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Alumni Center Facility Guidelines

The Facility Guidelines of the Alumni Center are meant to ensure a welcoming atmosphere for all members of Keene State College, its Alumni and the community. Because the Alumni Center’s primary purpose is to help further the mission of KSC through the development of relationships with the College’s many constituents, it is available for use by all of the College’s constituents: Alumni; parents; members of the Keene State College community (students, staff and faculty) and their guests; private non-profit and for-profit businesses and organizations, and others.

The Alumni Center falls under the auspices of Keene State College and the University System of New Hampshire. In all instances, System policy supercedes all Center or College policies or guidelines.

Internal Groups

The Alumni Center Facility Coordinator is responsible for handling all requests for the use of space within the Alumni Center. Internal KSC departments or organizations, System partners, alumni groups meeting for College-related purposes (class reunions, etc.), College-affiliated groups/alumni such as sports teams, Greek organizations, etc. and outside organizations whose purpose for meeting directly supports the College’s mission or who carry out an event that directly supports the College in a significant way will be considered as internal organizations for purposes of this policy, and will not be charged a fee.

External Groups

Organizations not affiliated with the College or others requesting use of the facility for non-College purposes, and whose events are not considered to directly support the College’s mission or provide direct significant support to the College will incur fees for the use of the Alumni Center.

For purposes of this policy, “College purposes” shall be interpreted as events that directly support the mission of the College or that directly support the College in a significant way. Simply involving College students, personnel or alumni is not sufficient to have an event considered as having a College purpose. Keene State College organizations and departments co-sponsoring an event maintain responsibility for the actions of all persons using the Alumni Center facilities as part of their event.

Any request for exceptions to the Alumni Center policies must be made in writing to the Facility Coordinator at least two weeks prior to the date of the event. The Facility Coordinator will make a final decision after consultation with College leadership.

Facility Policies

The policies include, but are not limited to the following, and are subject to change at the College’s discretion without advance notice.

Available Facilities within the Alumni Center

Norma Walker Hall, with the adjacent lobby, gallery and courtyard, and the second floor conference room, are the only two areas within the Alumni Center available for use by groups other than the Advancement Division and its related organizations.

Building Accessibility

The Alumni Center is accessible for those with disabilities, including ground-floor access, handicapped parking spaces, an elevator, ramps, braille room signs and wheelchair-accessible bathrooms.

Facility Usage Fees

Alumni Center facilities are available at no cost for College events using rooms with standard setups. A separate fee structure applies to non-College events.

All facility use fees for external groups must be pre-paid. A 50% deposit is required on confirmation of a reservation, with the balance due no later than 10 working days prior to the event. A refundable damage deposit in the amount of 25% of the total charges for the event is also due on confirmation of a reservation. See section entitled “Damages”. Fees for external groups include standard table/chair set-ups, use of onsite audio-visual equipment and an on-site facility representative during the event.

Any event sponsor failing to pay assessed fees within 10 days of their proposed event will be denied use of Alumni Center meeting and event facilities until the balance due is paid in full.


Space may be reserved on a first-come, first-reserved basis. Priority will be given to College events involving alumni, the Advancement Division, the President’s Cabinet and campus departments and organizations. To submit a formal reservation request please e-mail with the following information:

  • Desired Facility (Alumni Center, etc.)
  • First and Last Name
  • Day of Event Contact Phone Number
  • Event Name/Type
  • Anticipated Event Attendance
  • Requested Event Date(s)
  • Requested Event Time
  • KSC Affiliation, if any (Alumni, etc.)

Groups interested in reserving space should contact the Conference Services Manager at (603) 358-2359 regarding availability and rates.

The Alumni Center Facility Coordinator may deny any and all Alumni Center privileges to any individual or group in the event of violation of the Alumni Center policies or procedures.

Reservation Timelines

In order to ensure that College functions take priority, requests for the use of Norma Walker Hall will be accepted and confirmed up to, but no more than, six months in advance for internal groups, and up to, but no more than, three months in advance for non-College related or external groups.

  • All reservations for the Hall are requested to be made with at least one month’s notice. Priority access for reservations is given to regular College and/or Alumni Center functions based on the College calendar. Requests received with less notice will be accommodated if possible.

  • Requests for use of the Conference Room should be received at least one month prior to the date of the event. Requests received with less notice will be accommodated if possible.

