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Zoom Video/Web Conferencing/Meeting Owl’s

About Zoom

Keene State Zoom is a full-featured video and collaborative technology available to KSC faculty, staff, and students. Zoom unifies cloud video/web conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging into one easy-to-use platform. Zoom accounts allow for video, audio, and content sharing from any device including Windows and Mac computers, Android and iOS devices. Zoom allows for up to 300 participants.

Get Started

To create a Zoom meeting, use your KSC username and password to sign into your Zoom account.

Follow the steps on our tip sheet to start, join or schedule meetings.

For Zoom sessions that will exceed 300 participants, a webinar will allow 300-500 participants. To create a webinar, please contact the Helpdesk to request a license. Learn the difference between a Zoom meeting and webinar.

Download the mobile app

Zoom help resources

You may view Zoom YouTube Channel or Zoom Help Center for additional information.


If you are using a desktop computer, you will need a web cam. Web cams are available through the HelpDesk and can be reserve using our online media request form.

Teaching in a technology enabled classroom

What technology is available in the classrooms and how to connect to it.

How to protect your Zoom Event/Best Practices


How to Keep Party Crashers from Crashing your Zoom Event

Meeting Owl

Use a Meeting Owl to conduct meetings in rooms that are not Zoom enabled. The Meeting Owl connects to your computer activating the Owl’s integrated 360° video camera, internal microphones and speakers.

This knowledgebase article will provide you with helpful information: How to use the Meeting Owl in the classroom

Most Meeting Owl’s will be permanently installed in classrooms that are not Zoom enabled. For classrooms that do not contain either, web cams will be available for those classrooms with desktop computers in their smart carts.

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