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Suggested Lenders

KSC Selection Criteria and Process for Private Loans

Keene State College requests information from private lenders so it can identify and recommend alternative lenders and loan products that have competitive rates, excellent customer service, and borrower benefits. Students and parents will be advised of the recommended lenders and loans for the academic year, and will be told on our website and in person that Keene State College will process loans from any lender and that students may apply for loans through the lender of their choice without penalty.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Front-end fees and benefits to borrowers
  • Repayment benefits and utilization rates
  • Quality of service during loan processing, including consumer information and web-based service features
  • Reputation and history of lender and loan servicer

ELM Select

ELM Select is a lender comparison tool. Through ELM Select, students and parents can research the terms and conditions of eight different lenders and choose the loan that best fits their personal financial situation, educational goals, and objectives. However, if you wish to use another lender not listed here, you have the right to do so. Each lender has different enrollment criteria. Please be sure to indicate your status correctly in order to avoid delays or errors in lender choice.

Contact Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services
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Fax: 603-358-2794

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