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FAFSA Application FAQs

What is a Tax Return Transcript and how do I get one?

Official IRS Tax Return Transcripts must be requested directly from the IRS by either visiting the IRS or calling 1-800-908-9946. Please do not have transcripts forwarded directly to the KSC Financial Aid Office.

Is there an alternative to requesting hard-copy transcripts?

YES! You may be eligible to use the new IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) that is located within the FAFSA application at FAFSA. If you are not eligible to use the DRT, or if you make changes to your FAFSA after using it, we will require that you submit copies of an official IRS tax transcript (not a personal copy of the tax form). Successful use of the FAFSA’s DRT satisfies the transcript collection requirement.

Am I eligible to use the Data Retrieval Tool (DRT)?

Do ALL of the statements below apply to you?

  1. I filed my 2016 tax return with a filing status of anything but “Married filing separately” (i.e., Single, Married filing jointly, Head of Household, etc.).
  2. I did not file an amended tax return for 2016.
  3. I did not file a foreign tax return for 2016.
  4. I filed my 2016 tax return electronically at least two weeks ago OR by mail at least four weeks ago.


Then you are eligible to use the IRS’s new Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) located within the FAFSA application.


(Questions #1–3) If you filed a 2016 tax return with a status of Married filing separately, or you filed an amended or a foreign return, you are not eligible to use the IRS DRT, and you must request a hard-copy transcript.

(Question #4) If it has not been at least two weeks since you filed your return electronically, or if it hasn’t been four weeks since you mailed your return to the IRS, simply wait until it has been. Then you can use the DRT!

What happens if I don’t send in the verification documents being requested from me?

If you are unable to provide a document or have missed the deadline given to you for providing a document, you will receive correspondence from our Office indicating your application for aid has been deactivated. Upon our receipt of all missing items, your application will be reactivated and moved forward for awarding.

How can I get this paperwork to you?

You can email, fax, or mail all documents to us. Before forwarding, please be sure that all forms have the required signatures (student signature and parent signature as applicable) and that each page includes the student’s name and ID number.

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