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Chemistry Student

From the first introductory course through advanced study, Chemistry students have access to all of KSC’s facilities and equipment, and original research is encouraged and facilitated by the faculty. The Chemistry program is essential for anyone aspiring to a career in science.

At Keene State, everything we have – faculty, facilities, instruments – is devoted to the undergraduate. Our goal is to work intensely with undergraduates to get them ready for a well-balanced, successful professional life. We work here because we want to help every step of the way.

Program Overview

Chemistry students at Keene State may complete a comprehensive BS degree (which meets rigorous American Chemical Society standards) or a BA degree designed to combine with a major or minor in another subject, like biology or education. As a chemistry major, you can engage in independent study and research projects, travel across the country for summer research (or stay at Keene to do the same), or work in local industrial training sites in addition to your coursework.

Where can a Keene State degree take you? Many of our seniors go directly to graduate programs in chemistry, enter medical, dental, or pharmacy schools, or enter health-related, industrial, environmental, or teaching careers. The faculty will work with you to help you imagine your future. More about Program Overview

Chemistry Student, Dena Snokes

Students “Do Chemistry” from Day One

Chemistry faculty at KSC commit to spending at least 400 hours in lab with majors beyond the introductory General Chemistry course. As a result, students quickly pair up with faculty members to work on research projects in areas of mutual interest. Professors have expertise in organic, inorganic, physical, analytical, and environmental chemistry and biochemistry and are able to customize a student’s experience. Many students present their research results at the annual Academic Excellence Conference, meetings of the American Chemical Society, and even national and international conferences. In addition, many top students have been placed in summer REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) programs, sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Many students graduate with scholarly publications in their resumes.

Take Andrew Abeleira ’12, BS Chemistry, for example. Andrew was the first KSC undergraduate to present at an international scientific conference. More about Students “Do Chemistry” from Day One

Begin pull-quote...The Keene State Chemistry Department helped me get where I needed to go. From my perspective, I think it’s the best department on campus. There are tremendous facilities and the faculty is very dedicated – they challenge you in a way that promotes problem solving. The program is a real gem. ...end pull-quote
– Sean Millikan

Life after KSC: What Our Grads Are Doing

Chemistry students at KSC have gone on to graduate programs at Cornell, Dartmouth College, Purdue University, Clark University, University of Colorado, Boston University, Brandeis University, and many other institutions. Some have gone on to medical school. Many others obtain teaching certification and find careers teaching middle or high school science – a critical need in education. Many others are working in industry, including Markem-Imaje, Pfizer, Monsanto, Strem Chemicals, and other companies. More about Life after KSC: What Our Grads Are Doing

Dr. Paul Baures
Dr. Paul Baures
Dr. Jerry Jasinski
Dr. Jerry Jasinski

Meet Our Faculty

KSC’s faculty in chemistry teach undergraduates from their first course on, offering a wealth of expertise and connections within the field.

Dr. Paul Baures, an expert in biochemistry and medicinal chemistry, holds the endowed David F. Putnam Chair. His research ranges from sucralose to Lyme disease to organisms with natural antifreeze. Read more

Dr. Jerry Jasinski, recently awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant to lecture and do research at the University of Mysore in India during the 2013-14 academic year, focuses on the use of single crystal X-ray crystallography as a state-of-the-art tool in identifying pharmaceutically active molecules. Dr. Jasinski, who has mentored many KSC students, was instrumental in helping KSC acquire a sophisticated single crystal X-ray diffractometer, which students from six nearby New England colleges use for research and collaboration. Read more

Other Chemistry faculty members bring similar levels of expertise and a great variety of interests. Because of the stellar faculty and high-quality facility in the David F. Putnam Science Center, Keene State was accredited in the fall of 2013 by the American Chemical Society. The rigorous accreditation process requires that all aspects of the program meet national standards set by experts in industry, graduate schools, and government agencies.

Talk with a chemistry professor: Contact Dr. Richard Blatchly at to arrange a conversation More about Meet Our Faculty

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