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Information for Advisors

This information is designed to help students understand the role of advisors and to help prepare advisors to serve in their role as advisor for a student called to a hearing or hearing board. It is meant to supplement the Code of Conduct which details the student conduct process. You should read the Code thoroughly as well as follow these tips when preparing your advisee. If you have any questions about the process please contact the Student Conduct Office.

Serving as an advisor during a sexual misconduct hearing is different than serving as an advisor during other student conduct hearings and the information below may not apply. Please see the Sexual Misconduct Policy for more information

The advisor in a student conduct process may be anyone of the student’s choosing as long as s/he is a current member of the College community . Advisors are not permitted to speak during the proceeding, though s/he may confer and speak privately to the advisee. The advisor may not be included in the list of witnesses; s/he may only function in the capacity of an advisor.

When selecting an advisor, students should remember that the advisor may not be fully aware of the student conduct process and is probably not an expert in conduct proceedings.

The advisor should assist the advisee with the following:

  1. Review and understand the alleged violation(s) and the student conduct process
  2. Prepare the student to share their side of what occurred in the alleged incident
  3. Think of questions to ask the witness(es) called to present information at the hearing
  4. Take notes during the hearing
  5. Suggest additional questions to ask witnesses and the other party based on their statements
  6. Help keep the advisee calm and in control
  7. Provide moral support to the advisee prior to and during the proceeding

Please note that while advisors may contact the Student Conduct Office to discuss general process questions and their role as an advisor, they are not permitted to discuss the specifics of a case.

The advisor’s assistance may also be needed in preparing a letter of appeal (if advisee is the Responding Party), should the student choose to appeal the hearing outcome.

Below is a list of trained advisors that you are welcome to contact. Please note that the Office of Student Conduct cannot guarantee their availability in helping you through the process. Note: Not all individuals listed on this list are available for sexual misconduct cases.

Melanie Adams, Faculty Member
Lizabeth Buoro, Staff Member
Dana Clark, Staff Member
Courtney Cray, Staff Member
Chris Cusack, Faculty Member
Brenda Fox Tree, Staff Member
Judy Lister, Faculty Member
Tiffany Mathews, Staff Member
Vicky Morton, Faculty Member
Wade Newer, Staff Member
Kim Pare, Staff Member
Robin Picard, Staff Member
Peter Stevenson, Faculty Member

Contact the Office of Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct is located at 260 Main Street (Proctor House-white house with red shutters) across from the President’s House and the Arch.

Phone: 603-358-2840