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Federal Student Loan FAQs

I’m experiencing technical difficulties online at What do I do?

Please ensure that you are using a supported browser. If still experiencing difficulty, the Student Loan Support Center can be reached at 1-800-557-7394 .

What is Financial Awareness Counseling?

Note: Financial Awareness Counseling does not satisfy Entrance or Exit Counseling Requirements. Financial Awareness Counseling provides tools and information to help you understand your financial aid and assist you in managing your finances.

Why won’t my FSA ID work when I try to login to or sign my eMPN?

Your FSA ID is unique to you – make sure that you (the student) are logging in at this site with your social security number, birthdate and FSA ID, not your parent’s. Your identity must be verified before you can use the FSA ID to sign federal loan paperwork. Please be sure it has been a minimum of 48-72 hours since applying for your FSA ID before completing your eMPN or Entrance Counseling.

Why don’t I see my Federal Loans deducted from my billing statement?

All requirements must be fulfilled before your federal loans are deducted from your bill. You can review what might be missing on MyKSC (currently enrolled students).

I thought I did my eMPN and/or Entrance Counseling. Why hasn’t KSC received it?

  • Make sure Keene is listed as a school recipient on all federal loan paperwork.
  • Make sure you actually submitted each document by looking for a “submitted on” date at the bottom of your confirmation page or printout.
  • Make sure it was actually the student that logged in and completed each document and not a parent.
  • Make sure the name entered on the eMPN matches exactly the name associated with the FSA ID you are entering.

It typically will take 24–48 hours for us to import confirmation that you’ve completed these items.

Why is the loan amount I see deducted from my bill different from my award letter?

The amount you see deducted from your bill is the total loan amount minus the federal origination fee.

I “jumped” a grade level mid-year. How do I get an increased loan amount?

If your grade level changes during the year, you may be eligible for an increase in your Federal Direct Loan. If you wish to request an increase in your loan amount, please contact us via email or stop by our office to present the request in writing. For example, a second year student might begin the fall semester with 24 credits and have a Federal Direct Loan of $3,500 ($1750 per semester). During the fall semester, the student earns 12 credits, for a new total of 36 credits by the beginning of the spring semester. The spring loan award could then be increased, after those credits have officially been earned, from $1,750 to $2,750 upon request. This review must be requested directly by the student and will not happen automatically.

I am a transfer student with junior standing, but I only received a freshman level loan allocation. How do I request the higher loan amount?

Many transfer students are awarded financial aid before their transfer credits have officially posted to their KSC transcripts. If you think this might apply to you, please contact our office after your transfer credits have been posted to your KSC transcript, and we can review your account for additional loan eligibility.

Why didn’t I receive the maximum subsidized loan amount reflected for my grade level?

Eligibility for the total amount of Direct Loan you are awarded is determined by your grade level at the time of awarding. Eligibility for what portion of that total amount is subsidized versus unsubsidized is determined by need and strict federal policy. Unless your Student Aid Index (SAI) has changed (as a result of an update to your FAFSA) since you were awarded, you cannot apply for or receive a large allocation of subsidized loan.

Can I apply for more Federal Direct Student Loans?

Unless your grade level has changed since you were awarded or your parent has been denied for a Federal Parent Loan (PLUS), you cannot apply for or receive any additional Federal Direct Student Loans than what was reflected on your Award Letter.

When will my loan disburse?

In general, most loans will disburse as outlined below. If you’d like specific information about your anticipated disbursement date, please contact us directly.

  • Full year loans (set up for the full academic year; September through May) will disburse in two portions; first in early September for the fall semester and in early February for the spring semester.
  • One semester loans (set up for fall, spring or summer semester only) will disburse in two portions; first portion at the beginning of the semester and second after the midpoint of the semester.

Can I receive a Federal Student Loan for an academic year that has ended?

No. We cannot originate a Federal Direct Student Loan once the student’s academic year has ended.

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