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Strategic Initiative Proposals 2011-12

From Jay Kahn and Ockle Johnson:

The Planning Council would like to update the campus on the progress of Fall 2011 strategic initiative pre-proposals. Pre-proposals need not seek new money; they more often are seeking priority for assistance from other departments.

In November, 27 pre-proposals were received by Principal Administrators. All but five of these were authorized for further consideration: 10 were authorized for further development as strategic initiative proposals; and 11 were authorized for further development as operational requests. Operational proposals get routed to the Cabinet through the Principal Administrators. For guidelines, see

Strategic proposals contribute to advancing the College’s strategic goals and priorities, which can be viewed at These are reviewed by campus planning committees.

Of the ten pre-proposals that were deemed strategic, eight have been developed to full proposals for review this spring. The eight full proposals and their primary author are listed below.

  • Structured Success Persistence and Retention Initiatives, Anne Miller
  • Enhancing Undergraduate Research Mason Library, Irene Herold
  • Faculty Support Resources Co-location – CELT, OSPR and OIA, Sue Castriotta
  • Installation of Electric and Steam Sub-Meters, Diana Duffy
  • 2012 Study Project to Improve Federal Work Study Program at KSC, Karen House
  • Acquisition of Advancement Data Base, Maryann Lindberg
  • Advancement Personnel, Maryann Lindberg
  • Department Strategic Plan Award, Cathy Turrentine

If you or your department want to contribute to these proposals, please contact the primary proposal author listed above.

The next opportunity to submit strategic initiative pre-proposals is the end of the Spring 2012 semester. Pre-proposals are due to your Principal Administrator by April 27. Authorized pre-proposals would be developed as full-proposals over the summer and need to be submitted to the Planning Council by September 17, 2012. You can download a preproposal form at

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