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Welcome to the KSC Center for Health & Wellness Resource Page!

Here you will find informational websites for the most commonly reported health issues at our office, contact information for campus and local resources, and apps that you might find helpful. These resources are designed to support self-help, promote wellness, and serve as tools to assist you and your well-being. Please note that these resources are not a substitute for direct medical or mental health services. Please call us if you have questions 603-258-2450.


General Information:

Here are some trusted sites for general health questions you may have.

Centers for Disease Control

Mayo Clinic

NH Department of Public Health

Medline Plus



Part of becoming an adult is learning to plan ahead. We are here to help you manage your contraceptive needs. We also know that sometimes things happen…pills get forgotten, condoms break… Check out these resources and come to us for all of your contraceptive and emergency contraceptive needs.


Planned Parenthood

Mental Health

Let’s face it, we all have problems, right? Sometimes, everyone could use a hand. Together with the Counseling Center, we provide evaluation and management of many mental health issues, including anxiety and depression.


National Institute of Mental Health

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Half of Us


Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Medline Plus

National Institute of Mental Health


Medline Plus

Centers for Disease Control

National Institute of Mental Health

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Condom broke? Have an itch? Have a new sexual partner? Time for your regular exam and screening? Learn more about STIs and give us a call to get tested.

Centers for Disease Control


Planned Parenthood

American Sexual Health Association

Wellness Promotion

Already healthy? Great! Let’s keep it that way! Check out these sites for more info and tools to help you continue to make healthy choices. Contact us if you want to meet with our Wellness Coach to help you setting new goals and create an action plan.


Eat Right: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics


American Sleep Association


American Lung Association

Upper Respiratory Infection:

Cold or flu? There’s a big difference. Learn about symptoms and remedies. Give us a call if you have any questions.

Common Cold

Medline Plus

Centers for Disease Control


Centers for Disease Control


Centers for Disease Control


Centers for Disease Control

Medline Plus

Sore Throat

Centers for Disease Control

Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary frequency? Does it burn when you pee? UTIs are a common women’s health, but can occur to men too. Check out this resource and give us a call.

Centers for Disease Control

Mayo Clinic

On Campus Resources

Academic and Career Advising

Students can meet with career counselors in this department for support in choosing classes, resume writing, and career assistance.



Students can request tutors for help in their classes as well as get help with time-management skills and other skills that would help promote academic success.


Campus Safety

This department provides 24-hour service to KSC students to maintain safety on campus.


Center for Health & Wellness

Students can receive help for any medical concerns at this department, including psychiatric medication evaluations.


Counseling Center

This office is comprised of mental health clinicians who support the emotional, personal, social, and developmental needs of KSC students.


Dean of Students

Students can meet with the Dean to explore options regarding withdrawing or dropping classes as well as all academic options regarding leave of absences and challenges in classes.


Office of Disability Services

This department supports services to students who have documented learning, physical, emotional disabilities and advocate for necessary accommodations and accessibility to all programs/activities.


Office of Multicultural Student Support

This office works to enhance the academic and personal success of all students by providing support, mentoring, advocacy, outreach, and diversity and multicultural-related programming and events. In addition, the OMSS collaborates with other campus departments to offer support and programming specific to underrepresented students, such as racial minorities, LGBT, low-income, international, non-traditional, veterans, students with disabilities, and others.


Residential Life

This office supports students’ residential experiences that integrate, collaboratively, with academics, social learning, and mental health/wellness.


Title IX Coordinator

This staff member is responsible for coordinating the College’s response to incidents of sexual assault, gender-based harassment, and dating or domestic violence to ensure compliance with federal law and state statutes, while helping to ensure fair, equitable, and prompt grievance procedures.


Veterans Student Support Services

This office helps veterans navigate the academic and social support paperwork and programs that help you get the most from your educational experience.


Off Campus Resources (Keene Area)

Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention

This is a 24/7 Crisis intervention and peer counseling in person or over the phone. Self help groups.


888-511-MCVP (Toll Free)

Monadnock Family Services

This organization provides community mental health services.


Planned Parenthood Keene

This office provides many sexual and reproductive health services to clients.



This organization provides suicide prevention information and support to suicide survivors and those considering suicide.


866-457-2910 (Toll Free in NH)

Walk-in/Urgent Care Medical Services:

Cheshire Medical Center Walk-In Clinic

149 Emerald Street


Convenient MD

351 Winchester Street


Clear Choice MD

448 West Street


Cheshire Medical Center/ Dartmouth Hitchcock Keene

580-590 Court Street


Mobile/Tablet Apps



Cognitive Diary CBT Self-Help

Healthy Eating

Wholesome Eating

Food Tracker


Weight Watchers


Meditation and Mindfulness

iZen Garden


Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds, White Noise & Fan

Sleep Pillow Sounds: rain, ocean, relaxing nature

Sleep Tracker


MyQuit Coach

Stress Management

Mandala Coloring Pages


Time Management



Water Intake

Drink Tracker

Call 911

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