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Federal Grants and State Aid Programs

The following grants and scholarships are supported by funds that the federal and state governments allocate each year. The Financial Aid Office administers these funds and awards qualifying students according to their respective regulations. Eligibility may vary from year to year based on changes to federal and state allocations and policies. All students are reviewed for the following awards through analysis of the FAFSA. Find more information about federal aid online.

  1. Pell
  2. SEOG
  3. State Aid Programs
    1. State Grants
    2. Other State Programs


The Pell grant is a federal grant program designed to assist students in the continuation of their training and education after high school; it provides eligible students with a “foundation of financial aid to help defray the costs of college attendance.” Federal policy dictates both eligibility to participate in the program and the amount an individual student is eligible to receive.

Pell may be awarded to students at all enrollment levels.

Federal policy dictates annual and lifetime limits for this program.


SEOG, the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, is a federal grant available to undergraduates demonstrating exceptional financial need. Exceptional financial need is defined as those students with the lowest expected family contribution who will also receive a Pell Grant in that year. Eligibility is determined by the Financial Aid Office based upon analysis of the FAFSA.

A minimum of half-time enrollment is required to receive this award

State Aid Programs

State Grants

State grants are need-based financial assistance for undergraduate students. Several states in New England have state grants designed for residents with exceptional financial need. Each state determines the amount of the award based on the Expected Family Contribution, state regulations and budgetary constraints. To be considered, a student must file a FAFSA and meet the residency requirements of his/her respective state. Some states may require an additional application to supplement the FAFSA. Please visit your state’s web site for more information:

Other State Programs

New England Regional Student Program – Keene State College participates in the New England Board of Higher Education’s Regional Student Program. Each New England state university offers a number of undergraduate curricula which are open to students from the other New England states. Students enrolled under this program pay a reduced out-of-state tuition rate. Further information about eligible programs is available for:

  1. Incoming students by contacting the KSC Admissions Office at 603-358-2276
  2. Returning students by contacting the Elliot Center at 603-358-2500

New Hampshire Charitable Fund – New Hampshire residents pursuing undergraduate or graduate study at approved institutions of postsecondary education are eligible to apply for grants and interest-free and low-interest loans from this fund. Information and applications are available from the New Hampshire Charitable Fund Student Aid Program online or by calling 603-225-6641.

Vocational Rehabilitation Programs – Every state operates a vocational rehabilitation program to assist people with a variety of disabilities to return to productive activity. In certain cases, a vocational rehabilitation agency will assist disabled students to meet their college expenses. Students should contact their local agency.

Contact Financial Aid

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