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Appian Way in the spring

Office of Ceremonies & Events

Our Mission

To provide internal and external clients with high quality conference and event management support while passing along sustainable skills around hosting events in various forms.


The function of OCE is to improve quality customer service, gain budget, scheduling, and event management efficiencies, implement brand standards at each event, and increase revenue in FY21 and beyond.

OCE Will:

  • Provide general management of select institutional ceremonies and events
  • Provide guidance and support to faculty and staff in event planning and branding
  • Contract and provide logistical support for external conferences and events
  • Create a master calendar of events
  • Create institutional sponsorships and coherence for branding and new revenue


Camps, Conferences & Events

Scheduling & Internal Events

OCE is responsible for overseeing non-academic event scheduling at Keene State College. With a strong emphasis on providing quality service, OCE offers guidance in event scheduling and planning and works with the campus facilities and service providers to help ensure a successful event.

First steps to creating an in-person or virtual event:

  1. Make event request in 25Live Pro (Virtual event location is VIRT LOC1)
  2. Wait for confirmation from location scheduler
  3. Submit event to KSC Calendar

For Virtual Events, OCE can provide the following support services:

Consulting & Production

We will meet with you to consult about platform, settings, event flow…etc. We can offer additional support with event moderation, live event support, and assistance via content sharing.

Event Planning

The OCE team will meet with you and your team to discuss settings, hardware, and event flow. We can assist with the scheduling of the rehearsal and the main event as well as confirm the necessary settings have been enabled.

Event Modertating

The OCE team can assist as master of ceremonies. We can help deliver the housekeeping and introduction, Q&A, and closing.

Live Event Support

The OCE team can supervise technical occurrences within the event along with monitoring the event log on, managing panelist assignments, and watching for security concerns.

Content Sharing

The OCE team can help with content sharing, such as a PowerPoint, video, or weblink during the event. Minor trimming of recorded Zoom session start or end time can be performed. Recorded content can be hosted on the OCE YouTube channel.

Additional Support

Quick steps to creating an event scheduling request in 25Live PRO:

  1. Click the link below to enter 25Live PRO.
  2. Click “Sign In” on the top right of the page.
  3. Enter your Username and Password (your KSC NetID).
  4. Click “Event Form”. This will open 25Live’s built-in scheduling request form.
  5. Fill out the form. For virtual events, please select VIRT LOC1 as your location.
  6. Click “Tentative” and “SAVE”

Please note: The 25Live link below will open in the browser that is currently set as the “Default Browser” for your computer. Do not use Internet Explorer. Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome are currently compatible with 25Live. 25Live does have a smartphone format.

Enter 25Live PRO

Contact the Office of Ceremonies & Events

☎ 603-358-2359