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Heat Plant

Facilities Services

The Facilities Services Department provides comprehensive services to the KSC campus through the following units: Campus Stewardship, Energy and Utilities, Building and Mechanical Services, Maintenance Operations, and Project Management. Collectively, our goal is to provide a comfortable, beautiful, and functional place to learn and work.

Project Management

The Project Management unit provides professional services for design, administration, and construction for all renovation, repair, and new construction projects across the campus.

Campus Stewardship

The Campus Stewardship unit is comprised of three teams; Grounds, Landscape, and Horticulture; Environmental Health and Safety; and Campus Sustainability. Together, these teams cover a wide range of campus stewardship responsibilities. The Grounds team maintains our beautiful campus landscapes, provides support services for campus events, and helps with office moves. The Environmental Health and Safety Team oversees all safety and compliance categories across campus. The Sustainability Office works with partners across campus to further Keene State’s sustainability goals.

Building & Mechanical Services

The Building and Mechanical Services unit provides a number of vital services across campus, including: Climate Control, Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, and Vehicle Maintenance.

Energy & Utilities

The Central Heat and Power Plant provides steam for cooking, hot water, and heating; in addition, this team is responsible for heating 80% of campus buildings during during the winter months. The Heat Plant is run on a fully renewable biofuel, LR100, that is produced locally and considered carbon neutral. Water utilities are provided through the City of Keene. Facilities Services staff work consistently to implement energy and water conservation measures into buildings across campus.

Housekeeping & Recycling

All housekeeping and recycling operations are managed by our custodial vendor C&W Services.

Recently, Keene State transitioned to single-stream recycling, meaning all recyclable materials go into one bin and are sorted at the facility. Please follow these guidelines to recycle correctly on campus.

Contact Facilities Services

Elliot Center
☎ 603-358-2202