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Lecture Archive

Genocide Awareness Lecture Archive

Andrea Gualde (2019)

“The Past on Trial: Argentina’s Journey to Memory, Truth and Justice”

Dr. Tibi Galis (2018)

“Current Challenges in Preventing Atrocities”

The Honorable Patricia Whalen (2017)

“Why Justice Matters”

Ned Blackhawk (2016)

“Genocide in Native North America and the Rise of Settler Colonial Studies”

Peter Balakian (2015)

“Transmission of Trauma Across Generations: Growing Up with the Armenian Genocide”

Mathilde Mukantabana (2014)

“Remember, Unite, Renew: Retracing Milestones in Country Building after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda”

Dr. Carol Rittner (2013)

“Rape, Religion, and Genocide”

Dr. Ervin Staub (2012)

“Overcoming Evil: Preventing Genocide and Creating Peaceful Societies”

Dr. James Waller (2011)

“Genocide Prevention: Our World, Our Watch”

Gregory Stanton (2010)

Dr. Stanton is Research Professor in Genocide Studies and Prevention at the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia. He is the founder and director of the Cambodian Genocide Project (1981) and the founder (1999) and President of Genocide Watch.

Genocide Watch is the Coordinator of the International Campaign to End Genocide, which includes 30 organizations in 11 countries. In addition to its work for institutional reform of the United Nations, it is a coalition that brings pressure upon governments that can act on early warnings of genocide through the U.N. Security Council. The International Campaign to End Genocide concentrates on predicting, preventing, stopping and punishing genocide and other forms of mass murder.

Donald Bloxham (2008)

“Official Secrets: What Did British Intelligence Know of the Unfolding Holocaust?”

Ambassador Peter Galbraith (2007)

“Preventing Genocide in the 21st Century: Lessons from Iraq, Bosnia and East Timor”

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