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The Counseling Center

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Welcome to the Counseling Center at Keene State College. Our philosophy at the Center is that a student’s academic growth and success is as important as their personal growth and success. Our trained, professional staff is committed to supporting the emotional, personal, social, and developmental needs of our students while enrolled at KSC. We promote and encourage the use of our services both to help cope with existing personal challenges and to prevent future problems.

We want to normalize the experience of using emotional health services and we place an emphasis on helping students reach their full potential in the various roles of their lives; whether they are experiencing “major issues,” mild distress, or no immediate problems at all. In fact, we are a highly used resource on campus- more than one out of every 10 KSC students come to the Counseling Center. We embrace diversity and place significant attention on creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and comfortable for all individuals.

The counseling services we provide are free of charge and are tailored to meet students’ individual needs, whether these require a brief telephone consultation, a face-to-face “Q&A” meeting, one-stop crisis intervention, or regularly scheduled therapy sessions. Additionally, off-campus referrals are provided and a psychiatric consultant is available to conduct initial evaluations and monitor prescription medications. We also work to bring our Center’s resources to all members of the KSC campus by developing and implementing innovative programs, workshops, presentations, and activities designed to prevent the onset of emotional-health problems and to increase the overall well-being of the College community.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can be of help to you while enrolled at KSC or even after you’ve graduated. If you are a friend or family member of a KSC student or you are a KSC staff or faculty member, please be sure to let us know how our staff can be of assistance to you. We hope you take advantage of our supportive resources.

Wishing you all the best,

The Counseling Center Staff


The mission of the Counseling Center at Keene State College is to support the emotional well-being of students by providing the highest quality clinical services. Additionally, the Counseling Center designs and implements appropriate mental health policies and procedures for the College community. We place emphasis on creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and comfortable for all individuals, regardless of race, gender, ethnic background, age, sexual orientation, religion, citizenship, or disability. We embrace diversity and strive to foster and promote awareness, empathy, and cultural competence within a multicultural environment.


The Counseling Center at Keene State College is dedicated to the development of a comprehensive, collaborative, holistic, and diversified program of services that address the personal, emotional, social, physical, developmental, academic, cultural, professional, spiritual, and relational (intrapersonal, interpersonal, and ecological) development of college students in general, and more specifically, students at Keene State College.

The aim of the Counseling Center is to promote and encourage the use of these services in an educative and preventative fashion through the provision of innovative emotional health services and outreach programming that promotes growth and learning of students, thereby enhancing and supplementing the liberal arts education. The spectrum of services aspires to place equal emphasis on (1) assisting students to find greater fulfillment and purpose in their lives and to actualize their potentials (educative and developmental services), (2) circumventing future difficulties (preventative services), and (3) providing adjustive and remedial treatment of personal and interpersonal distress (reactive/remedial services).

Furthermore, the Counseling Center seeks to normalize the experience of using mental health services and be a greater presence in the KSC community, whereby the services, staff, and department are accessible to students and their families, staff, administrators, and faculty.

The Counseling Center seeks to function as an interactive, proactive, and collaborative structure of the College community, rather than as an independent department within the College. To this effect, the Center serves as one component of the larger College community where the well-being of its members is supported and of mutual importance. In this model, the Counseling Center and the College community invest collective attention to the well-being of the overall College environment and work collaboratively to: 1) identify the developing emotional health needs of our community and its members, 2) design the services that meet these needs, and 3) assemble the requisite resources for these initiatives.

Statement on Diversity

“Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.”

– Ola Joseph (author and speaker)

The Counseling Center accepts and welcomes everyone. We believe it enriches us all when we embrace our unique qualities–which may include age, disability status, physical appearance, gender identity and expression, race, sexual orientation, language, ethnicity, nationality, religion and socioeconomic status. You may wonder if the Counseling Center can be helpful to you with your unique concerns and struggles. As counselors and psychologists, we work hard to understand and empathize with a wide range of individuals and the diverse challenges they face. We consider ourselves honored to be trusted by those who visit us, and our roles extend beyond just the third floor of Elliot. We actively engage with the Keene State College community to create a safe, welcoming, affirming, respectful, growth producing environment for everyone. This is an ongoing process, and our goal is to have all our work reflect a commitment to the acceptance of everyone. More about Statement on Diversity


At the Counseling Center, we strongly believe that confidentiality is one of the most important components to ensuring a student’s right to privacy and to creating an experience for effective therapy. Counseling may involve sharing sensitive and private information. The Counseling Center’s strict confidentiality policy guarantees that any information regarding a student will not be disclosed without her/his permission except as required by State and Federal laws. Utilizing the Counseling Center does not become part of a students’ academic record. It is up to the student to decide whether any contact with the Counseling Center can be shared with their parents, friends, administrators, professors, or other individuals. More about Confidentiality

Contact the Counseling Center


The Counseling Center’s strict confidentiality policy guarantees that any information regarding a student will not be disclosed without her/his permission except as required by State and Federal laws.

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Our office hours are Monday - Friday between 8 am and 4:30 pm. The best ways to contact us here at are:

  • Call the office – 603-358-2437
  • Visit our office. We are located on the 3rd Floor of Elliot Center

You may also contact us by e-mail at if you have an inquiry. Please note, we do not maintain 24-hour access to email nor can we assure confidentiality.

Make an Appointment

Call the front office at 603-358-2437, or visit us on the 3rd floor of the Elliot Center. We are open M-F, 8 am - 4:30 pm.

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Emergency Crisis Info

For Immediate Life Threatening Emergencies - Call 911
Or go to the Emergency Room at Cheshire Medical Center; 580 Court St, Keene, NH (603) 354-5400.

If you are in a personal crisis:

  • During office hours: Call (603) 358-2437, or visit our office on the 3rd floor of the Elliot Center.
  • After-hours, on weekends, or during breaks: Contact our on-call counselor at (603) 358-2436.

Other Urgent Needs