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Conditions of On-Campus Employment

It is important that you understand your responsibilities before you accept an on-campus position at Keene State College. Once you have accepted a position, you are expected to adequately meet all the requirements of the job. We recommend that you and your employer discuss all aspects of the job before completing the Complementary Hourly and Student Employees (CHASE) form.

Performance – You are always expected to give regular, punctual, efficient, and cooperative performance on any job you accept.

Commitment – Once you have accepted a job, you will be expected to stick with it for at least one semester. Exceptions, which must be reviewed by the Financial Aid Office, may include severe illness or weak academic performance. Once you’ve accepted a job, you won’t be released from your commitment just because you found another position. You must obtain a written release from your supervisor before you can be approved to work at another campus job.

Work Schedule – Students normally work between 8–20 hours per week. Students are` limited to working 20 hours per week or less, in all their on-campus positions, while classes are in session. You and your supervisor will determine your schedule, based upon the hours needed to perform your job and your class schedule. You may be required to work during exam weeks, but you can consult with your supervisor so you are not scheduled to work when you have an exam. You may work during vacations and Christmas break. However, you cannot work more total hours, over the entire academic year, than your Federal Work-Study award stipulates. Your Work Study award is indicated on the electronic Work Study Authorization Card and/or on subsequent revisions in a Financial Aid Award Notification. If you work more than your Work Study award allows, your financial aid package may be revised, and you may be required to repay the excess amount.

Multiple Jobs – Students are usually approved for only one on-campus position per semester. If you accept a job that will not allow you to earn your maximum work eligibility, you may be allowed to obtain a second job. Financial Aid must approve this exception. If you are approved for and accept a second job, please keep the following in mind:

  1. You must inform both departments that you hold two Work Study jobs.
  2. Your primary responsibility is to the department you accepted a position from first. You have committed yourself to working the scheduled hours for that department and will be expected to uphold that commitment.
  3. If your second job results in you working more than eight hours in a day, the second department will be responsible for any overtime pay to which you are entitled. It is your responsibility to inform your supervisor if this situation will occur. Remember that overtime pay will count against your earning limit. If you reach that limit before the end of the year, you may be required to stop working. Please monitor your earnings carefully so that you are not required to end your job early.

Payment – You will receive a bi-weekly paycheck based on the actual number of hours you work during each pay period. Direct deposit is considered the USNH standard method of pay.

Illness – If illness or some unforeseen circumstance prevents you from reporting for work, you must notify your supervisor in advance of your usual starting time.

Termination – Students who do not perform according to the above standards may be terminated. However, you must be given the opportunity to meet those standards and because of this, the following three-step procedure must be followed:

  1. Verbal Warning. If your supervisor is dissatisfied with your performance, he/she must first discuss the problem(s) with you. At this time, the two of you should review the job responsibilities and plan for required improvements.
  2. Written Warning. If your supervisor still feels that the performance meeting has not resulted in positive change, he or she must give you a written warning that reiterates the problem(s) and give you a minimum of two weeks to improve your performance.
  3. Termination. If after two weeks, you still have not met the required standards, you may be terminated. If termination occurs, you must be informed in writing of the reason(s) of this action.

Note: Immediate termination may occur under certain exceptional circumstances involving serious infractions of standard employment practices, including but not limited to: breach of confidentiality, theft, endangerment of life or property, or falsification of time sheets.

Other Information:

Unemployment Compensation – Student employees are not eligible to receive unemployment compensation from the Federal Work Study Program. Because the part-time jobs they hold are available to them only as a result of their student status, their Federal Work Study employment is considered ineligible for such benefits by the New Hampshire Department of Labor.

Workers’ Compensation – Students employed by Keene State College are eligible to apply for Workers’ Compensation for lost work time and/or payment of medical expenses resulting from injuries sustained on the job. If you should incur a job-related injury and wish to apply for Workers’ Compensation, you must follow the procedures below:

  • Notify your supervisor.
  • Go to the Human Resources Office in Fiske Annex and fill out an accident report. You will also be given a medical report for your doctor to complete. The completed medical report must be returned to the Human Resources Office so that your claim can be processed.

The New Hampshire Department of Labor handles Workers’ Compensation claims. It is very important that you report any accident that occurs, especially since occasionally medical problems resulting from such an accident may arise at some later time. If the accident had not previously been reported, the processing of a claim at a later date may make the determination of eligibility more difficult.

Any questions regarding Workers’ Compensation should be directed to the Human Resources Office, extension 8-2486.

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