions by my FOAPAL in Banner?

FPIORQF - Open Requisitions by FOAPAL Query Form.

How can I find a copy of my requisition in Banner?

FPIREQN - Requisition Inquiry Form.

How can I tell if a Requisition or Direct Pay document has posted in Banner?

FOIDOCH - Document History Form.

Encumbrances: What do I have for open commitments and how much remains in each?

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