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Educator Preparation Resources

The Educator Preparation Office, located in Rhodes N123 & N128, provides students with additional resources regarding standardized test registration & preparation, licensure information for NH and other states, job posting and search tools, and information on the Educator Preparation Program at Keene State College.

Additional information and resources can be found at Enrolled Undergraduate Students and the New Hampshire Department of Education. For specific information on licensure application and process, visit NH Credentialing Knowledge Base.

Fees Associated with Educator Preparation

As part of your Educator Preparation program at Keene State College, you will be required to pay the following fees:

Requirement Associated Fee
Praxis CORE Academic Skills for Educators exam $150 for three combined tests; $90/one test re-take
Tk20 license fee $139+ sales tax as applicable
Criminal record check fee for admission to Educator Preparation Ranging from $10
Criminal record check for NH DOE $21.25 for background check + $100 administrative fee paid directly to NH DOE
Criminal record check for student teaching placement price may vary by school district but should not exceed $48.25 per school district placed
Licensure fee (to the NH Department of Education) $120
Subject area assessment (Praxis II) $130-$180/attempt
Foundations of Reading exam (for Elementary Education candidates) $139/attempt

Testing Information and Resources

Contact Educator Preparation

To learn more about Educator Preparation Programs at Keene State College, please contact the Educator Preparation Office or Education Program Faculty.

Educator Preparation Office
Rhodes Hall, N123 and N128
229 Main Street

Keene, New Hampshire 03435