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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is our campus? (acres)

Our campus consists of approximately 150 acres; the main campus, which is bordered by Main St., Winchester St, and Route 101 consists of approximately 50 acres. The athletic field complex, just south of route 101 consists of approximately 100 acres. Additionally, the college owns property at Lake Nubanusit in Hancock, NH.

Where is the Physical Plant department located?

The Physical Plant Department is distributed at three locations on the campus. Administrative offices, skilled trade departments and central stores and receiving is located on the ground level of Elliot Hall. The Grounds Department is headquartered at the Whitcomb Building. Plumbers are headquartered at the central heating plant. View View Campus Map..

How do I get something fixed in my work space?

Routine maintenance is completed via the submission of a Work Request form. Generally, work requests are reported to a designated person who has responsibility for building related services in a particular place. The purpose of designating a person for a particular space is to reduce the number of redundant work requests, and for building users to have a readily accessible individual to field inquiries. In academic building space, the department secretary makes requests on behalf of building users. In residential space the residence hall director makes the request. Larger buildings such as the Redfern Arts Center and the Young Student Center have designated building managers.

The Physical Plant Department prefers that building users use the Maintenance Connection Work Request form for all routine work requests. Any emergency work request should be called in by telephone to John Lorette at 603-358-2202.

The Physical Plant Department is staffed Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. In the event of a building related maintenance emergency in off-hours, a building user should contact the Department of Campus Safety and Security at 603-358-2228. The Department of Campus Safety and Security uses a call-in process for Physical Plant Department response.

What constitutes a building related emergency?

An emergency is defined by the interruption of a building service that could result in significant personal or property damage, or when it interferes with a critical program or system. An emergency can be a roof leak, an electrical circuit breaker “tripping out” in a classroom or student residence room, or a plugged toilet where there are no other toilet facilities available. For emergency work requests, call 603-358-2202.

Who pays for maintenance services?

The physical plant department pays for all routine maintenance in college owned buildings and grounds.

How do I get a key to a work space?

A key is distributed after a key request card is approved by a principal administrator, a division dean a department head, or a building manager. There are strict guidelines as to the assignment and collection of building keys.

How do I arrange an office move or special event set-up?

Equipment or furniture moves are requested through the Work Request process, and must be scheduled in advance. The Assistant Director of Physical Plant/Grounds schedules all activities relating to moves.

How do I report an unsafe condition I’ve observed on the campus?

Unsafe conditions should be reported immediately to the physical plant maintenance office at 603-358-2202, or campus safety at 603-358-2228.

How do I report an outstanding effort by a member of the Physical Plant?

Tell him or her! Better yet send the Director a note, and he will make sure the staff member is appropriately recognized. Physical Plant staff are competent, creative and customer centered - and just like everyone else - we like to know when we’ve done a good job.

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