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Connecting a Game Console, Smart TV, Roku, Xbox, etc.

(NOTE: This network is not for laptops or phones. Use the eduroam network for those).

Gaming devices (PlayStation, XBox, Wii), Smart TV’s and other non-browsing devices need to be registered on the KSC network and should use the KSC-Open wireless network. Follow these instructions to get your devices online. You will need to supply the MAC address for your device during the registration process. Instructions for finding the MAC address for most devices can be found here.

Register Device:

  • Go to
  • Click on Non-Browser Device Registration
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to register your device
  • Wait a few minutes for registration to complete.

Connect to KSC-Open:

  • Connect your gaming console to the KSC-Open wireless network.

Having Problems?

It may take a few minutes for the network to properly identify a device as a game console. After registering your device and connecting to KSC-Open, if you still experience connectivity issues, wait a few minutes and then turn your game console off and on again, or toggle your network connection to establish a new network connectivity session.

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