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Keene State College Commenement 2023, wave

Commencement Details


Help Us Plan

The commencement participation form will be emailed to the graduates in early February. The deadline to complete the form is April 1st.

Commencement Fair

The Commencement Fair will be held April 16 & 17, 2024 in the Student Center. An email will be sent out to seniors in late March with specific details about the Commencement Fair and where and when to pick up their Commencement regalia.


Pending degree verification, actual diplomas will be mailed approximately 12 weeks following graduation.

Diploma Frames

Fine quality diploma frames, including a mat and medallion of the Keene State College Seal, are available from the College Bookstore. Visit: Keene State College Bookstore or call (603) 358-2651.


Graduation Images will be photographing all graduates at the upcoming Commencement ceremony. Professional photographers will take three different pictures of each graduate shaking hands with the president and crossing the platform. Information on ordering photos will be sent by the studio to all graduating students’ KSC e-mail accounts.

You may also visit GradImages and click on the Pre-Event E-mail Registration. Enter your permanent e-mail address and e-mail addresses of your loved ones who would like to view and order your photos.

After graduation you may order online at GradImages or call 800-261-2576.


The Commencement Group is the flower vendor for the weekend and you can pre-order bouquets up until 8pm on May 3rd or make purchases the day of if available. To pre-order visit -

Graduates’ Assembly

Graduates should arrive at Spaulding Gymnasium by 12:00 p.m. on the day of Commencement. Note: Personal belongings may not be left in the gym during the ceremony.

Inclement Weather

The Commencement Ceremony will be held outside on Fiske Quad. You are strongly encouraged to check the weather forecast for Saturday and dress appropriately. We are known to experience all types of weather on Commencement Day. But, remember, this is New England and the weather can change quickly. Please check the forecast and dress accordingly. There are indoor viewing areas available for those guests who need to be out of the weather.

Indoor Viewing Areas

  • Parker Auditorium (adjacent to ceremony location)
  • Morrison 1st Floor (adjacent to ceremony location)
  • Student Center

Severe Weather

In the event of severe weather, we will interrupt the ceremony and direct you to make your way off of the quad. Please take note of your seating location in the safe evacuation information provided in your Commencement program. If you choose to seek shelter during the emergency please proceed to the building that corresponds with your seating area in the safe evacuation information. Take the time to note the nearest aisles and exits from the seating area. Please note the crowd managers around the perimeter of the seating area; they are available to answer questions and to assist you during the evacuation.

Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco

Alcohol is not allowed at Commencement at any time and will be confiscated. Graduates will not be allowed to participate in or attend the Commencement ceremony if intoxicated. Keene State College campus is a tobacco and vaping (e-cigarettes) free zone for Commencement Day.


Air Horns and Beach Balls are NOT allowed at the ceremony. Items that distract are disrespectful or diminish the ceremony will be confiscated. Please turn off or mute your cell phone during the ceremony. We ask that you act with consideration and stay for the entire Commencement ceremony. The graduate procession from Spaulding Gym begins at 12:40 p.m. The ceremony begins at 1 p.m. and ends between 3 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Lost and Found

Turn in found items or search for lost items during the Commencement Ceremony at the Information Table on Appian Way located on the south side of the Quad. For items found/lost after the Commencement Ceremony contact Campus Safety.

For any questions please call 603-358-2228.

Security Guidelines

All guests and their belongings are subject to screening by Campus Safety, Keene Police and crowd management personnel. The following items will NOT be permitted to be brought onto Campus and Fiske Quad:

  • Backpacks, large coolers, or packages
  • Alcohol, drugs, chairs, fireworks, aerosol and spray cans
  • Pets or animals (assistance animals are permitted)
  • Weapons, noisemakers (e.g. horns, air horns or similar), signs, laser pointers, and other items deemed inappropriate by Campus Safety personnel or Commencement personnel.
  • ALL BAGS AND OTHER ITEMS MUST BE ATTENDED AT ALL TIMES. Unattended items may be confiscated and are also subject to theft.


There will be a table on commencement day providing information for purchasing a yearbook online. The table will be located at the back of Fiske Quad.


For questions about Commencement or Honors Convocation, please email the Office of Ceremonies and Events, or call (603) 358-8500.

Questions about Commencement?

If you have questions about Commencement, please email or call 603-358-8500.