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Senior Dinner

Commencement 2021

Commencement for Keene State 2021 Graduates

We were pleased to hold an in-person Commencement for our graduates and their selected guests, with some of our Keene State community in attendance to celebrate! The ceremony was an incredible success, and we are proud to have held the event safely during the pandemic.

We hope that you will enjoy this recording of the ceremony. Congratulations 2021 graduates, we are very proud of you! We look forward to learning about your next chapters.

Commencement Program

Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony

Graduate Commencement 2021

Lucille Jordan

Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters

Keene State College today honors Ms. Lucille Jordan with the Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters for her exceptional leadership and her commitment to community service, civic responsibility, developmental education, and business and industry partnerships.

Ms. Jordan has served as president of Nashua Community College since 1997. She earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees in education and English at The Ohio State University. Her personal and professional mission is to help create a more civil society. To this end, Ms. Jordan served as chair of Campus Compact for New Hampshire, an association of four- and two-year college presidents with a commitment to service, leadership and civic responsibility. Further, she was selected to serve as the vice-chair of the National Campus Compact Board. Ms. Jordan has served on multiple boards, helping to lead several service and educational organizations.

She has been a tremendous asset throughout the Community College System of New Hampshire, especially through her tenure as president at Nashua Community College. Ms. Jordan is known to her staff and faculty as a supportive mentor, and a great leader. She is committed to making sure every student knows they matter. She has been a shining light in the lives of many students, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ms. Jordan is a leader who is creative, energetic, and committed to continued improvement of higher education. She has achieved national and state recognition for her work. Most recently, she received the 2020 Spirit of New Hampshire Award. Lizbeth Gonzalez, who serves as vice president for student and community affairs at Nashua Community College, stated, “We have been able to get where we are, because Lucille has not been afraid of change. She is always up for a challenge.”

Ms. Jordan’s initiatives and involvement clearly speak to the values for which she stands. Students, faculty, staff, and the state of New Hampshire have benefited from her leadership and the work that she has done for more than 20 years – and her work is far from done.

It is with tremendous honor that we present Ms. Lucille Jordan, in recognition of her inspirational commitment to partnerships, service, and to the field of education, with the Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Keene State College.

Brian Burford

Granite State Award

Keene State College today honors Mr. Brian Burford, New Hampshire state archivist, with the Granite State Award. He is recognized for his outstanding work to protect and advocate for New Hampshire’s history through the preservation of the state’s archives and historical records.

Mr. Burford has been a strong advocate for New Hampshire’s documentary heritage for more than 30 years. He has spent countless hours providing training for the care and organization of historical records. He is an unsung hero in advocating for New Hampshire’s history through his behind-the-scenes work with local historical societies, libraries, and towns and cities. He serves as an important resource for people across New Hampshire, and is active in the New Hampshire Archives Group, the New Hampshire Land Surveyors Association, and the Council of State Archivists.

Mr. Burford holds a Bachelor of Arts in history from Keene State College. He worked as a land surveyor before he became the New Hampshire state records manager in 1995. He was subsequently appointed as New Hampshire state archivist in 2010, and he has authored and co-authored several articles and compilation books.

The master’s program in history and archives at Keene State is fortunate to have Mr. Burford’s support. He often hosts graduate students at the New Hampshire State Archives and he advises students. He is currently advising a student on a historical transcription project and research project on the New Hampshire leader Judge Meshech Weare. He also currently serves on Keene State’s Alumni Association Board of Directors.

We are pleased to present Mr. Brian Burford, in recognition of his dedication to preserving New Hampshire’s rich history, with the Granite State Award from Keene State College.

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