No event sponsor may transfer its reservation to another organization nor may space reserved for an approved program be used for another purpose than stated without the approval of the Alumni Center Facility Coordinator.


An organization must notify the Conference Services Manager at (603) 358-2359 of the cancellation of an event at least five business days prior to the event.

  • If an organization or department has a pattern of not meeting this requirement, it may lose its right to schedule space in the Alumni Center.
  • Groups who fail to cancel at least 5 business days prior to scheduled event will forfeit their 50% deposit.
  • Repeated failure to cancel events within this time frame will result in denial of future bookings of space in the Alumni Center.

Event Set-ups

To ensure availability of service, the Alumni Center’s Facility Coordinator should be notified of specific setup and use requirements at least two weeks prior to the scheduled meeting/event. The Alumni Center may not be able to accommodate requests for special equipment and setups if such requests are received less than two weeks prior to an event.

All rooms have standard configurations. Should something other than the standard setup be required, an event sponsor must submit a diagram with the requested setup configuration. Based on the Facility Coordinator’s determination, additional costs may be incurred by the sponsoring organization if the event requires additional labor for the room setup and/or clean-up.

The Alumni Center reserves the right to determine the appropriate use of the spaces within the Alumni Center. If an event scheduled for a space is determined to be inappropriate for the location, the event may be relocated or denied Alumni Center space at the discretion of the Facility Coordinator.


The Alumni Center, in conjunction with the Keene State College Office of Campus Safety, will have complete authority to determine the security needs for a particular event. The Alumni Center will make all arrangements for the provision of security with Keene State Campus Safety. All costs for such security will be the responsibility of the event sponsor and will be included in the invoice generated by the Alumni Center Facility Coordinator. A facility representative will be in the building during all events and is available as a resource to the event sponsor.

Open flames with the exception of votive candles are prohibited. Fireworks or potentially explosive materials are strictly prohibited.

The fireplaces located on the first floor will be turned on and off as part of opening and closing procedures by the Alumni Center staff. The fireplace will be lit from approximately October 1st – March 31st, or as approved by the Facility Coordinator. The Alumni Center reserves the right to turn off the fireplace at any time for health and safety reasons. Should the event sponsor wish to have the fireplaces lit or turned off during an event, they should consult with the staff assigned to the event, who will make any necessary adjustments.

Activities that take place in the Alumni Center have an impact upon neighbors, the community and the College. Users must agree to act in a way that reflects positively on the College and its constituents. Shoes and shirts are required at all times in the Alumni Center.

In the event a fire alarm sounds, all must immediately exit the building using the nearest available exit door.

Food & Beverage

Food & beverage consumption is restricted to Norma Walker Hall and immediate lobby area on the first floor; and the conference room on the second floor. No outside food and beverage may be brought into the facility without checking with the Facility Coordinator. No external vendor other than Sodexo Campus Services may cater or serve food in the building. Catering must be arranged directly with Sodexo by the sponsoring organization/individual; they can be reached at 603-358-2677.

All events taking place at Keene State College must comply with state laws pertaining to alcoholic beverages. New Hampshire law prohibits consumption, possession, sale, or transportation of alcoholic beverages by any person under 21 years of age.

All groups that wish to sell, serve, or consume alcohol at their event must use the services of Sodexo, who must serve both the food and alcohol at the event. All alcoholic beverages will be purchased by Sodexo in agreement with N.H. State Law. Alcohol will be brought into and removed from the facility by Sodexo. The price of alcohol served at the event must be approved by the College prior to the event. Policy prohibits n bars and shots. The sponsoring group shall provide for continuous availability of non-alcoholic beverages and food in reasonable quantities and for assuring that participants are aware of the availability of non-alcoholic beverages and food.

The College reserves the right to determine whether the sponsoring group needs to hire security for the event, including Campus Safety Officers and Keene Police Officers. The cost of security personnel will be charged to the sponsoring group. Keene State College reserves the right to intercede at any point during the event if it is felt that the serving of alcohol is not being conducted in a safe, legal, and responsible manner. Faculty, staff, students, or external groups who violate the conditions of these procedures may face legal action, internal administrative action, personnel sanctions, and/or student judicial code sanctions as may be appropriate.


