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Students Find Direction in “Explore Your Major” Class

Degree in Three

When you enroll in a Degree in Three, you earn your degree from one of our most popular areas of interest faster. Whether you are thinking about earning a degree in the sciences or the arts, you’ll do it in three years instead. Use your fourth year to start earning money in your career, or begin your graduate studies earlier.

You will be supported from the start! You’ll have guidance from dedicated professors to make sure you know what comes next during your three years, every step of the way. This includes opportunities to get hands-on learning outside of the classroom through research, internships, and more. And, if you bring college credits with you, we’ll work with you to apply your credits to the fullest potential!

More great news…you’ll be in good company after you graduate! Of our 2017 graduates, 98% were either employed or in graduate school one year after graduation. Put your Keene State degree to good use in less time.

Connect with an admissions counselor to get more information on Degree in Three, and the programs that you can complete in just three years.

Do all program areas offer a Degree in Three pathway?

Not all majors have pathways for Degree in Three. Over 20 participating programs have maps for how they can be completed in three years. Check the Degree in Three webpage.

How do I get into a Degree in Three Program?

You can identify your interest in a Degree in Three pathway when you apply to Keene State, or you can declare your Degree in Three major when you arrive to start school.

How do I declare that I want to follow a Degree in Three pathway?

Talk to your adviser. You fill out a declaration of major form, and indicate Degree in Three on the application. You should also notify Financial Aid as soon as you declare your intentions for Degree in Three.

Can I go from being in Degree in Three to a regular four-year plan?

Yes, you will need to fill out a declaration of major form to make the change and inform Financial Aid as soon as possible.

If I do a Degree in Three am I still able to do internships or study abroad?

Absolutely. With careful planning and advising both internships and study abroad can be part of your Degree in Three academic plan.

Is there an official deadline I need to declare the Degree in Three?

No, but in order to stay on track you should declare as soon as possible in your first year of study, ideally in your first semester.

Am I guaranteed to graduate in three years?

The Degree in Three pathways are plans, not promises. There are some factors that could delay a student’s graduation timeline. Exploring additional majors and minors after the first year of study could impact the Degree in Three timeline. Talk to your adviser to be sure you are clear of the expectations and responsibilities to stay on track.

What happens if I need the fourth year?

If you need a fourth year or additional semester to finish your degree, we will work with your adviser and Financial Aid to adapt your plan. Many rewarding experiences such as internships, undergraduate research, service learning, and creative projects can be activities during the remaining terms of study.

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