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Wonder How You Can Use Your Chemistry Degree for a Better World?

Paul Baures Research Lab

Chemistry. Sure, it’s about working in a lab. And you also decide how to use your degree for a better world.

With your degree from Keene State you can:

  • Have a career in cosmetic chemistry. Find ways to test products without having to use animals. Alayna Massie, class of 2020, is pursuing a career in this field.
  • Do research that can lead to understanding how cancer grows. Students are doing this research with our professors right now.
  • Help to make medications safe for consumers by being an expert in quality control in the pharmaceuticals industry.
  • Create new products that keep people safe. Like one of our grads who created a product that detects unsafe chemicals in time of war.

Chemistry. It’s here for you at Keene State.

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