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The Counseling Center

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Service Model

The Counseling Center provides a wide variety of emotional health services to all students at KSC. The services we provide are designed to help address existing personal challenges and prevent future problems. In addition to short-term individual counseling and group counseling, the Center offers consultation to staff, faculty and students; referrals for care to other professionals and agencies; urgent services including an after-hour emergency counselor hotline; campus outreach; and a wide variety of campus programs and events focused on the improvement of emotional well-being, challenging cultural stigma about emotional health difficulties, and problem prevention. Wherever we are, know that we are available to help you whichever way is uniquely appropriate for you.

For students coming into Center for counseling, initial evaluation meetings are provided to all students and used to clarify their personal concerns and/or difficulties and to identify the best ways to address them. From these initial assessment services, recommendations are made about appropriate services available either at the Center and/or other more specialized services available elsewhere on campus or in the community. These recommendations are based on: a) the student’s concern/difficulty, b) the long-term groups and the short-term individual counseling used in our Center, c) the professional staff’s expertise and availability, d) the resources available in the Center, and e) the availability of other on- or off-campus resources that would be better suited to a student’s needs.

Description of Counseling Services

Initial Evaluation

Counseling Center services are available to all students who have paid their student fees. The initial evaluation (first session) is used to clarify a student’s personal concerns or difficulties and to identify the best ways to help. Following this first session, recommendations will be made about which counseling services would be the most helpful or whether the student’s needs would be better met with another specialized service available elsewhere on campus or within the community. These recommendations will be based on: a) the student’s concern/difficulty, b) the brief therapy approach used in the Counseling Center, c) the professional staff’s expertise and availability, d) the resources available in the Center, and e) the availability of other on- or off-campus resources that might better suit a student’s needs.

Individual Counseling

A student may be referred for individual counseling if it is determined that this service would be the most appropriate given the factors mentioned above. A student may discuss a wide range of concerns with his or her individual counselor, who will collaborate with the student to develop a plan for their work together. Students may see their counselor for a one-time appointment or for recurring meetings. In general, the Counseling Center provides short-term counseling and meetings take place once a week for 45-50 minutes. After finishing counseling, students may return at a later time for additional counseling if circumstances change or new issues arise.


Every semester the Counseling Center offers a variety of therapy groups, most of which meet once a week for about an hour and a half and last 8-10 weeks. New groups form each semester, and a student may transfer from one group to another if desired. Groups help students make changes while providing excellent opportunities to receive multiple perspectives (not just from a single, individual counselor), gain insight into themselves, and realize that many other students are experiencing similar concerns. Some groups have an alternative focus, such as emphasizing learning new skills and ways to cope with stress or difficult emotions. Whatever the concern, there is likely a group that can enhance emotional health and well-being.

Couples Counseling

The Counseling Center provides counseling to couples and partners (both are required to be students at KSC). Couples include: roommates, married couples, divorcing couples, couples who are dating, and same-sex couples. Change, conflict, and adjustment are parts of every close relationship, and counseling can help students navigate and improve a troubled relationship or enhance a good one.

Community Referral

Sometimes a student’s concerns may be better served by other mental health professionals or agencies, such as when a student might benefit from longer time in therapy or by more specialized resources than the Counseling Center can provide. The Counseling Center works closely with many professionals and agencies in the Keene community, and will appropriately refer to them when requested or needed. In these instances the Counseling Center provides direction and support, and often actively facilitates the connection process to ensure that the student’s concerns are addressed.

Consultation to Faculty, Staff and Students

Prevention and early intervention are essential to helping KSC students achieve personal and academic success, and the assistance of faculty, staff, and other students is often vital for these to happen. The Counseling Center welcomes and encourages consultations about psychological, educational, and mental health issues, and strongly values collaborating directly with faculty, staff, and students about how to work effectively with various student populations and individual students of concern.

Crisis Services

Walk-in emergency services are available for students experiencing a crisis, and they will be seen as soon as possible. If the crisis occurs after the Counseling Center closes at 4:30, or over the weekend, then a no-cost crisis hotline service is available to students 24 hours per day. For more information on how to access crisis services and the 24 hour hotline, please click here

Support for Families

Parents sometimes call the Counseling Center when worried about the well-being of their son or daughter. The Counseling Center appreciates these concerns and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate on the needs of their student. Staff counselors will listen, offer support, and refer parents to other campus resources when needed. Parents who have specific concerns about their son or daughter should call and ask to speak with the Counseling Center Director or Assistant Director. Any parental concerns will always be addressed in such a way that maintains every client’s confidentiality. Family members may sometimes be invited into a counseling session if the student requests such a meeting and if it would benefit their progress in counseling. The Counseling Center generally will not initiate contact with students except in extreme situations.

Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Maintenance

A student’s emotional health concerns may sometimes benefit from proper medication. When a counselor thinks this may be the case, the student will be referred to the psychiatric consultant, who will then talk with the student and determine if medication is an appropriate option. The decisions of whether to speak with the psychiatric consultant and whether to begin medication are entirely up to the student. If the student decides to begin medication, he or she may see the psychiatric consultant for further medication follow-up appointments.

Evaluations and Testing

Psychological Evaluations and Testing

The Counseling Center provides a variety of psychological testing and evaluation services. Our trained staff performs evaluations of personality, cognitive functioning (such as intelligence testing), and psychodiagnostic functioning. Standardized assessment instruments are used to help students identify: various personality characteristics; intellectual strengths, limitations, and abilities; functional challenges; and areas of emotional strength or distress. Students may be self-referred to our testing service or referred by other agencies/persons within or outside the College. Fees may sometimes be charged for testing. Please contact the Counseling Center for more information about psychological testing or to schedule an appointment.

Court-Ordered Evaluations/Assessments

The Counseling Center does not provide any assessments or evaluations to be used in court proceedings or other litigation (e.g., competency evaluations, custody evaluations.), or any services that are: a) court-ordered, b) a requirement of adjudicated legal sanctions or sentencing, or c) requirements of an alternative to court procedures or further prosecution (i.e., diversion programs). Students seeking any of these services should follow-up with the court or a legal representative for available options.

Mandated Services

Most students come to the Counseling Center on their own and find counseling helpful when they feel ready and recognize their need support. In some cases, however, students may be mandated to meet briefly with a Counseling Center staff member for wellness education or further assessment. More about Mandated Services

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The Counseling Center’s strict confidentiality policy guarantees that any information regarding a student will not be disclosed without her/his permission except as required by State and Federal laws.

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Our office hours are Monday - Friday between 8 am and 4:30 pm. The best ways to contact us here at are:

  • Call the office – 603-358-2437
  • Visit our office. We are located on the 3rd Floor of Elliot Center

You may also contact us by e-mail at if you have an inquiry. Please note, we do not maintain 24-hour access to email nor can we assure confidentiality.

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Call the front office at 603-358-2437, or visit us on the 3rd floor of the Elliot Center. We are open M-F, 8 am - 4:30 pm.

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Emergency Crisis Info

For Immediate Life Threatening Emergencies - Call 911
Or go to the Emergency Room at Cheshire Medical Center; 580 Court St, Keene, NH (603) 354-5400.

If you are in a personal crisis:

  • During office hours: Call (603) 358-2437, or visit our office on the 3rd floor of the Elliot Center.
  • After-hours, on weekends, or during breaks: Contact our on-call counselor at (603) 358-2436.

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