Sound from live bands or disc jockeys, or other audio or event noise, must be kept to a level that will not interfere with normal operations in the Alumni Center and which will not disturb neighbors or the community in general. The Alumni Center Facility Coordinator may deny use of meetings and event space based upon anticipated noise levels or noise that has occurred in the past with groups.

Audiovisual and Other Equipment

Arrangements for all audio visual equipment to be used in the Alumni Center must be requested through the Alumni Center Facility Coordinator. Equipment should be requested at the time the reservation is made (at least two weeks prior to the event) to ensure availability. There may be fees associated with such equipment. Any equipment brought into the Alumni Center by the event sponsor must be approved by the Facility Coordinator. Such requests must be made at least two weeks prior to the event.

All equipment and supplies furnished by the event sponsor must be removed from the space no later than the end time of the reservation. Costs incurred from removal of materials will be charged to the event sponsor. The College and Alumni Center assume no responsibility for damage to or loss of equipment and material left in the Alumni Center. Equipment may not be left in any Alumni Center location without prior approval from the Alumni Center. The event sponsor assumes all responsibility for any equipment or materials brought into or left in the Alumni Center.

At no time will Alumni Center furnishings, equipment or other materials be loaned out. All easels, podiums, electronics, displays or other materials must remain available for use by the Advancement Division.


College regulations prohibit dogs, cats and other pets and animals on the premises of the Alumni Center, with the exception of service animals.


All arrangements for decorations, exhibits, and displays must be made at least one week prior to the event through the Facility Coordinator. Decorations may not obstruct doors, hallways, staircases or fire exits.

The use of adhesive material that may damage surfaces in the Alumni Center is prohibited (tape, tacks, nails, screws, paint, glue, etc.). The Facility Coordinator can provide easels and other materials to assist with temporary signage in the building. Glitter, confetti, wedding rice/birdseed is strictly prohibited in the building. Balloons must be securely weighted down before being displayed in any common area including Norma Walker Hall. It is the responsibility of the guests or sponsoring department or organization to remove all balloons/decorations or display materials.

Any requests to drop off materials or supplies prior to the day of the event must be cleared with the Facility Coordinator. The Alumni Center cannot store items prior to the event day if there are other events scheduled at the facility. The Alumni Center is not responsible for any loss or damage to items left.

All furniture and equipment in the Alumni Center must remain in its designated area at all times. Requests to move or re-arrange furniture in any area of the building must be approved by the Facility Coordinator.

Rooms must be returned to their original condition immediately after the event. Damage fees may be incurred.

To maintain a clean environment, it is the responsibility of everyone within the community to clean up after themselves. Receptacles are located throughout the building. As part of the College’s commitment to sustainability, recycling is requested whenever possible.


Event sponsors are responsible for ensuring that no facilities of the Alumni Center are damaged during the course of the event. The College reserves the right to pursue legal recourse in the event of non-payment. Any additional cleaning required after an event will be arranged by the Alumni Center at the expense of the event sponsor.


Smoking is prohibited in the Alumni Center and within 25 feet of all building entrances.


Parking arrangements must be made through the KSC Parking Office by the event sponsor by calling 603-358-2227. The Facility Coordinator is not responsible for making parking arrangements.

Guests are subject to all campus parking regulations; it is the responsibility of the Alumni Center Facility Coordinator to make the parking rules and regulations known to visitors. Any parking tickets issued to sponsors, performers or participants are their sole responsibility.


Event sponsors assume all risks and responsibilities related to events held in the Alumni Center, and agree to release and hold harmless Keene State College, its trustees, officers, agents and employees from and against all claims, demands, actions, and causes of action for damages incurred or experienced due to personal injury, death or property damage, whether or not the result of negligent acts or omissions on the part of Keene State College or any of its trustees, officers, agents and employees, arising from use of the facility; to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Keene State College, its trustees, officers, agents and employees, from and against all claims, demands, actions and causes of action for damages sustained or incurred by anyone other than the event sponsors due to personal injury, property damage or death, whether or not they are a result of negligent acts or omissions on the part of Keene State College and of its trustees, officers and employees, arising from event sponsors’ participation in this event; and to reimburse the College for any damage to the property of Keene State College caused by use of this facility.

For additional information about the Alumni Center at Keene State College, or for clarification about these guidelines, please contact the Facility Coordinator at 603-358-2372 or Thank you.

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